Contributing articles and other happenings

Contributing articles and other happenings

I have been a little silent this week here, sorry about that guys. Lot’s of plans, things, happenings and craziness is going on behind the scenes. I know you all understand because you are just that awesome. I am making a lot of headway in the laundry room and have the “organization station” all but complete, yay! I have also been a major slacker because each afternoon after Nora get’s home it has been on and we have been outside. It is warm, sunny and beautiful. There has been a lot of rolling in the grass, being silly, and having some glorious unplugged time with my family. But, really there has been us running away from all responsibilities, this past week has been insane with things going on with projects, kids, school, and… well… life. 

I have also been in the insane end of school year hoopla. Nora is in first grade and Caleb and Gavin are in preschool. They each have about 10 activities, outings, field trips, bike-a-thon, concert, preschool graduation, book sale, and their normal school day. I guess now in school they start the end of school party all month long. When I was in school we got a movie and popcorn the absolute last day. Yes I just said the equivalent of “back in my day…” I am that old now. 
We are going crazy and climbing tree’s
Most of the time I share the happenings of making this house a home here on the blog. I share a lot of home decor specific things. Sometimes I share about my family, they are kind of a big deal to me. I also write a lot about parenting, kid’s and life on a few other sites. This week I had two new articles go live on other sites. I wanted to share them with you all. 
I asked my kids how I can be a better mom and their answers melted my heart
The first is over at SheKnows where I am a expert, their words not mine. Seriously I am titled a expert contributor. Is that resume worthy? “I am an expert.” seems legit and vague enough to sound both important and like I am full of sh*t. I am making jokes, but really this article is a sweet one that made me- with one conversation with my kids get all the feels. I asked them one question ” What do you like about me being your Mommy?” and their answers humbled me beyond belief. I put the Mommy wars on blast and explained the simplicity of being a Mom. All with the clarity of my kid’s wisdom. I thought it was a great way to start this Mother’s day weekend with some words from the kid’s that call me Mommy. 

I am also talking about success today and how it is a loaded word over at MOPS international. I feel like there is so much emphasis put on being sure you succeed and I am just breaking down what exactly that is.  Yes, I am the expert on success (extreme sarcasm alert). I mean the above picture is me being all business like. Really I cannot use the image that the article has featured on their site so I had to find the best “successful” picture. This is me posing, quite uncomfortably. I am better taking the pictures, I guess I am not successful at posing. The article is really busting the opinion that anyone can decide your success but you.

We have been getting a lot of outside time with the gorgeous weather!
That is it for now! I am writing a lot for other’s about parenting and life. I could incorporate it here but I feel like there is a lot of wonderful lifestyle blogs, who do it all really well. I can handle DIY, crafts, and home decorating with a little dash of kids and life. I am not going to be launching a lifestyle brand anytime soon. So I share my words on other sites to have another outlet without it needing to mesh here. I have a lot of projects coming up in the next few weeks that are eagerly waiting to be shared. I just had to put the finishing touches on them and get the pictures just right. Look for those soon!
Teacher appreciation week was this week also
I am a Mom who moonlights as a blogger who moonlights as a writer, but I am a full fledged woman who is ready for summer. Only because my kid’s schedule is making my head spin. Today I am off to the zoo with the boy’s preschool a bike-a-thon next week for the boys, a field trip to the zoo for Nora and a sneak peek of kindergarten for Caleb, and we are having a neighborhood rummage sale next week. Holy smokes forgot about that until just now, time to get pricing things, ahhh! Oh and Mothers day is apparently happening too this weekend. Can I just sleep all day? I hope you all enjoy the articles I am sharing with you, and find a few nuggets of inspiration on how to handle the Mommy haters and the pressure to succeed. 
Is the end of school just as crazy for you all with kids? What are you most looking forward to this summer?



  1. I think my comment was eaten up, so forgive me if I double post! We start our school journey next year with my oldest and I'm both excited and terrified. I feel like I have to soak up this summer! I came over here from the Blog Love Project. Cute space!

    • Enjoy the time while you can with your little ones! I am looking forward to soaking up the summer with my kid's. I will have two in elementary school next year. It all goes so fast!

  2. I hear you about being swamped with school activities! Enjoy your day at the zoo. I'm looking forward to our family vacation this summer. It's somewhere tropical. Yay :). The beautiful weather outside has kept me outside..enjoying the sun as well.

  3. Our end of school year will not really begin for a week or so. So, we are still in status quo. However the Spring to do list and activities have certainly taken a front row seat that has put the blog on the back burner for now. I know it is just going to get busier and harder from here out.

    • It will get really difficult once school is out. The Mom guilt will hit ten-fold when I have things to do for the blog, projects, and writing, but I will want to spend all the time with my kid's. I need a good balance, or to duplicate myself 🙂

  4. I really like that you're able to find outlets for all the important parts of you. I'm still trying to figure out how to make all of that fit and find my niche, and I'm starting to realize that maybe it doesn't all fit in the same place, as you have. Or, maybe it does and I'll just keep figuring it out as I go along. I also enjoy your other writing as well and hope you keep it up. 🙂

    • I think the fun part about having your own site is you are the boss and it can evolve into whatever you think it should. I enjoy reaching different people, demographic, and groups. I have my crew here that reads, and to spread myself out to others is fun. I also think that people can only take so much of my long winded writing. I have to be sparse with it or no one would come back!

  5. You write beautifully, I love to read the family post's and the home post's. Keep it up!

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