Weekend DIY warrior recap, and a new addition in our home!

Weekend DIY warrior recap, and a new addition in our home!

How was everyone’s weekend? I will say, this weekend was a beast of a few day’s for us. It started with the craziness that is having a rummage sale. We had one Thursday-Saturday and it was rough. I was so exhausted, sore, and achy. But first, let me back track a little. Before the massive rummage sale hoopla I shared a new article on The Today show titled, Long drive? Don’t take anything serious… seriously. I am giving my tips on how to make a long road trip work with kid’s. It involves snacks, funny noise contests, and handling boogers. Oh yeah, I went there! 

Now that I have my professional advice sharing out of the way, let me get back to my weekend fun. On Saturday the kid’s did not have school, (obviously) so they had a snack bar during the rummage sale. We purchased some individual bags of chips, some bottles of water, and made some lemonade. Nora got to work writing the instructions for the snack bar. We decided to make things easier, people could select one drink and one bag of chips; then pay what they want for it. This way my kid’s did not have to figure out change quite yet. Most of the time there was someone with them paying attention to money exchanges, but they still wanted to do this all on their own. 

They ended up making about $15 each, which surprised me. We apparently have some amazing neighbors, or very hungry neighbors. It was a neighborhood rummage sale, so everyone within our estates community were out and about perusing their neighbor’s goods. We did pretty good with money, we did even better with getting rid of things. Our basement is a little more empty, which was the real goal. 
The plan was to use some of the money we got from the rummage sale to redo one of the flower bed’s in our yard. Then put the rest away for our vacations. Then, on Sunday that responsible plan went out the window. We headed to PetSmart to get some food for our hamster Rosie. When we walked in there was a few dog’s which were available for adoption. Our eye’s landed on this sweet, kind and mellow puppy. Dale and I were weirdly intrigued. We have seen puppies for sale, adoption, whatever. But, have always enjoyed the cuteness and moved on. This one, had our heart. I guess our rummage sale money was burning a hole in our pocket. 

 We all enjoyed the sweet puppy, pet him, coo’d over him, and tried to continue on shopping. We left the dog, and could not get it out of our head.  That is the goal for those adoption day’s and they got us. We went to fill out a application with the humane society the dog was being kept at. Just to find out information on the process, and cuddle some dog’s. We left with more than cuddles. We had some one on one time with the sweet dog named Shipley. He is a 3 month old lab/hound mix. We got along great with him, and were pretty enamored.

Before Dale and I even knew what we were doing, we had piled back our three kids in the car to run home and get Teddy. Our almost, no longer, only child  dog. We needed to make sure they got along. We knew he got along with my trio of Littles, but the package comes with a camera friendly dog named Teddy too.  Before I get the talk about a dog being a big commitment, we have always planned to add one more dog to the family. Dale’s parents for years had two dogs and he loved the relationship the two furry friends had. We also wanted to get a larger breed dog from a shelter, eventually. We had been warming up to the idea and wondering when we would take the leap. It was love at first sight and we decided it was time. We did not pick him, he picked us.

The two dog’s got along really well. Teddy is a low maintenance, smart, sweet dog. And our new guy is happy go lucky, a gentle giant. He is currently sleeping, well snoring while laying on my legs; spread out on the couch. Teddy sniffs him and then walks away. Apparently they are a good fit. I am waiting for the ball to drop and reality to set in. Right now is the calm before the storm.

I mean, it will happen. We now have 3 kid’s and 3 animals in the home. We have Rosie, our hamster. Teddy, our tiny Havanese dog. And newly renamed and acquired Finn. Shipley was a little hard for my kid’s to master. It came off as them saying sh*tley. I think we will leave the questionable and curse laden animal names for when we have teenagers and they try to be funny by naming their dog sh*tley. 
Every living thing in our home has a middle name. Everyone knows the reason for a middle name is for when you are in trouble. The kid’s are certain that is the reason. Teddy is Teddy Bear, Rosie is Rosie Lullabelle, and Finn is now Finn Sailor. We tried to keep the ship part of Shipley in his name. He has already responded to it. He also has gone to the back door and whined when he has to pee. I really have no idea if this is just a complete fluke, the calm before the crazy, or if he is just that meant to be. I will let you know. Maybe next week I will give a update. If things get silent around here, assume the sh*t has hit the fan, the wall, the carpet. Until then I am off to cuddle our dog’s. That gives me hives and butterflies when I say plural, we now have DOG’S!!!!!
Have you ever made a big time decision like a dog on a whim? Let it be known, no one goes to check things out at a dog shelter. I wanted them all!



