paint dipped, coastal style end table redo

paint dipped, coastal style end table redo

It has been a while since I have shared a furniture up cycle, this paint dipped, coastal style end table redo is a much needed redo to share! I have been all about the laundry room redo here lately. I am adding some finishing touches to another project to share having to do with that space soon. Today I wanted to let you all get to know me a little better. “My name is Emily and I am a furniture up cycle addict.” It is true, I am ready to admit it. Here let me explain something. I know you are a little confused, I do not share a ton of furniture redo’s. There are some amazing blog’s out there who churn out beautiful furniture redo’s left and right. I am not one of those. I do however have the best of intentions.
I cannot say no to a piece of furniture if I see the potential to, and it is under about $20. What is the harm in that? My overflowing basement, and furniture to do list is the problem. Also, Dale… my husband says I have a problem. Some girls have a shoe obsession, purses, makeup, Channing Tatum, whatever. Look I get it, I don’t judge. Mine is furniture. I always, always see the pretty begging to be let out. 
This table is prime example of that. I got it from Goodwill for a whopping $1.99. It is nothing to drool over, made out of particle board, and is ok-ish. I say ok-ish because it is not ugly, stinky, or stained (I have redone those pieces too). But it was just blah. Truthfully the price tag and easy up cycle I saw was the reason I went for it.


This is how I do pictures in my home, dog, kid, or toy always in the shot. The skateboard made a appearance but the child was camera shy that day. These legs screw off and are shockingly sturdy. I mean, don’t stand on it or anything. Set a glass of water on it and this is your table. The coffee table in our home has to be the sturdy, kids jumping off of worthy. This is safe.
I decided I wanted to dip paint these legs. I am not sure how others have done the dip painting of things. I have seen the outcome of it being done on Pinterest and love the look. So this is my version of dip painting the legs. It involves a milk jug, and apparently a audience (notice the two sets of shoes). Just go with me on this..


I spray painted the top portion of these legs white. Good ‘ole white, I think every serious DIYer has a gallon of white paint somewhere in their repertoire.
Now comes the all important milk jug. I cut the top of it out and poured a bunch of turquoise paint in it.
Dip the leg in it and swirl it around. I actually wanted a uneven and sort of rolling look to the painted legs.  I was not being too cautious on making the lines of the blue perfectly straight.
Here is our pool table cue’s. Or table leg’s. There was a space in the middle that was not planned. But with me winging this whole paint dipping thing I could only get the blue paint up so high on the leg. I decided to add another color to the mix. I mean, if you are stuck on a project and don’t know how to resolve it… just make it more complicated. That seems to be the way to go.


I laid the table legs down on a painting tray. Allowing the center portion of the legs to not be touching the tray itself. Then poured a gray over it.
Rotating the leg around as I poured slowly out of the red solo cup. Who knew these came in handy for more than keggers! Party on Wayne!


Once all was poured the hard part came. I literally had to watch paint dry. Seriously. Because I did not want the clumps of paint to stay clumpy I needed to let it sit for a few seconds and then slowly rotate the leg. Shake it a little to encourage the extra paint to fall off and not set in a lumpy pattern. Just say no to lumps.  After a good 30 minutes of the stimulating paint drying experience, the legs were done! I had a table top and absolutely no idea what I was going to do with it. I knew I wanted most of it white. I decided to bring in the other two colors as accents to the table top.


Using painters tape, I taped a large line down the side. I wanted the line to be off centered. Really, it was planned for the slightly imperfect. Caleb came by and very sweetly told me “Umm, it looks nice and only a little not in the middle. That is still ok.” Kid’s, they have no eye for the interior design! I did worry and question if it looked weird. Hey, I have a blog, I am an adult! I can put a off centered line on purpose on my table!


I began by painting the white for most of the table.


Than went with the turquoise in the middle. It just seemed to work that way.


When trying to make precise paint lines like this get the paint to go over the tape. Make sure the tape is pushed down really good. Then run your paint brush along the side of the tape. Getting the paint all the way to the tape line.


