Home Tour Hop

Home Tour Hop

I have something special in store for you all today. I am taking part in a Home tour hop! There is a total of 10 blogging friends of mine who are sharing our home tours today. It is inspiration overload! Seriously, I got a sneak peek of the homes last night and I was in house envy. I would like to relax in each of their homes. They are all so beautiful. You can click on their name or the image and see their home tour’s. But first…. I am sharing my home tour.
Home Tour Hop
Living room-
To all of the people coming from the other blog home tour’s, hi! I am so excited for you to come on in and see my home. I have lot’s of simple or complex DIY projects in my home. All done with the fact that I have three young kid’s and a active life. This home needs to look good, function great, and be livable for kid’s and adults. Come on in and have a look around my home tour!

I have done a lot of projects in here, and recently rearranged the whole living area. It was the exact breath of fresh air that I was needing. I like to purchase hings second hand and redo them. Make them look shiny and new again. All with keeping a low budget in mind. It is my personal challenge.


This console table I made is still one of the biggest search engine referrals and most pinned item of mine. I guess it struck a cord with a lot of people. I adore this over sized, industrial and rustic console table.


Confession time, these lilacs are not going to last on this mantel. I know, such a bummer. How can flowers just go and die when there is a home it needs to beautify, how rude! I will be sharing a updated mantel when these no longer are plush and beautiful. Until then, let the fragrance that is lilacs rush over you.






This living room gives me the warm and fuzzies because of all of the light that is always in this room from the windows and high ceiling. Seriously, there is no light issue in here. I love it!

I just reupholstered this chair, it was a job. Let me tell you… but so worth it!


This little end table was a Goodwill treasure I purchased for $1.99. It was my first dip painting project, and I am hooked. Look for me to have at least one child with paint dipped legs now. What, kids love paint!



Dining room
Here is the dining room, this is still a new place for the table to be for us. We have had it for year’s in the small living area off of the kitchen. This is a new arrangement. I have big plans for a hanging light in here. Think BIG, this dining room is a good size and it feels a little too “undone” for me. I made this farmhouse table that has made me think a whole new way. A modern, rustic, farmhouse-y kind of way.


Big time bragging moment here, my Grandma painted this bright canvas of fall leaves and tree’s. It has never really gone with my color scheme, but I am shamelessly rocking this thing in my house, regardless of it’s “one of these things is not like the other” feel to my home. I just have to. It is too pretty and she is too special to me to not have it up. This buffet I purchased used from someone in our neighborhood for $20. I felt like I was stealing the thing as we hauled it away. I almost felt bad, almost… I mean, I did not offer to pay more. A deal is a deal!




We redid this kitchen forever ago. This was one of the first projects we tackled when we got out of the fog that was babies, diaper’s and midnight feedings. I looked at the old pictures from when we redid this, and saw my little one’s in the post. They were our tiny assistants even then. I miss my babies. I am trying to justify that my 7, 5 and 4 year old kids are not too big , yet…

We painted the cabinets, put in new hardware, and a back splash. The plan is to either leave this as is and deal with what has to be one of the smallest kitchen’s in a home. Yes, there are those tiny home kitchens, but this is a regular size home. With a tiny house kitchen. Or to take over the extra living space just beyond the kitchen and turn it into a dream kitchen. With a window seat! Can you guess which one I vote for?

Because of the indecisiveness of this. Dale thinks we should “save”, “pay our bills”, and “not go broke” in redoing the kitchen. Ugh, being a adult is hard. This will get new counter tops at some point. Marble, possibly. I have a deep rooted love affair with them. But, I also have three kids and do actually use our kitchen. So who knows if the well known high maintenance marble will get in here eventually?


This room is the most bright and colorful room, other than my kid’s rooms. It is what we call the study. My kid’s have their books and art table here. Kind of like a mid-size littles play room. We are done with the baby toy’s portion of a play room and are onto the art’s, craft’s and assisted reading of the playroom needs. I broke down how I created this gallery wall, taking the scary feelings away that is creating one.
These cane chairs were my first reupholster, it was the baby step’s of reupholster. If you ever see one of these for sale. Buy them! They are so easy to redo, gorgeous, and so comfy.


Gavin photobomb!



 I made this crayon organizer from a 4×4. It was literally, the easiest project I have ever done.
This art space makes me so happy. I actually love to sit here and color, draw, or just talk to the kids. This is also the designated homework spot for Nora (and Caleb next year, ugly cry.. he goes to Kindergarten in the fall). This room is somewhat removed from the living room and dining room, so the noise level can be controlled a little better.



This old spool turned book shelf is so bulky and takes up a ton of space. However, I am never getting rid of it. Ever, if in case of a fire I would be rolling this out of my house. I love it!
Hallway –
This coastal gallery wall has all of the things that I miss and love about where I grew up. I made it from Melissa & Doug toy containers. Who knew they were good shadow boxes?


A barn door had been on my to do list from the moment we bought the house. This area in the home has so much stuff going on. The kids bedroom’s, a bathroom, a hallway closet, the laundry room and entrance to the garage. Minimizing the open and closing of a door made a huge difference on the flow of this space. It also makes my hallway look fancy. Barn door’s can be fancy, right?


Laundry room/ mudroom (so far)
I am sure my usual readers are very familiar with this space. This is the laundry room/ mud room area. It is in the middle of getting done. So much has been going on here, and so much more is happening right now. With even more to come hopefully  soon!


