weekend DIY warrior recap

weekend DIY warrior recap

How was everyone’s Mother’s day? I hope it went well for you all! I am going to assume here that most of the people who read my blog are women who are Mom’s. It just seem’s like my peep’s. We had a packed and busy weekend of fun at Our home.  We got a little DIYing in. But really the most DIY we did was celebrate my most favorite DIY job. Those are my trio of Littles. They are my first do-it-yourself job ever. I grew them all on my own. So this weekend was pretty much enjoying my kid’s, our little family of 5 and our extended family.

Home run!

We started the weekend off by going to a baseball game with Dale’s work. All of his co workers and their families were there. It was a lot of fun. We tailgated, played games, ate good food, and enjoyed the afternoon. Once the game started our kids were so into the game. The Milwaukee Brewers are our baseball team here and they got a homerun right away. The kid’s lost their mind with excitement.

Then, Nora became over it very quickly. She is not the biggest sports fan to begin with, and she quickly lost interest. She read a book and then took a little snooze. Caleb and Gavin were cheering, dancing, booing the other team. Gavin had his hat out ready to catch the ball. It was such a fun time. The game ended about 10:30 pm and the kids were hyped up. Let me tell you, they were dancing down the aisles.

We did some major gardening on Saturday. We have a center flower bed that did have flowers in it. Sometime during the winter it was overtaken by grass seed or something. Because out of no where this flower bed look’s like it has not been up kept in decades. It is rough, really rough. Like probably going to have HOA people on our tails soon if we don’t do something about it. So we did some damage to this.

I also improved upon a side planter where there is a ton of rocks. Making it look a little more thought out and planned versus a bunch of rocks that were stuck there, and un-movable. There is still a few rocks that need to be added to this. The middle planter, that is a big time job. A job that needs multiple breaks to protect our mind from insanity and out hands from scraping all the skin off.

We also went to see our niece and my two younger cousin’s ice skate. They are all three involved competitively in ice skating and had a awesome show. Nora was a lot more into this than she was in the baseball game. The boy’s were into the Zamboni and the speed skaters that came out for a minute. Oh, also the popcorn. Was the highlight for all three kid’s day. Food, the basis of all of their fun.

Mothers Day dawned with my kids jumping on the bed to wake me up at a glorious 9:15 am. Did I mention that Dale absolutely nailed it this day for me? He was amazing all day with gifts, flower’s, thoughtful moments, and down time. I mean he knocked this one out of the park. I need to bring my A game to top this for Fathers day. Maybe more than a tie this year?

After receiving my thoughtful gifts, handmade cards, and a new sundress and flip flops (again, nailed it) we had my husbands family over for a lunch. It was fun to celebrate with other Mom’s and have the day be about family. Once everyone left I wanted to get back to doing the flower beds. I know, crazy, I wanted to do more work. But, I adore gardening and getting my yard beautified. Also, home owner association’s are no joke. I mean, rumor is they can send you a very stern note in the mail. I can’t handle that kind of confrontation.

That is it for our weekend. I wish I got more of our projects done, but it just did not happen this weekend. This coming weekend we are having a neighborhood rummage sale, so it is game time for us to get it all organized and ready to go. Did I mention that our garage is currently so full or wood, power tools and in the process projects that there is zero cars in it. Yes, we are technically needing to have our garage cleared out in case it rains during the rummage sale. Yeah, totally going to happen.

 Oh I forgot to mention that Nora answered a questionnaire about me at school and one of the questions was “how old is my Mommy?” her answer…. wait for it… 23!!! Yeah, I am kind of a spring chicken. I was excited she thought I was that young. Then she said “well, all you did was get married and have babies. Of course you are young.” Well then, it is not my youthful glow that made her assume my age. It is my non existent life experience and doing nothing but making babies. Way to knock a woman down.

How was your Mother’s day? Did your kids nail it? What about your significant other, do they role out the VIP status? If not, shame on them!



