Homework wall organizer, adding some style to the function

Homework wall organizer, adding some style to the function

I am so excited to be sharing a little more of the laundry room overhaul today. I have already checked off my to do list the installing of upper cabinets, we put in new tile on the floor. Now it is about creating the magic organization station I have been speaking of. Well first let me just say, this corner of the laundry room has gone through big time changes, ones that I will be sharing really soon.
The space as is would not be enough to have our three kid’s be able to utilize the organization station. We are going to do some movie magic here on the blog though and skip this step for now. I wanted to show you some progress, so today is about making some homework organization happen for this nook.
Here is what I used
I got three wall organizers from Goodwill. They were silver. I spray painted them white. Once that was done this is what I did to make them feel more fun and fancy. I am all about fancy here.
Lay out the paper, using very professional weights. Yes, my pro tip is to use a 4 year old’s shoe, a toy helicopter and a vase. These are necessary steps to insure this project is done right! No, really this paper was all rolled up and I could not get it to sit flat. You do what you have to do.


You also do what you have to do to get the tutorial pictures. This was all done one handed while I held my big camera and took pictures with the other hand. Like I said, you do what you have to do. Getting back to the project, and not focusing on my awesome DIY picture taking skills, trace along the wall organizer.


Once you have the front and sides traced, cut them out.


I used double sided tape that I purchased from a craft store.


Pulling the tape out and lining it up to the length of one side. I did this so I could cut it and then attach the tape to the interior side.


The tape had one side already stuck. All of the red tape is the other sticky side, just without the adhesive off. Once I had all sides with tape on it I took the other side of the sticky tape off. Allowing the sticky portion to be on top. Did that make sense? This is a sticky situation….
The above picture is actually with the sticky side up and uncovered. It is transparent. “Ohh” and “ahh” with me on this invisible tape. It is like a crafting invisibility cloak!


Lay the paper down on the tape. Be sure to line it up as much as possible before you have the paper come in contact with the tape. It will stick right away and the paper will rip if you try to move it. Not that I know from experience or anything…… I did one side at a time to make sure it all worked out.


All sides are taped in, lined up, and ready to help the homework organizer have some chevron patterned fun. Which, let’s be honest is really important. You need fun patterns to help in homework organizing. Just look at Pinterest, you will see my point. It is a decorating must!
I had to do some trimming of the paper on a few of the wall organizers. I cut a little more than was needed. It is always possible to cut more than fix something that you cut too much of.



Lining up the wall organizer on the wall and marking where you want them to hang.
I just used a standard screw driver. Because of what we put on the wall (which I will reveal later, ignore the obvious board and batten pattern on the wall) a wall anchor was not needed to keep this attached to the wall.


It is done! I now have three wonderful spots for my kid’s homework, library books and folders to go. I was going to add a name plate, but decided I liked the simple look of the chevron pattern with the mesh metal organizer.



The wall color in the laundry room is a fun and bright turquoise. I got rid of almost all of that color in this corner because of the organization station. So I went with this color and pattern to tie in the wall color in the rest of the space. It also popped enough to be seen through the mesh nicely.


If you are wondering why there is not wide shots of this, it is because there is a lot of new things added to this space. I am being a major tease right now. I have finally made some headway with this space and want to show it all to you. But, there is a ton of tutorials, how to’s and ideas packed in this small nook. I want to make sure it all get’s shared at the right time. Also, I like to throw around my authority. My kids seem to think they don’t have to listen to me so I am forcing it here on the blog. I will share it all when I want to! Probably more later this week and another big-ish reveal next week. I am not holding out for too long. I have to keep you intrigued, not bored. I have had you wait long enough for some action when it comes to this laundry room overhaul. The organization station is officially ready for it’s public debut. Look for the next few weeks to see it all revealed!
Eek! I am so excited to be having this area done and being put to use. It has not helped my kids keep things clean. I think they are allergic to clean and organized, they may break out in hives or something. They now have a designated space for the clutter to go. The shoes are still piled up, the coats are still out of control, the library books are still being returned late. But, the chaos has a place. Next week I will be sharing and revealing even more of this. I will give you a clue… it involves coats, hooks, and paint. Talk amongst yourselves and see if you can crack my probably too obvious clue.
Did I reveal too much in the above picture? Are your kid’s allergic to organization like mine? What is something you are working on or would like to improve upon in your home that will hopefully help the clutter?







