my plans went up in the thunderstorm

my plans went up in the thunderstorm

I had big plans for today, here at Our house now a home. I was going to share and break down the 20 minute, done right before guests arrived, gallery wall. I have some pretty pictures and steps. It was going to be epic. I am talking probably will be the thing that shoots me into gallery wall super stardom. That is a thing, right?

We had just put the kids to bed, I was getting ready to plug in my almost dead lap top and get to work editing some pictures and writing up the post. I had my whole evening planned. Dale was going to take apart and investigate why the dryer is no longer drying the clothes and there is a burnt smell when we run it. Fun thing, we probably need a new dryer.  We had the evening planned out.
Then the thunderstorm we had off and on all day yesterday turned into a big time storm, complete with tornado warnings in our area. The sirens were going and everything. I don’t take those sirens lightly. I know a lot of people in the area who do nothing unless they pretty much see a funnel cloud. But, me and my born and raised in Southern California self take note. The sirens are blaring for a reason, I am going to stop, drop and roll. Ok, not what you do with a tornado. We head to the basement with flashlights, smart phones, and lap tops. Just like the olden times I am sure.


The kids watched a mickey mouse cartoon. Thinking this whole tornado and siren thing is just one fun time. Camping out in the guest room, staying up past bedtime, and watching a movie on the lap top. Dale refresh’s local news sites to see when the warning will pass. I sit and wait for the tornado that will pick up my house, take us out of Kansas, and inevitably fall on a wicked witch. What? I have never actually been through a tornado, this is my only knowledge of them.
Give me a ground rumbling, house swaying earth quake and I know what to do. Look outside, comment on it, and hope that if you are in school it was big enough to send us home. Like a real So Cal person handles earthquakes. Oh and head to the beach because there should be some huge swells from the shaking.
But, here in the northern tip of good ‘ole tornado alley we get some sirens that blare. Luckily for us it was a whole to do about nothing. A few funnel clouds were reported a town over. But in Illinois there was some massive tornadoes that resulted from these same storms. I can only imagine how scary of a situation that is, to actually go through one. I hope it is something I never go through. I like that we are only mildly annoyed that we had to upheaval our life for the sirens that turn into nothing.
Why am I sharing this sordid tale, you ask? Because after the excitement of the storm, and our power going in and out. I called it a night, I had nothing in me to share the awesome, star making gallery wall project post. I huddled up in my bed, read random celebrity gossip from my barely charged smart phone, and decided to be a blogging slacker. The gallery wall post will make its appearance next week. Where my A game will be back. We have been on spring break all this week and my kids have both driven me cray and filled my day with giggles and tantrums equally. I will be able to get back to my regular writing schedule when they are in school next week.
Gavin asked to make craps, I figured out he meant “crafts”. SO we made googly eyed, animal crafts.

But, it is Friday. Next Tuesday Gavin turns 4! My baby, littlest little turns 4! Expect a very mushy and sweet post on this guy. Where I will gush on his greatness and perfection. I also have to make a skateboard party happen. If anyone is interested or has some connections, he would like a real airplane (to ride in when he is a teenager) and a real dragon. Yeah, make that happen.

Skateborading in the house has happened this week.


With the table moved to the side, and only one hole in the wall!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And sorry for the teasing, and build up to a gallery wall post that just wont happen this week. Next week, I am thinking maybe even Monday. The day is sunny, I am off to enjoy the last day of spring with my littles. Before I send them off happily to school next week.
Which would you handle better, living in a place with earth quakes or tornadoes? Is there a place with no natural disasters? If so let me know, I am sooooo there!
A indoor picnic for this rainy spring break week.








  1. Glad the sirens turned out to be a false alarm. We get them here in Texas from time-to-time and luckily we've never been hit with one. Hey, at least you got some family time out of the deal…

    • Yes, I will always be happy that the sirens have turned into nothing. We did get some family time, and my kids were bummed when the party was over and it really was bedtime.

  2. Sorry you all are having such cruddy weather, but glad to hear there were no tornadoes near you. If you find a place with no natural disasters please share!

  3. So glad you guys are all okay, and at least the kids weren't scared and had fun.
    It's funny to me, because I had a different post planned for today as well, but the life happened. 🙂

  4. We had a Tornado warning last night while we were at the gym. We all had to go to the Raquetball court in the basement. A little scary. Glad there were no Tornadoes for ya!

    • Oh no, we have yet to have a tornado warning happen while we are out of the house. I guess there is some comfort in being home. I don't think I will be as calm if something like that happens. I am glad you all are ok too!

  5. So scary! I would have been freaking out! Im glad it was a false alarm!

  6. Ooooh scary!!!! I would be so panicked and unprepared! I can't even find a flashlight when the paper goes out lol
    I need to get on that, you never know!

    Skateboarding in the house awesomenessssss!

    • We bought the kids these really cool LED camping lanterns, and that is the only reason we have flashlights at the ready. My kids are always begging me to let them play with their camping lights. The skateboarding in the house has apparently become a daily tradition.

  7. Yay for false alarms! You seriously cracked me up through the whole post! I have to say that I would not rather either disaster. We live in Ga (which is in little Dixie alley for tornadoes) and I get scared of big storms in the spring. I could NEVER live in Kansas. Lol

    • I am happy I made you laugh. We live in Wisconsin, so the upper part of tornado alley. But do still get some action. I have never personally been through a actual tornado and am hoping I never do.

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