  1. Awwwh what a great weekend! I'm sure you guys will think about these memories for years to come!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! We need to get some work done on our flower beds so badly. Luckily we don't have an HOA to bug us about it. I love that little well next to the flowers!

    • We had a fun weekend, and need to get even more done. I seem to never finish my to do list from the weekend. The well was here when we bought the house and I have not moved it. I am thinking about sprucing it up and maybe painting the roof. We will see….

  3. I have to say, those pictures of your kids at the game are precious. Even the little reader. It seems like every weekend you always do more than I ever dream to accomplish. All with three kids. My husband gave me a card, and that was it, he needs to take lessons from your sweet hubby.

    • Thank you Rosalie for your sweet words! I am sorry you feel your husband could have done more yesterday. I hop the card wad filled with sweet words and thank yous. I hope you still managed to have a beautiful mothers day!

  4. How sweet that she read a book during a game, sounds like something I would have done at her age. 🙂 And I always love the "All About Mom/Dad" papers, they always have the cutest answers on them!

    • Nora informed us that the next baseball game she wants to go to a friends or her cousins house. She is not a sports fan. There was another paper where she said I am as smart as a dog. I take this as a compliment because she likes animals more than humans. But still a weird way to say it.

  5. My family nailed mothers day by being quiet and not expecting to go anywhere! Though I will admit that my daughter never remembers anything and forgot it was mothers day until lunch time when we let it slip and was a little peeved we didn't remind her so she could make me a card lol. We don't make a big deal out of it in our home. I love handmade cards though 🙂

    • That is so funny that she did not realize it and you guys went along with it. I admit I like to make a big deal out of holidays of all kinds. Especially birthdays. My kids have now assumed that mothers and fathers day should get the same kind of fanfare. It is fun to have a day where you feel extra special and loved. Also, getting to sleep in and not do dishes was glorious!

  6. Lololol those kid quizzes had me cracking up all weekend!! So many of my friend were posting them with the cutest answers!

    Looks like you had an amazing weekend. UGHHHHHH I cannot wait for canada to warm up already so we can get our yard in shape! Funny how it looks beautiful then one little winter happens and it looks like it hasn't been gardened in 12 years lol

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  7. Sounds like an ideal weekend! I spent mine fighting rain and hail and tornado warnings. The weather here in Texas has been all kinds of ugly!

    • Oh no, stay safe Jennifer! We had some light rain and a few isolated storms but they blew over fast. I have family in Texas and they are just about done with the spastic weather there.

  8. "Non-existant life experience" – sounds like my daughter! Ha. My Mother's Day was nice. It's fun just hanging out with everyone.


  9. WOW you packed a lot in! Glad your weekend was such a celebration of family and mamahood. Your grass is SO lush. Also, I love Nora in the pic of the garden bed with her arms like, will you LOOK at this mess?! Ha 🙂

  10. So sweet – it sounds like you definitely had a great Mother's Day and a really full weekend! We were heading back from a vacation, so ours was low-key. I was a lucky gal this year because it felt like I had 5 days of 'Mother's Day,' getting pampered and taken care of while we took in our first international trip with the kiddo.

    I'm glad you had such a fun weekend – and SO glad Dale knocked it out of the park for you!

  11. Fun weekend – love Miller Park! 🙂

  12. I didnt get much done either this weekend but loved the time with my family!

  13. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your Mother's Day weekend! My hubby and kids nailed it with the gifts and showering of love. I can never get tired of them saying "I love you." Isn't it awesome to have a garage? We don't because it was converted into a bigger family room. It'll be great to have a space that big for home projects :).

  14. Wow, you had a busy weekend! Love the garden, all you need now is a little fairy figurine.

  15. You guys were busy! Looks like you had a blast and your kids are so adorable!

  16. LOL @ Nora!!! Too funny! You had quite the busy weekend! The ball game pics are so sweet. So happy Mother's Day was wonderful. We had my brother and his family over along with my grandfather. He loves to see the little kids!

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