I did two coats of the white and turquoise. Be sure to wait for the paint to dry completely before taking off the painters tape and putting on more tape. It will smudge, peel, or something else dramatic and upsetting.


Now, time to paint the two center lines. Let me tell you, had I planned this out before hand I would have painted the gray initially here. It was hard and stressful to line up the tape to the line of the other paint colors. It needed to be pretty precise. What can I say, I like a challenge!
I used the same gray from the legs to paint the two lines.



Gavin told me they looked like a racetrack. Nailed it!
I pulled the tape off and held my breath. I am always thinking that the paint will be horribly messed up when I am trying to paint prominent lines.
I did it! A few spots have some smudges where the tape was not pushed down enough. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that absolutely no one will notice the imperfect paint job, other than me. My boy’s are just excited it looks like a race track. They are easy to please.
Because this was a impulse buy, with it being so cheap and all, I had no designated spot for the table to go. Isn’t that how it works with unplanned purchases? If something is low cost or clearance it kind of forces my hand to buy, it is science!


I set it on the side of my sofa. There is no table there, and functionally speaking it is nice to have a table on both ends of the sofa.


I am loving this table. It has just the perfect amount of pop and color. It fits right in with my living room.



 The legs, even though did not go as planned are still so cute. I am paint dipping crazy now. Maybe that is my new obsession. No, it is furniture. I just can’t quit the upcycling.




After about half a day in the spot by the sofa, I rearranged some things and added this table to a small wall in the living room. It is sort of a breeze way. You can never have enough seating in your living room. I redid this chair with absolutely no sewing. Another personal challenge of mine, to reupholster a chair without using the standard sewing techniques. I did it and love this chair. This was also a rescue, and formally ugly, stinky furniture piece.



I think this might be the better resting place for this table. For now. I change things up a lot around here. Something pops into my head and I just go with it. Then you see me with a handful of decorations and pillows wandering the house finding new homes for them. It happens all the time. This table is a great example of my jump and then think attitude towards interior design. I had a vision, changed it up, and it morphed into something else during the process. With home decorating and furniture redo’s you need to have some fun with it. It is just decorating. If the table had not worked out, maybe if the dipping of the legs were more speed bump worthy. Than I could have chiseled off the paint and started again. But, it was a win. Well if you ask Caleb it is ok, with my off centered line and all.

What is your shopping addiction? Mine is furniture that can be redone, regardless on my skill’s to actually get it done. Have you ever tried something new with home decorating or projects?

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  1. LOVE! And the color choices too, amazing!

  2. I love the colors!! I used those same colors in my sons nursery! 🙂 The tale looks great in your living room!

  3. Oh my wow!!! I LOVE THIS!! I have this ugly end table that I have been trying to figure out what to do with to make me actually like it. You have certainly inspired me!! I love the color choices as well!!!

  4. This is really pretty! I love the pictures and the careful step by step you showed us. It fits so perfectly with the rest of your house too, based on the pictures. I love your blog! I'm glad I found you through facebook groups. Feel free to check out and comment on my blog as well. Keep posting!

    -Romina @

  5. My shopping addiction is definitely home decor items. Furniture is would be a big one but I don't buy quite as often as textiles like curtains, pillows, towels, etc. Nice job with choosing the colors for the table. Can't beat a $1.99 Goodwill find! 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh I just love this – I wonder if I can talk to man into painting some of our furniture like thiat – thanks for the inspiration

    • It was really simple to use the painted tape to make the painted lines. This was my first time doing it and I am hooked. I will be painting lines on everything now!

  7. Love this!! The legs look awesome! Furniture up cycling is so much fun! 🙂

  8. Such a fun and cute DIY!!!

  9. That is beautiful! Such a great DIY. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is really cool! Love the colors! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Emily, this came out really cool! Love it! Pinning!

  12. I love this!! I have one of those tables that I was about to throw out. Not anymore. I must look at what paint I have.

  13. Adorable! Love the color combo!

  14. Very cute! I might have to try this! If I can find a table for $1.99 🙂

  15. This looks great! The one time I tried dipping, it went horribly – horribly – wrong. 🙂 I love the colors you chose and thanks for sharing the tip about the milk jug!

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