Gavin is 4!

Gavin is 4!

You will all have to bare with me for a minute. Today my baby is 4!!!! Yes, the ugly cry is happening right now. It did not help that I just went through all of our pictures to find my favorites of this birthday boy. I did not know I would take it so hard, I knew he would get older. But man, it has flown by. Each of my children has a pulse in this home, something special their unique selves that help make this house a home… Nora is the thoughts in this home, the brain. Caleb is the heart, pure love fills this home because of him. Gavin is the life, this boy knows how to live. 

My littlest little is so eager to be big. Has been counting down daily for almost a month now to the big day. He eagerly went to bed because he knew when he woke up he would be 4. That is the way he has been with life from day one, eager to grow up. He came into this world by breaking my water at 2 in the morning the day before my scheduled c-section. He slept through the night from about 2 months old, and walked by 10 months. When Gavin George came into this world he tied up our family in a neat little bow. He was the missing piece to this puzzle. Because I knew he was our last baby, I cherished the cuddles, pure baby-ness of him. Let it all sink in, and this boy knows he is the baby of the family. 
He surprised us with his bald baby head, and then his light, light, blonde hair. Outside and summer it can look a little strawberry blond. I never imagined Dale and I making a little pink skinned, blondie. For the first 2 years of his life he was my quiet, sweet, soft boy. I called him my gentle-man because of it. One of his first phrases was “I wanna hold your hand” said to me when he was needing some love. He would hold my hand and curve it in his and bring both to his chest. He was content just doing that, and happily still does this. 

However, notice how I said the first 2 years of his life he was our gentle-man? Once he hit 3 the wild man emerged. Sure there was inklings of it, he was the only baby I ever had to baby proof for, the earliest to walk and run. The first to turn our firm parenting skills on their axis with his will power. His first word was booger, although I have Nora and Caleb to thank for that one. But, this past year the true beast that is Gavin has come out. 
He is the first to help when we are working on projects. I can see the future of him being our assistant, or even running the show in a few years. 

The one that won’t budge or pose for nothing if he is not feeling a picture. 

The spontaneous smiles of his melt my heart to a pile of Gavin love mush. He wants to be a rock star, loves to play the drums. We had to have a serious talk with him because he wanted to take off his shirt and rock out during his (Christian) preschool Christmas performance. In a church. He saw no problem with it. 

He has a great love for rocks. For thanksgiving all of the kids were asked what they were thankful for. I saw all of the kids answers… Mommy, Daddy, their dog, home, food, God, and Gavin was thankful for…. An asteroid. We asked him why and he said “Because it is a really big rock in space!!!” Our little random, wild card Gavin. 

Gavin is the first to jump in and do things, he knows no limits. This boy has chased his older brother down the hallway with a toy sword, and held Caleb hostage in his room. He was the first to climb the small rock wall in our back yard. Mastered jumping into the pool sooner then either of his siblings, and will always find something to break. Which he is quick to apologize for, kiss my hand and then turn around and comment on the awesomeness of the flying car that crashed into the vase.

His newest obsession is skateboarding. He carries his little board everywhere and does tricks. He is a very coordinated and physically nimble little one. He can ride, turn and jump his skateboard. He yearns to be Tony Hawk and will only wear skateboard gear, and awesome pants. What is awesome pants, you ask? Warm up, gym pants, with a stripe down the side. That is all Gavin will wear. But, he will change his shoes ten times a day. He is the only one of my three kids that cares about what he wears and has very strong opinions about it.

 For all the bravado that is my budding wild man, he is the only one who cried the first week of preschool. He is the one to ask for cuddles. He is the one that will fill your lap with his tiny body if you sit down. He is the life of the party, the go getter, who likes to check in and share the love. He has a trusty blue blanket that he has had since he was born. It is his best friend. We have had to retire the original blue blanket because it has been loved to shreds. He now has a new blue blanket he sleeps with and the tattered old blue blanket he can have during the day. It is literally a choking hazard for him to sleep with. Too many holes, Gavin loves things to their demise. He does nothing big. 

He still needs cuddles, love and kisses just as much as he needs air. He is the biggest hugger, bear hug’s done with giggles and growls together. He puckers up his little lips, and will demand a kiss, just because. Kissing my hand as he walks by. He craves the contact.
We are a strict, no kids in bed kind of family. I like the cuddles but never get any actual sleep with them in bed. This little man of ours sneaks into our room in the middle of the night and cuddles in between us. We wake up in the morning, and before we even say anything he says “Good morning Mommy, I love you.” He knows how to get to us. 

He is still growing into the little man he will become. Each day more pieces of him are shown to us. This stage, him being newly 4 he is our wild card. I can see him traveling the world, living life, never slowing down, life of the party. Or living in our basement. He has told us that is where he will live, because he will be a scared adult and he loves us too much to ever leave. I am excited to see where this little boy goes. Just today I was holding him and giving some love to my birthday boy, he took my face in his hands, and exclaimed “Mommy you are gorgeous.” In the most sincere voice. He then got down, and made farting noises down the hallway. Found Nora and Caleb and did something to cause them to yell at him in anger. Then they all started giggling. This boy is life. He lives it all, does it all, enjoys it all, and giggles his way through it.

I will forever have his little squeal laugh ingrained in my mind. His constant smile, even when he is swimming in my memory. He is my last baby, the one that I will continue to hold close, and not mind that he is slightly small for his age. He does not mind either. For all of his big talk and turning 4, he whispers to me “Mommy, I want to always be your littlest little.”

I cannot wait to see what will come this next year for him. Yes, they all grow up and that is hard. But, with each day they grow it is also another day I learn more of who they are. With Gavin, I think I am just along for the ride. I just hope turning 4 is not a big let down, I feel like he expected to be as tall as Dale or something. Time to go and celebrate Gavin today!



  1. Awwww! Time goes by way too quickly!!!

  2. He is so cute! It's so nice to look back at photos of them so tiny right? Ahh time is going by too quickly!

  3. So precious! I think he looks like you. 🙂

  4. What a great post and I love the pictures! Our son, Kamden, will be 16 months next week and it seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Swoooon, our babies grow up so fast!!!! Oh, and happy birthday Gavin!!!!!!

  5. Oh my! How sweet! Happy 4th birthday. It's so bittersweet, them growing up! And I definitely know the ugly cry. My sweet boy is about to graduate Pre-K and turn five all less than a month away!

  6. Aww, happy birthday to your Gavin! He's a cutie. 4 is a special age. I'm sure it won't be a let down for him. Enjoy celebrating!

  7. Love the picture of him sleeping next to Dad. Gavin is such cutie pie!

    • I adore that picture so much! Out of all of our kids Gavin looks the most like my husband, but they act very similar. He wants to be just like Daddy and apparently they sleep the same.

  8. Oh man, it goes by so fast and it is definitely bittersweet celebrating your little one's milestones, huh? 🙂

  9. What a cutie! I think having a blog to record and remember your children's milestones is so incredibly precious. Wishing you the best!

    • It is fun, I am able to sit down and write my thoughts. I have wondered if my kids will ever go back and read it when they get older. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  10. happy birthday sweetie pie!

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