Weekend DIY warrior recap

Weekend DIY warrior recap

Sneak peek of the new and improved front porch
I have not done a weekend DIY warrior recap in a few weeks. Truthfully, we have not done too much DIYing in the last few weeks. Well, about things I can share with you all. There is some projects I was working on for other sites, and a few projects for something big coming up. I am being all mysterious. Just know some big things are coming this way and there is a lot of behind the scenes planning going on to make it happen. We hosted Gavin’s birthday party this past Saturday. He is officially 4! We just had family over. But with the extended family we had a house of about 20 adults and 8 kids. Lots of planning was made. 

IT is starting to get warm here in Wisconsin. When I say warm I mean high 50’s low 60’s. My kids are treating this like it is the middle of summer. I have to wrestle or threaten them with bodily harm taking toys away to get them in a sweater and put shoes on outside. They want to run and be free in the sort of warm weather. All Friday afternoon the kids were riding up and down our driveway on bikes, skateboards, and scooters. While watching them I realized we have no place for me to sit, rest while still having a sight line to the driveway. 
We have these two rocking chairs, which are nice to lounge on in the front of the house. However, truth be told. If my kids are occupied doing their own thing. That is when I pull out my lap top and get some work done. The rocking chairs would not be good for that. We have a bench that was sitting on our porch. I moved that to the little brick front patio, with a clear view of the driveway. Which was perfect. The porch was left blank. So I whipped up a whole front porch seating area, complete with art and a new build project. I finished at about 9:30 pm and was ready to start planning for the party. I will be sharing what I did on the porch and the new furniture piece I built. Look for that later this week. 

I went with a minimalist approach for Gavin’s birthday party. Not because I did not want to decorate. Although, I was not sure how to go about doing a skateboard theme. I did not decorate because Gavin did not care. I never decorate for me. The parties are for my kid’s, I do it big for them. Nora is into the process of helping me decorate for her parties. Caleb loves the decorations, appreciates them when it comes to his special day. All Gavin cared about was having his skateboard, getting to skateboard with his Dad and his Papa (My Dad) and eating his skateboard cake. 

So Mommy got off the hook because of his none interest in decorations. I put up a few standard birthday stuff, made the house fun. And called the house ready to party. 
It was a warm-ish day, clear blue skies, and all of the kids overtook the street. They were mini street hoodlums, were loud, did not follow the speed limit. I should also mention we have new neighbors, who moved in last weekend. This was their introduction to the street. A bunch of kids and adult size children riding skateboards up and down the street. Our other neighbor was also having a party. So there was a lot of cars and noise. It seems like we are a party street. Holla!!!

Here is my Dad and Gavin. My Dad whipped out his skateboard from when he was in middle school. He had been a hesitant Grandpa when I started having the babies. Not because he did not love them. But, he was not old enough to be a Grandpa. My parents had me young, I am talking would have been a good story line for a MTV reality show young. Teen parents, and I got married at 21, started having our kids by 22. So that means my parents became Grandparents when they were 39. This is how we end up with a 40 something Papa on a skateboard with his Grandson.

Look at Gavin’s form on his board. He is in the red hoodie. 
Dale got out there too. Here is a little back story, when Dale was young he was majorly into skateboarding. He broke his wrist, really bad.  Still has issues with his wrist because of how it healed badly. I have told him he can have fun with the kids, skate his little heart out, and not hurt himself in anyway. I love him, don’t want to see him getting hurt. Also he writes code, makes programs, is a software architect. He gets paid the big bucks for using his hands and type on a keyboard. There is no breaking of any bones happening. No way, no how. 

My kid’s all scream out “Car!!!” and “Game on!!” when a car comes down the street. This makes Dale and I so proud. If you don’t know what I am talking about, go here and see the reason this is so funny to us. Why raise kids without having a little fun with them?

