Knot Genie review and giveaway

Knot Genie review and giveaway

*This post has been sponsored by Knot Genie.
 I received the Knot Genie brush but the opinions are my own.
Ok guys, today is going to be a little different. I am going to be doing a giveaway for a Knot Genie brush. Most of the time here at Our house now a home I am all about home decorating and DIY wonderfulness. However, I am first and foremost a Mom with three kids. I have to get them ready each and every day, some going to school others to preschool, and one to be following me like a shadow while his older siblings are in school. But getting them out the door involves brushing their hair. So when Knot Genie wanted to give me a brush to try out and talk about. I jumped on that. I have one little girl with a whole lot of hair, a LOT of hair. Nora likes her hair long and luscious. I think she looks wonderful with it, but it takes a lot of work. All of which falls onto my shoulders, regardless of her flowing locks ending up on her shoulders.

I was pretty excited to try this out. I had heard about this brush from other Mom’s, and was really excited to give it a try. Here is what I have to deal with every morning.
This does not look too bad, but looks can be deceiving. There is a whole lot of tangles, it is a legit tangle tower.
Usually I have to use a ton of detangler, sometimes it ends with tears, and with me and Nora both stating she is getting her hair cut. A 7 year old can rock a army style buzz cut, right?
I don’t think she agrees with that.

So with this being a review, and I am all about real. I did this hair brushing dry. Literally dry, no tangle spray was used. Just Nora’s morning mess of hair, and the Knot Genie.


It was so easy, Nora and I both held our breath while I started brushing. I am not saying I did not believe in the magic of the Knot Genie, I just know the power of hair tangles. But, there was nothing. No pain, pulling, or even a problem.



Here is the brushed side on the left and the still untouched side on the right.


Nora said her hair was magically smooth.


This is the not brushed side yet. I had some work to do, but I knew that I had the tool to get it done.



Here it is, her hair is all brushed. It took me maybe 15 minutes to brush all of her hair. She was talking, giggling and being merry. There was no wincing or problems with it. I think a no tears approach to the mornings will be a welcome happening in Our home.


A smiling girl, she has stated she will be my model for all of my blog posts now. The new Vanna White?


She is getting bossy and telling me that it is time for her to give it a try. Seriously, I did no coaching for this child. I told her to turn around and she proceeded to ham it up.



 So, I am hooked. The gossip and talk around the school drop off among Mom’s was all correct. I have to say, I am a convert. I won’t be using any other brush for my kids. I will have to give this a try for my own hair, although I never have the kind of serious tangles that Nora somehow gets into in the night. I assume she must be doing twists and turns while a hair fairy is creating a bee hive in her head. In the words of my Grandma, Nora wakes up looking like a rag-a-muffin. She looks like a hot mess, but this Knot Genie makes all of that disappear very quickly and easily.
The other exciting thing about this is I am sharing this review while a few other blogging friends are also sharing about the Knot Genie. We are all giving one away. So you can enter below to win one of your own Knot Genie’s!

Click here and enter to win! Sorry, but only US resident are eligible to win. I don;t make the rules, I just have to enforce them.

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Great News! Some of my friends are also hosting a Knot Genie giveaway. Enter for more chances to win at these blogs:
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I know this is not my normal post, but this was something I was excited about from the Mommy side of my life. I figured we all have hair (most of us) so having a chance to make the mornings a little easier is something I will definitely pass on. Enter to win! Have you used a Knot Genie before? What are some bad hair stories you have? Give them to me!



  1. I need it! I love how well it work for you!

  2. That's AWESOME! I will remember this if I have a girl someday!! 🙂

  3. One of my friends uses a brush like this for her little girl and she says it works wonders. I used to hate having my hair brushed when I was little. Where were these in the 90s?

    • Ugh I was the same way with hating to get my hair brushed when I was little. I have a hard head because of the job that was needed to get my tangles out. Be sure to try to win one and enter!

  4. I loveeee this!! I have terrible knotty hair! Eeekkk growing up Ditto to what Miranda said oh ma lawddddd my mom had to fight me every morning!
    Nora looks so sweet and happy so the miracle brush must work!
    Is it open to canadian entries?

  5. So glad it worked out for your guys! I haven't heard of this particular product, but had a similar experience when I first learned about the Wet Brush and it has changed my life, for real.

  6. I used to hate when my mom would brush my hair! I'd cry almost every time because of the snarls, wish they had these when we were kids!

  7. yes, I have used a knot genie before-I actually bought one for my daughter when she was younger and it worked wonders. Unfortunately she lost hers and has been wanting another one since at 13 her fine, thin hair still tangles up overnight.

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