Revamping the front porch

Revamping the front porch

**This post is from a while ago, so for an even more updated front porch you can see that here**
Spring is in the air, can you feel it? I can, depending on the day. Some days this week it has been warm and beautiful. Other days it has been blistery cold. The calendar does say that Spring is here, and eventually Summer is scheduled to come. So I am getting the outside ready for the warm and long days. I revamped my front porch. I explained some of it here, also showed how to make this simple console table. I did this front porch revamp late at night, the day before Gavin’s birthday party.
Here is what was here before. I moved this bench so that I can sit, relax, bring my laptop outside and watch my kids ride up and down the driveway. See many of you may not know, but I am raising the next pro skate boarder. It is true. Just ask Gavin, seriously. He wants to be a skater dude when he grows up. He has a skateboard that he is either on or carrying around all the time. I am not exaggerating on this. He puts it by his bed when he sleeps. Nora learned to ride her bike without training wheels, and Caleb is all about his bike. So my kids do laps up and down the driveway. With me moving this bench I can now sit and work while my kids are running holes into our driveway.
Look at those skills
I moved the bench here, in the front of the house. This small brick patio is off of the porch. I now have a clear view of the driveway. This bench is being redone, don’t judge the old and wrecked paint. I have not done anything to this since we got it from my in-laws. I can just see us coming out here with our morning coffee, Dale and I planning our day, waving to the neighbors, starting the day off right. Then I remember we have kids and we either wake up by a alarm, a child standing over us…not talking ….just breathing heavily and staring. Or being told that their bed is wet. and maybe they peed. But, this seating area sure is pretty and welcoming.



Once I moved the bench, the porch looked really sparse. This chair I got from Target last summer. I only bought one because I had planned to use it as a computer desk chair. It did not work out because I am apparently a lounger when it comes to typing. This chair is good for small talk on the porch, not sitting and working for a few hours. I believe these chairs are still at Target, they are so cute the big-wigs decided to bring them back. The cute cushion and the pillow are also from Target, they are all sooooo last year (say it in your best Clueless movie impression), but I still like them.

This little pouf is the only thing I purchased new. I wanted to spruce up the front porch with some flowers. So I went to a home and garden store called Steins to get some flowers for the planters on the front porch. I saw this little pouf and it was instant love. I mean, it is my go to color. It was screaming my name!


This art piece came from a few things. I used this frame in my winter wreath. I hung this on my fireplace mantel and it helped me transition from Christmas to winter. I made this moss B last spring. I wanted to make some kind of art piece for this wall on the porch, something with greenery and twine. The details were not figured out. Somehow this scenario popped into my head and I left Dale standing on the porch confused because I ran into the house so fast. I came back just as fast with the B, the frame and some string. I am now the decorating Macgyver.




I cannot wait to see all of my flowers blooming. We get a short window of sun, warmth and flowers outside. But, I pack it all in with flowers in every corner of our yard.


I have never had this put together of a outdoor space. We get some crazy winds that whip around in summer here. We have had three canopies or umbrellas get blown around and broken because of the wind. Our neighbors trampoline blew over our fence and into our backyard. The kids woke up and assumed God had dropped it in our backyard. Because you know, he has nothing else to do but give people trampolines. The front porch is covered and in a small corner where most is protected from the elements. So I can do this little spot up and make it fancy. I am loving this spot, it feels like a extension of our home. It reminds me of back home in San Diego, California where there is always a blend of indoor and outdoor living. I am just missing the beach, and sand. I do have my little skater dudes though to keep me company.
I was surprised how easy this came together, when things are this easy with decorating I always assume it is just proof that it was meant to be. This front porch was meant to have a little seating area.
Has it warmed up where you are? Anyone getting the outside area ready to live and enjoy for summer?












  1. Looks great Emily! I can't wait to see the bench! laura

  2. Emily your porch looks lovely. I love the frame with the monogram letter. Your very talented!
    Kim @ This Ole Mom

  3. I love the bright touches you have all over and the cute porch artwork!

  4. I love the porch! Ive been asking the hubby for us to add some fun to our porch but well see.

  5. So cute, what a great space! I love the pillow and your planters full of flowers! We don't have a front porch, only a stoop, but maybe one day! It has definitely warmed up here in Texas!

    • Thank you! I have friends who live outside of the Houston area and they always make me jealous with their warm temperatures. They also envy our cold ones. Enjoy the warm days!

  6. Love the colors! Definitely screams Spring. And the pouf is amazing. I do think I need one. It’s been mostly in the 70s here and very wet! I’m ready for sunshine.

  7. Looks wonderful. Emily. Love that pouf and definitely that hue of blue! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I love your front porch area, and your door color is so pretty! Like everything else on the outside of my home, our front porch and door are in need of some TLC.Oh well, I'll get there eventually. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! My front door has a lot of sun damage with lighter spots. It needs to be repainted. I always have way more plans for my home than I do time in the day. We all get there eventually!

  9. Everything looks so great! I love those wine barrel planters!

    • Thank you! We found the wine barrels under some overgrown pine tree's in our front yard. I rolled them onto the porch, where they sit with flowers for all of summer. I could not believe they had been forgotten about by the previous owners of our home.

  10. Lovely! I love the picture frame with the leafy B! I would never think to do that 🙂

    • Thank you! I made the B with some moss. I got it from a craft store and rolled it onto the B and used a hot glue gun, really easy thing to do. I have moved that letter B all over my house.

  11. Your porch looks so wonderful and inviting!

  12. What a comfy looking, inviting space. I really like it!

  13. Love the bright colors the cushion and poof provide to the space! And that wreath – love it!

  14. I love that poof! Hopefully it will stay warm so you can get out there!

  15. It's an honor to meet the decorating Macgyver! I love that poof and the mossy B! Looks like your skateboarders love it out there!

  16. I love the colors you chose! How cute!

  17. Love the make over. Make it so inviting!

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