  1. $15 each, that's pretty good!

  2. What a sweet pup! And, those kiddos made some cash! Good for them.

  3. My kids want to sell lemonade so bad. I'm trying to convince myself to let them do it.

    • My kid's had been asking for a while, so when our neighborhood was having the rummage sale and we decided to sell some stuff also I thought it was the perfect time.

  4. YAY! Dogs are THE bestest creatures on the planet! Congrats on your new furry friend!

  5. What a great weekend. You got your basement cleaned out, made some money and added one sweet new member to your family. Congrats!

  6. Yay, congrats on the dog! We got a lab puppy mix a few weeks ago – you will have so much fun!!

  7. Sound like a great weekend! I always wanted to sell lemonade when I was little. I know the kids were excited about the cash they made and congrats on new addition to y'all family 🙂

    • I always wanted to have a lemonade stand too, my kid's were so excited to set it up and make money. Those kids are brutal sales-people. They did not let up on their sellers pitch.

  8. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!!

  9. Good luck with the new menagerie! I hope it all works out. I am heading on a long drive to Montreal- maybe some of your suggestions will work for 25 year olds!

  10. What a productive weekend. And I love the snack table. $15 each kid is quite a haul!

  11. Love the snack bar – very entrepreneurial move for the kids!

  12. What a great Weekend! Love your cute puppy!

  13. That's great your children made $15 each . And, congrats on the new doggie. Pets are the best.

  14. All my dogs have been brought home on a whim! I fall in love and somehow they end up coming home with me. I'm a softie for pets. Enjoy your pup!

    • My husband and I are big softies, but we have never done this before. Our first dog was very thought out, researched and planned for. It was just meant to be for our sweet Finn!

  15. Sounds like one important weekend! I loved the rummage sale and snack bar. The new dog is simply gorgeous and Im sure all of you are just loving the addition to the family.

  16. Wow, that is an amazing weekend! I am allergic to furry animals but have always wanted a pet. I could not imagine walking in there without walking out with someone!

    • Sorry you are allergic! We do have a Havanese which is supposed to be hypo-allergenic, he is low shed with no dander. We have people who are allergic to dogs and have no problem being around him. I know there are a few breeds that are great for people with allergies.

  17. We currently have two dogs and 1 cat however all are girls because I need extra help with a house of men lol – Finn is adorable and I hope he enjoys it there 🙂

    • Wow, you have a full house too! We have our two dog's that are boy's and our hamster, which is a girl. Well truth is it is actually a boy. But our daughter insisted on calling it Rosie and referring to her as a "she" . I dont think the hamster minds much 😉

  18. How adorable!!!!! My kids love having a lemonade stand.

  19. Oh, my! I don't blame you. I don't think I could have walked away from that sweet face either. Adventures ahead 🙂

  20. Cuties…. every one of them including the furry ones!

  21. Aww, congrats on your new dog Finn! He looks so sweet. Wow, you definitely have a lot going on around the house. All good though. Fun adventures ahead 🙂

    • He is a sweet dog, we have already nicknames him our gentle giant. All he wants to do is cuddle. It has been hectic for sure around here, but that just seems to be our life.

  22. Wow! What an unexpected end to a rummage sale. Hope Finn is enjoying his new home.
    I remember selling donuts and lemonade with my sister when my mom hosted yard sales. Your kids did great with $15 each!

  23. How fun! The weekend, the kids making some money and the newest addition to the family! He is adorable!

  24. My six year-old wants to do a lemonade stand so badly! How fun! And congrats on the new addition. Hubby is trying to convince me we need two dogs as well. #nope Not for us. I have enough diaper changing with the toddler.

    • OH wow, a toddler and a new puppy? I see your point in not being ready for that. My kids are a little older, which gives me more freedom and time to address all of the wonderful puppy issues!

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