Nora with our niece Hannah
Caught this boy eating nacho cheese, by licking his finger and sticking it back in the bowl. Crowds of people, distracted parents and the kids go food crazy. 
We got this wonderfully perfect shot of the birthday boy by having Dale stand next to me with the lighter and saying he will light my hair on fire. I think in light of this knowledge we can all agree that makes his smile a little sinister. He had a wonderful birthday, and all three kids passed out quietly without one ounce of fighting at bedtime. 
Sunday, we took it easy, put our house back together and got more of the outside ready for Spring. We borrowed my sister in laws power washer to clean the side of the house and the patio. Let me tell you, I felt like a super hero. Saving the world, one power washer aim at a time. It was so powerful! This is one home improvement project I was all over. Hand it over Dale, this I can handle. 
All in all we packed a big punch with this weekend. Redid the front porch, got the flower beds, patio and outside of the house ready for flowers, blooms, and fun. Had a amazing birthday party for one happy 4 year old, and built some furniture. Oh, we also had a friend birthday party to take Nora to on Saturday before Gavin’s party. Yes it was a double birthday hit on Saturday. There is still the birthday decorations above the dining table that need to be taken down, and some party plates need to be put away. But, we made it through the weekend and are ready to start the week. 
Anyone else ever feel like you need another weekend to recover from the weekend? That is me, all the way. I’m exhausted. What did you do this weekend? Do you know the awesomeness that is a power washer? I am ready to go power washing crazy, fence, play structure, showers. Can it do showers? Man the shower grime on their would be wiped clean. Time to do some Googling….



  1. I LOVE your front porch! I've always wanted one. Your rocking chairs are perfect. It sounds like you've had a great weekend! I am already missing weather like that. It has been so hot here already.

  2. Front porch is so cute! And that cake!!!

  3. My son (6) thinks he is a pro skateboarder. It terrifies me! All I can see is him cracking his head wide open even though I make him wear a helmet!

    • So I have a fellow nervous Mama here, good to know I am not alone. My boy's (especially my youngest) think they are Tony Hawk. My husband justify's it as all kids have scars and all break a bone. He does not help my anxiety :/

  4. What a fun weekend! Hope Gavin enjoyed his birthday party! And I can't wait to see your porch!!

  5. What a fun weekend! You have such a pretty home!

  6. such a cute house! love the rocking chairs 🙂

  7. Haha – a superhero powerwasher? Come to my house, girl – my back deck could definitely use a super-powered hose down. 🙂

    You have such a beautiful home and family!

  8. Oh man I need to start getting my flower beds cleaned up and do pressure washing!! I've been working ion my backyard but not my front yet

    • I just cleaned up the flower beds. It is a lot of work, but I got encouraged when I saw the green buds of plants popping out of the ground. We are in planning and crazy mode in getting our vegetable garden together, never done one before. Good luck getting your yard ready for all the flowers!

  9. Your front porch is SO pretty! I love those rocking chairs. We have some red Adirondack chairs in our backyard and I love them. I have always wanted to power wash something. It seems like it would be so satisfying to watch all that dirt rinse away…

    • Thank you! I adore Adirondack chairs. We have a adult size set and three kid's sized ones. They are just plastic, but so colorful and comfy to sit in. The power washing was sooo satisfying. I am not a neat freak, but it was very gratifying to see the dirt get blown away.

  10. Super cute Emily!!! Love those chairs n front f the house…I did the same last year….I remember those curious George days…..Miss that show!!! XOXOXO

  11. You have a really cute family. Looks like you all had some great family time.

  12. Love those rocking chairs! the color looks so pretty against your house!

  13. I hear you about needing another weekend just to recover from a recent birthday. Seems like weekends are all about bday parties when you've got young kids. Looks like Gavin had a great bday. Wow, your parents are young grandparents. More time to enjoy the grandkids…that's awesome 🙂

    • I am realizing that three kids is going to be madness when they are all in school. Nora has at least one party a month to go to. I don't know how I will handle it. My parents love being so young, once they got used to it.

  14. Oh boy, you had fun this weekend! I can't even describe the wicked feeling that is power washing! I have no idea why! haha!

  15. Wow! Looks like you had one busy weekend! I really like your porch area and your rocking chairs. The colors makes is spring ready!

  16. Happy birthday to your little one! You had a sweet party.

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