Master bedroom (has not been done at all)

Ahh, the master bedroom. The retreat to go to when the craziness of life gets at you. Umm, unless you have a actual life. Does anyone else spend any real time in their bedrooms? Raise of hands…..? Did not think so. I have three kids, two dog’s, one hamster, dishes to be done, laundry to fold, kids to entertain, flowers to water, kid’s extracurricular activities to chauffeur them to, projects to build, and reality TV to watch. I can do none of those things in this room. So it never gets used, other than me drooling on my pillow from exhaustion, and a kid sneaking into the bed at night. The none daytime use of this room means, it has not been touched. We have done a few minor things in here, with plans to do more. Eventually.

This DIY laptop tray is something I display when not in use.


This picture ledge was a great way to add some visual to this space, some pictures of my kid’s but still maintain the walkway that is needed.
Master bathroom
We have, however improved upon the master bathroom. It was a last minute redo that started with wanting to paint the walls. It turned into us redoing everything but the drop in shower. That will come. This space feels a little bigger, but a whole lot brighter now. There is so many small projects in here, I got pretty crazy with projects, and ideas. I took a chance with the black trim in here and am so happy I did. I have started painting the rest of our bedroom with the black trim. It is so dramatic and different from the rest of the house.


Nora’s bedroom


Nora’s bedroom was redone recently. I brought it to a appropriate style for a 7 year old. I have the full reveal here with lot’s of links to the individual projects we did here.


Her bed, I want one. I tried convincing Dale we should sleep in a pink bed with curtains. I even challenged his manliness because he deemed that pink was never a color for men to sleep in. Did not work, our bed is pink and curtain-less still. Nora adores this space, and has had a few friends guilt trip their parents into the fact that they do not have curtains around their bed. I get it, I guilt the hubby. I think like my husband, their parents do not budge either.



That is it! I know you are probably wondering why I did not share my little boy’s bedroom. Well the truth is, they sleep in a closet. No, don’t get all crazy on me. Their bedroom is in the middle of a
big-boy transformation. With some mega built in’s. It is close to being done, but not there yet. I did not want to even give you a peek at it. Once it is done there will be projects galore and a big time reveal. I also hope to have a new master bedroom and laundry room to show you soon. Those are also being worked on. I just realized that is why I am never in my room. I am always working on projects.  I should just put a bed in the rafters of the garage and pass out there each night.
If you came over from the other talented ladies home tour’s, I hope you enjoyed my tour! I have lot’s of projects, new additions to this blog, and corny jokes that are always guaranteed. I hope you stick around, and let me know who you are. I love getting to know the people who get to know so much about me. It is only fair. To my lovely usual reader’s, head over to the other blog’s home tours and check them out. I am sure you will find some new blog’s to read and a ton of inspiration!
How did everyone’s weekend go? Be looking out for the first official question of the day post. It will go up later today. I need some audience participation for this to work. Get ready for some home decorating and remodeling question and answer’s!




  1. Emily your home is fantastic!!! You and Dale have done such a great job. THAT book case! Yikes. I NEED one!! Such a great idea. Love your hallway. Living room is oh so cozy!

  2. Hi Emily……Love your house, you have a great decorating style. The craft room is so cute and looks so fun makes me want to sit down and color. It looks like a big house with lots of space. Thanks for sharing and for arranging the Home Tour

    • Thank you! I guess my home is big enough, I think with kid's a home can always be bigger 😉 I loved seeing everyone's homes and different styles. I adore your home!

  3. Emily your home is beautiful! I'm so happy to be a part of this tour with you!! I love your play area and the cabinet color in the kitchen is to die for!! Thanks for orchestrating this whole thing! I love seeing all of our beautiful homes!

    • Thank you so much! I was initially going to paint the cabinets white, but my husband was the one who convinced me to so something different. They ended up a mint green and I fall more in love with them everyday! I enjoyed seeing everyone's home!

  4. Your home is beautiful, just the perfect mix of beauty and function. Even the kids spaces are decorated so lovely. Can I vacation in your home?

  5. So many wonderful projects you've done to make your "house a home." Congrats my friend on creating a space that you love!

  6. Your home is so warm and welcoming! I love the DIY console table. That has to be my favorite piece, along with your daughter's 4 post bed. Love it all. Great job making your home. I had a great time on the home tour. Thank you so much for organizing the tour.

    • Thank you! I made my daughters bed from curtains hanging on the ceiling, she wanted the 4 poster bed look. SO I did this without buying her a new bed. I adored taking part in the home tour hop, it was a great group of people with gorgeous homes!

  7. You're home is very inviting! Love the console table and the study. What a great room for your kids!!

  8. Your home is so lovely, Emily! You've put so much love into it. I adore all of your board & batten trim, the touches of turquoise everywhere (my FAVE colour) and your daughter's room. Adorable!

  9. Love the light in your entry, where did you get it?

  10. Your home is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the little pops of colour and that blue bench is so cute!! Loving your style, I really need to work on adding some personal touches to our house!

    • Thank you so much! I got the blue bench from a rummage sale, it was really rough. I sanded it down and painted it blue. I am all about adding personal touches to a home, that is the easy part. It is yours, make it be special for you!

  11. cute home! I love your kiddie areas and your console table. It is crazy, I can normally map out a floorpan just by looking at pictures, but dang girl…you have more rooms int that house than I expected! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and allowing all of us to view it!

    • Ha ha, I guess the camera adds square footage. MY house is a good size, but not very big. We have a living room and dining room, a kitchen, with a eat in nook thing off of it. That is where my kids art table and spool bookshelf is. The rest is bedroom's and laundry room. I try to utilize all of the space, make every inch of it work for us. I am so happy you enjoyed seeing my home!

  12. Your home is beautiful! Can you tell me where you got the rug in your study? I love it!

    • Thank you so much! I actually purchased the chevron rig from Wal-mart. It was on clearance about 2 years ago. I never shop there for home goods and was pleasantly surprised to find it. That is one of the most commented pieces about my home.

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