Mudroom organization, the organization station is official

Mudroom organization, the organization station is official

Hello all, things are rolling now with this laundry room/mud room overhaul. For the next couple of weeks it is going to be reveal and project crazy! I know, can you feel the excitement? I am ridiculously excited for all of this. I can tell I need to get out more, this is what gets me going. Organization! Everything has it’s place! Homework nook! Organization station!!!!! I have been sharing the progress for this space, we have laid tile down, we have hung some upper cabinets, and added some homework wall organizers . I had felt like I was being a big time DIY slacker, but as I am typing this out I see that we have done a lot. So I feel better about that now. 

I gave you a teaser of this next step in the process that is organizing my kid’s and our lives. My kid’s come with stuff. When they are babies it is bouncy seats, swings, high chairs, bottles, wipes, strollers, over packed diaper bags “stuff”. As my kid’s are a little older their “stuff” now consists of school things, overstuffed backpacks. So really, I have to keep it somewhat organized. It is one thing to misplace some baby wipes; your kid’s homework…? There is more than one person in trouble here, not to mention my reputation as a Mom. I have to keep it together. So this is my quest to do just that!
Let’s start with hooks. Like baskets, you can never have enough hooks in your home. I think this counts as the fourth set of coat hooks in our home. I purchased these cute numbered coat hooks

. I loved the look of them, and it fit with the color and accessories in our laundry room. But, I wanted the word numbers to stand out more. New purchase, store hack time!

Before we go any further, let’s just ruin my reputation in one swoop. This is the zoomed out picture of the one above. It was craft day here at Our home and I was a busy lady. 

I got the tiniest brush in our paint brush arsenal and used the white paint I always have in my garage. I actually just dipped the brush in the paint top. I just needed a dab of paint on the brush. 

I also needed a steady hand. I painted the top of all of the letters. I figured if I completely ruined it or could not keep the lines straight I could spray paint the hooks black and either leave them as is, or start over. 

With me needing full concentration, Dale thought this would be a good time to distract me by saying “smile”. I swear guys, someone says that and I pose. I think I was one of those annoying kid’s who always assumed the camera was for them. It is now habit. I am a habitual poser. 

Did I mention I needed a steady hand for this? Caleb came over to watch me and just the movement of him leaning on the table made me get all Mommy Dearest on him. Ok, it did not involve a freak out of wire hangers, but I did tell him “stop, don’t, painting is not for kids!” Which confused him because there was literally a row of painted pictures drying from my kid’s… using paints. I panicked, a steady hand and a wiggly table do not mix.

 It all turned out ok though. Crisis averted, and the no kids painting ban has been lifted. 
There is one crisis that cannot be averted however. I have no pictures of the process that is cutting and staining the wood I used for the hook’s to go into. Let’s just pretend I gave you a crazy complicated and informative step by step instruction on cutting and staining. There was a table saw, a soft cloth, a dark walnut stain, and probably more other really fun and helpful tips. In fact, it was my best tutorial ever. Mmkay? 
I am sharing some of these steps a little backwards. There is a full wall renovation, knock down, board and batten up kind of deal. That will be shared next week. But, for the sake of me moving things along, this is what I am sharing today. I used a stud finder to locate the studs on the wall and screwed into the wall the dark wood pieces. Using these dark wood rails is important for a few reasons. One, aesthetics. That is the most important. There is a lot of white going on in this room, the tile, some shelving, the washer and dryer. It all would be a little stark, so I am adding pops of dark walnut to warm up the space. You know, make the laundry room nice and homey. As all laundry rooms should be. I also used these wood rails to help the coat hooks attach to the wall without using the board and batten. I was not sure how it would all hold up, and more structure and attaching is always a good thing. Those kids’ backpacks get heavy. I am pretty sure I used that excuse because I saw a whole thing about it on Oprah when I was younger, I think I was trying to work in that school is bad for my body. It did not work. 
I used a levelers to make sure it was, well… level. 

