Weekend DIY warrior recap

Weekend DIY warrior recap

How was everyone’s weekend? I packed in a whole lot this weekend. To start off we visited a local flower nursery. It had 10 green houses with flowers, shrubs, leafy plants, and vegetables. It was beautiful. I am such a big time floral lover. I know lot’s of woman will say they “don’t need flowers, they are a waste….”. I say “give me all the flowers”. Seriously, it is kind of shocking how much they cheer me up.

Is it a weird dream to have if while here in the green houses that all I wanted to do was win the lottery and buy it all up? Who needs money for bills, mortgage, car payment…. kids. Pff, I need flowers! That is what is important in life, FLOWERS! Kidding, I know I need to pay my car payment, after all how will I transport all of my new blooms? I need a house to plant and display all of the flowers. So really the only negotiable things to rid myself of us kids and bills. Then the flower take over is mine, “muahaha!”

OK, truth is I like my kids. Legally speaking I have to pay bills, I am pretty sure eventually it catches up to you. I also have amazing kids that are flower lovers too. Dale is just as crazy as me. All 5 of us were oohing and ahhing all through the nursery, not being able to make up our minds on what we wanted to get. We did end up getting some beautiful flowers for our various pots and containers. I will give you a tour of our handy work later this week. 

We did a lot of outdoor fun this weekend. Playing in the yard, going for walks, and working on a ton of things around the house. Teddy also broke in his new favorite seat. The pouf on the front porch. He sits on his throne and barks at the danger on our street. The danger being kids on bikes, our neighbor’s in their yard, and people walking by. He is all bark and no bite. He barked at two people and their dog, the dog barked back. No joke, Teddy yelped, peed a little and catapulted into my lap. Our ferocious guard dog, watch out! He will trickle pee at you!

I also took a break with the kids for a mom selfie. 
I got lot’s of work done too. I am not a complete slacker who is in a flower coma. I am currently working on two tables, the laundry room is still being worked on. I have not forgotten about it. Believe me, I walk by it half done all the time. It is functional, so at least there is that. I am finishing up the mud room portion of the laundry room.  It will be a grand organization station of homework, coats, backpacks, and shoes. I finished that up this weekend. I am ready to hop on the organization station train, “choo, chooo!” The kids somehow associate this name with a train and are demanding I incorporate a train into the mud room area.  Back to the drawing board to add in a train somehow. Yes, I seriously say “put your shoes in the organization station.” It has become a thing in our home. I only now realized how weird that is. Maybe I can turn it into a thing, it can go viral! Although I need to finish said organization station first. 

We are also preparing for a vegetable garden, and I had to break out my mad wood cutting skills on this one. Oh yeah. I feel both powerful and terrified anytime I use the mitre saw. I feel like I need to start singing woman empowering songs while doing it. But, also breathe a sigh of relief when it is over and I still have all 10 fingers. The vegetable garden and a huge front yard flower bed overhaul also happened this weekend. Well, those are not quite done yet. We need another weekend to get it done. 
We fit in some fun and long evening walks
My kids were in the thick of the flower’s, dirt, digging, and flower bed improving. I gave them a bath and the water looked like a murky pond where the people from the show “Naked and Afraid” end up biting the bullet and drinking from because they are on day 6 with no water. Anyone watch that show on the Discovery channel? I am currently multitasking by writing this and watching the show. Fun fact, the two people win no money for this. They willingly sign up for 21 days of being naked, and afraid in the wild.  I am not sure why they do it if not for monetary compensation.
I just wanted to end this weekend DIY warrior recap with my three littles. I told them to pose, and this is what came natural to them. Nora, in wings, tutu and cape giving a “tada” pose. Caleb with knee socks, skater shoes and throwing a surf “shaka” sign. And lastly Gavin either being a super hero or the famous discus-thrower scuplture. Seriously Google it or look at this. Gavin inadvertently became art. 
This is where I will leave you all, with my kid’s awesome poses and them turning into actual art. No really I have to go because I have two tables to finish up, a kitchen to clean, and some organization station action to happen. What did you do this weekend? What gives you the warm and fuzzies and makes you do the happy dance like I did with the flower nursery?



  1. You had quite a busy weekend! Your kids are adorable!

  2. Wow, that's a lot going on there for one weekend! What's that contraption you are using to cut up the wood – it looks HUGE!

    • The contraption I have us a mitre saw, it is used to make clean cuts for things. I set the board down and then push the top portion of the mitre saw (the blade) over the board and get a clear cut.