  1. What a cute idea!! I am dying to see that wooden hook under the homework bins!

  2. What a great project to organize all those school papers sent home daily. Can't wait to see the rest of the project.

  3. I got the movie reference! I hope you are not that diabolical!
    Looks awesome! I wish I was that creative and organized. I can't wait to see the finished project.

    • I am so happy you got the reference! I am not diabolical at all, it is just sort of required to do that move line when there is a hole in the wall. Next week more of the homework and mud room nook will be shared.

  4. super cute!!! I want to do something like that in our pantry!!!! xoxoxo

  5. I love this post! I am sure I will be looking back on this post in my near future since Mason starts Kindergarten in August! And the Chevron is perfect!

    • Thank you! I am so happy you found it helpful. That homework piles up fast with kid's. I had to get it together before fall. I will have two in elementary school, I was running out of room and organization with just on in school.

  6. "It is like a crafting invisibility cloak!" I just spat out some coffee. 🙂

    This is such a great idea – I'm such a fan of organization, so this just speaks to me! Shared

  7. Awesome job Emily!!!! We just bought an old 1870 homestead and will be keeping a lot of whats on the walls, unless the plaster keeps crumbling but I wanted to do a communication center and this is soo cool! It is just hubby and I, but we NEED organization!! I love how you put it 'behind' the mesh!! I was wondering how to put the paper on!! Well done, now off to look more into your blog!!! I will need some help as every little penny helps in re-doing a home!!! Thanks!!!!

    • Oh wow, your home sounds beautiful! I am sure there is a lot of projects in your future, but how fun to get to work on that! I am so happy you found my blog, I hope you see some more ideas and inspiration!

  8. Such a great job! Love the organization!!

  9. This is such a cool way to customize a simple organizer! Very creative.. =)

    • Thank you! I got the organizers for a really low price from Goodwill, but they were not exactly what I had in mind for the space. Adding the paper makes them a little more fun and what I had in ind to begin with.

  10. Great upgrade! They are so much more decorative & chic!

  11. Love this! How clever to use the chevron paper, love the pop of color it adds! Can't wait to see that wooden hook below the baskets 🙂

  12. Looks great! Thanks for the motivation to re do my room!

  13. I love getting organized but yes I think my kids are allergic to keeping it that way.

    • I adore being organized and have unattainable dreams of how it will be when all done. Glad to know my kid's are not the only ones who have this particular allergy 😉

  14. What a great idea! Not only are these functional, but they look adorable too!

  15. These are so cute! I have just the place for them too! Thanks for the great idea.

  16. I love this! I'm desperately in need of a place for backpacks, homework and briefcases, but we are short a mudroom. Drives me crazy!

  17. So cute! What a great way to organize.

  18. Our mudroom needs a serious overhaul, and is on our list of things to fix up this year…so these organizational tips will come in handy! Love the chevron pattern, by the way!

  19. I'm really bad with organisation especially when it comes to my workspace for sewing. This would be great and I love the colours you used!

  20. Super cute! Completely jealous you found these at Goodwill and made them look so adorable. Good job!

  21. Great post! This reminds me of all the organizing I need to do since I've been putting off Spring cleaning since March lol. Btw I love the paint color 🙂

  22. Ha, you didn't reveal too much at all, my children are allergic to organization and cleanliness. But they make up for it in cute. Love this post, we need to do something like this in our office. If I do it, I will repost!

    • So not just my kids have the cleanliness problem? Good to know. I am so happy you are going to put this to use, come back and link it in the comments. I would love to take a look at it!

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