All is good. 
There was a lot of conversations about how to place the numbers. Initially I had planned to have Nora as number 1, Caleb as number 2, and Gavin as number 3, because birth order and all. But, with their hooks being placed in the center and two on the outer sides it just looked like we did not know how to count, or read. So the standard, from left to right in numerical order won out. I measured and figured out the best and evenly placement of the hooks. Hung one side with a screw.
Then used the leveler to confirm that my eye’s are mathematical magic. I can eye things really well, and was pretty spot on. Not to brag, but if there was a Olympic sport in eyeing the level-ness or if something will fit in a small space. I would probably make it to the podium. Not gold, I am not that cool. Martha Stewart, and Joanna Gaines (from Fixer Upper) would duke it out for gold. 
I have a few small touching up of the holes where the screws went into the wood. But those are small finishes that I will get to later. This whole homework, organization, backpack area works now. Regardless of screw holes. 
This was pre- wall homework organizers. I wish my life was this simple. 

Nope, this is the kind of clutter that we deal with on the daily. And this is camera ready!

I also got creative with some cork boards. I went cork crazy. I am going to share this too, and it involved not one tool! How is that for DIY?!

Of course one of my kid’s had to make a appearance. It is either kid’s or Dog’s in my world that do photo bombs. This is him giving a sneak peek of the next phase to this organization station, there is a bench! With storage! And yes, Gavin’s shorts are on backwards. He say’s “I don’t care.”

I will mourn when my kid’s are too big for these cute animal backpack

cute little animal backpacks. Nora has a Monkey one that she still uses to pack toy’s in for trips. They are too cute! I need a adult version. Can we bring the tiny backpack as a woman’s purse trend back? Remember that one? I could use one of these animals backpacks are my purse. I just need the trend to catch on, otherwise it might look weird. 

The great thing about this set up, this stays more or less like this. Sometimes there is a library book or two, maybe a few more pieces of homework. Nora has a folder that she keeps her work in. There is not room for long term storage. No stuffing this with reading list’s from the first week. 

I am not quite done with this spot yet. I have the bench to share, it involves lots of tools and serious DIYing. I am also going to add a little bit of art to the top of this wall. Of course, like any DIY project. It is not 100% done. Close enough, right? I can just share it as it get’s done. 
How do you handle your kid’s school and homework “stuff?” But, the real question is, did you have one of those mini backpack/purse things? I know I did, I had a clear one and a dark green one. Because a purse, with your money in it should always be clear, it worked in the 90’s. That is a fact!
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  1. Such a smart idea to paint the words with white paint! Now they really stand out for those little readers to read. 😉

  2. Those hooks are adorable!! I want them! Great job!

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  8. This turned out SO cute! I Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Love this area! Wish we had a similar nook in our house that could collect clutter. Feels like everything just winds up in the living room or on the counter.

    • I know how you feel, I just spent a good amount of time de-cluttering the counter. I don't know why, but that counter has a magnet to papers. They just end up there!

  10. That's such a nice way to stay organized! Love what you did there 🙂

  11. I love this space! I'm currently working on making a mudroom area in our entrance and you've given me some great ideas! Love all of the organization. We need it….BAD!

  12. This is such a great use of space! I've seen those hooks at HD and have always wanted to use them, you just can't beat the price. I love that you painted the numbers white and hung them on stained boards. This space really looks great!

  13. I've always wanted a mudroom! Unfortunately, our house is way too small! Maybe in our "forever" home! I love the ideas you shared!

  14. Wow, that's a serious approach to placing hooks)) I love your idea, now it looks well organized. We're moving to a new house soon, will see how I can adapt your idea.

  15. Those hooks are awesome and you're right – the paint did make them pop! I'm in the same boat – if someone gets a camera out, I immediately give a smile (kind of a fake, posed smile, sadly)! 🙂 Great job on this space – it's looking amazing!

  16. Love the numbered hooks. Have been needing something similar for a DIY project of my own. Thanks for linking to them. I have that amazon page open in another tab as we speak!

    Saw you at the Creative K Kids thursday share thing. Glad I did! Off to go follow…you on Pinterest. 😀

  17. Loving the projects. I was wondering how you plan for your diy projects. Would be a great post!

    • That would be a great post! I admit I am not too organized when it comes to redoing my house or blogging. But, I do begin to see a set sequence as I am redoing a space. Seeing what needs to be shared and when.

  18. It looks great! Those hooks are adorable!

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