  3. Those are really impressive photos.

  4. Can't wait to see what you did with the flowers you choose!

  5. OH man power tools scare the crap out of me!! Way to break them out and use them cutting all that wood!!

    • Haha, they terrified me to. Until I started using them, I still cringe when watching my husband use them. But for some reason when I am the one doing it I feel fine. I guess I am just a control freak 😉

  6. looks like you had an awesome weekend! my family loves to be outdoors too! Love the selfie 😉

  7. Looks like so much fun!!!!

  8. We had just the opposite kind of weekend – unproductive! We are about to leave on vacation and even though there are tons of things to do, we decided that we needed some down time. You know, you could always come by and build me something… 🙂 Glad you had such a great weekend!

    • Nice Sarah! A unproductive weekend is always soooo nice to have. How fun to be getting ready to go on vacation, we are going on one the end of next month and I am counting down the days!

  9. I too love flowers! I could look at the all day. And I love that color on your table leg, I think it is? Nothing beats a fun and productive weekend that includes your family!

  10. Those flowers! I sometimes daydream of winning the lottery and surrounding myself with luscious gardens, too!

    This weekend I forced myself to relax and spend time with friends.

  11. Our weekend was a little busy. Aside from the usual things that we do like grocery shopping and soccer, we also started with spring cleaning. 🙂

  12. I go into nurseries, and I just want to live there. The flowers are beautiful, the air smells earthy, and I don't want to leave.

  13. Sounds like a fun weekend!! I need all the flowers too!

  14. So fun! You definitely had a busy weekend, but I bet it was so nice to be outside! I know my kids enjoyed the weekend out and about. Love your DIY project… i learn a lot from you 🙂

    • It is wonderful being able to be outside, the winter is so long here. When it warms up we are outside all of the time. I am so happy you learn some helpful DIY stuff from me.

  15. Sounds like a fabulously fun weekend! Love the selfie pictures with the kids. 🙂

  16. Sounds like a fun weekend. I love the family selfie and the poses!

  17. Omg look at that happy pup and those silly little faces!!! I could eat them up!
    I love flowers. I cannot get enough. Please please canada warm up so I can get my garden on!

    • I always think I have it rough with winters here in Wisconsin, and then there is always Canada right above us to make me remember that it could be worse with the cold. Hopefully you will get some warm temperatures soon!

  18. Emily where do you find the energy for all this!? You need to bottle it up and sell it. I was so unproductive. If my kids didn't have soccer I don't think I would've left the bed!

    • Haha, I find that if I keep moving I have all the energy I need. It is only when I sit down, nap or relax that I have a hard time moving. My kid's are still young, and require a lot of help and attention still.

  19. First off, that nursery looks heavenly. How do you walk out of there without taking out a home equity loan??
    Your walk looks BEAUTIFUL. We love walks and often bemoan that our current house is not very walk-friendly.
    Your comments on using the mitre saw–ha! So funny.
    Way to pack your weekend with great stuff. It looks like there's never a dull moment around your house!

    • The nursery was amazing, and we spent more money than we should have 🙂 The walk picture is this great park, open space with a pond that is in our sub division community. It is gorgeous, well kept (thanks to our HOA fee's) and one of our favorite walking destinations.

  20. Haha, Your garage floor looks exactly like mine! I am with you on the dog trickle pee! Get 'em girls, or wait…just pee on me. Haha! Can't wait to see all the projects. My husband was out of town and I didn't go anywhere, but got caught up on so much. It was a great weekend and I needed a recharge/catch up weekend before the crazy last 3 weeks of school starts!

    • Ugh, don't remind me of the craziness that is the end of the school year. My kid's have something going on almost everyday it seems. I have one in elementary and two in preschool. I have had to switch around set appointments because I overbooked things once I got the may schedule from the kid's schools.

  21. I love flowers too! Last time we went to a nursery we left after realising we were looking at spending hundreds of dollars there!

    • Ha ha, I understand that. We did not spend that much, this place was so affordable. But, I think I always end up spending more than I planned, I need a flower emergency fund.

  22. It looks like you and your adorable kids had a lot of fun. What a great idea for spending quality time with your little ones.

  23. Looks like lots of fun! We like to do crafts and hang out side! My boys love doing projects with dad, he is much better at the building stuff than me. Love the selfie!!!

    • My kid's are always right there with us when working on things around the house. Soon enough I will be able to let them have at it with a project. Those will be the days 🙂

  24. I love your pictures they are so bright and beautiful. And, your kids are adorable. I have a thing for nurseries , too.

  25. What a fun weekend! I'm also a "give me all the flowers" kind of gal! Not a waste if they make me happy!

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