Front porch simple console table

Front porch simple console table

I am fortunate enough that each day this small site is getting more and more readers. This is exciting for so many reasons. With that being said, the newbies are still getting to know me. My longer term readers are familiar with my random and spur of the moment ideas. I am a type A personality with a procrastination complex. I love to over plan and think of all scenario’s, but I also do things on a whim. I won’t claim to know what is going on with me, I am a walking contradiction, and the way I decorate my home is no different. I have been known to plan something down to the last door knob, or do a gallery wall 20 minutes before guests arrive. This past weekend was no different. On the eve of Gavin’s birthday party I decided to re arrange my front porch area. In doing so I realized I had a empty porch. This is how I found myself in the garage, with a saw at 9pm at night. Making a simple console table for my front porch. 

I had this long and thin board in my garage. I will preface this whole project and say that I spent nothing on it, Dale shouted in glee because of this. However, our garage is so stocked with wood, paint, nails, screw’s, and serious power tools that if we leave the garage door open people show up and begin perusing what they assume is a garage sale. And we happily begin taking their money. Kidding. Sort of….

Because this was a random board, I had to deal with whatever size of the table I could get. So I am a problem solver and cut two legs that were 30 inches long. That left me with a 28 inch top for the table. The board had a width of 7 inches.

The table will have slightly longer legs than the table top. But, not too much which will make it top heavy. I decided to make the table look a little more “planned” and “professional”. I needed to up my building game. I did this by creating a super fancy corner to the table. Making the corners have a 45 degree angle. This allows the corners of the table to meet up and be sitting evenly. 
I achieve the 45 by lining the edge up to the mitre saw which is tipped to the 45 degree angle. The biggest helpful hint I can say is to use a clamp on the board, as shown in the picture above. This helps the board to not slide. So that you can have a clean cut. 
I did a 45 on both ends of the top board, and one end of both the legs. This gives the corners a snug fit, and gives me my very professional looking appearance. 

I used a air nailer into the top edges. Nailing the top to the sides. This table could be done, however with it being a outside piece of furniture I wanted to make it sturdy. We get a lot of strong winds whipping through in summer here in Wisconsin. So the plan was to add some other boards to the front and the back to help the legs stay put. 
Again, I used random boards to put on the front and the back to the table. I cut them down to size and nailed them in. 
Nailing along where the boards meet. 
With the boards being mis-sized I planned to have the larger board be the front and the smaller board be the back. This really just comes down to preference. I liked the bulkier look to it. 
Now, here is the part where my slacker self took over. I got the job done. I have the pictures to prove it. I did not however take pictures of the painting process. It is pretty basic. I used a leftover paint from our kitchen mini remodel. It is a light green, almost mint-like green. I did two coats of it. After that I was done! It was 10:30 at night and I still needed to do some prep for Gavin’s birthday party. The next part was waiting for paint to dry with this project. Luckily I was preoccupied with my long to do list to be thinking the paint was taking a while to dry. 
I let it dry in the living room all night. My kid’s woke up the following morning, with this table sitting in the middle of the living room. None of them even flinched at it. No questions, no wondering what was going on, nothing, nada, zip. Just a normal Saturday morning here at Our home. 

I put it on the porch, and it fit perfectly. I was worried the color of it would be too bland, not stand out enough. But, with the other accessories being bright (which you get a peek of) this was the subtle addition that was needed. Also, the paint was already in my home, so paid for. That my friends is a decorating double whammy. Good color, and free. 

I will be sharing my fun and simple front porch revamp on Friday. I worry I am talking it up more than it deserves. I did do a lot to it, but it was all so easy and small. However, we all need simple and easy in our life. This small porch revamp is just what is needed to up my front porch game. 
With the addition of some small accessories I had around the house, this simple console table is done. I set it up and was ready to welcome family for the birthday party. I work well under pressure, I laugh in the face of… spur of the moment decor. This table is a good example of something that can make a space, without a lot of work. If I were to guess, buying the supplies new for it would have been at the most $20. Still really manageable, and worth it!
Are you a plan it out to the last detail? Or do you walk on the wild side and let randomness take over when it comes to decorating? I think bringing up walking on the wild side and home decorating go hand in hand. We get crazy over here with decorating. Watch out now!



  1. What a great, quick project. Wishing I had a porch so I could make one!

  2. Wow you make this look so do-able! Love that you showed all the steps. I'm loving the idea of this little front porch console!

  3. This is really cute, I like the color. Those little animal vases are adorable. I don't know if me doing it would be as simple but you make it look so easy.

    • Thank you! I am happy I made it look simple, it really was. Those vase's are from the Easter bunny. The kids like cutting the grass, and watering their own little grass vase.

  4. This is such an awesome project, I feel like I could do it! Okay, not really, but it's easy enough that my husband wouldn't complain if I asked him to do it!

  5. Cute vases you have there on top of your DIY console table!

    • They were given to my kids for Easter. It came with the grass seed in them, the kids cut the grass and water them all on their own. They love it! I got them from Target.

  6. Fun! I would love to have something like this for our patio, just to be able to sit some smaller plants or a candle or two without taking up our table space. I love the color you painted it too!

  7. Great job, Emily! I'm a spur of the moment decorator, too. I love how it turned out!

    • I am happy I have a fellow, none over thinker when it comes to decorating. It is fun to just jump in and do things sometimes. Most home decorating projects need a lot of planning, things like this are quick and easy.

  8. I love it! Really makes the house feel cozy inside out 🙂

  9. cute! I love DIY projects!

  10. When I see projects like these I certainly miss my step-father. I remember my first apartment after college he made so many things for me. beautiful pieces of furniture that guests always thought were purchased. He was a fine craftsman.

  11. I love this piece! It is so easy to make and looks GREAT on the porch with flowers and plants on it! The simplicity of the piece matches and it is so awesome that you made it yourself! Something to be very proud of especially when all those visitors that come over and compliment you! Thanks for sharing and love the posts!

  12. Not sure if my comment went thru…love your work. Was wondering if that is a nail gun or staple gun and what kind…i need something sturdy

    • It is a staple gun, we use one that is attached to a air compressor to get the staples in good. But, a good old hammer and nails would have worked to secure this table as well. There is more heavy duty staple guns, that don't need a air compressor to get the job done too.

  13. Love it! Nothing better than a DIY project that us free, great job!

  14. I'm really amazed by what you can do with wood! I'm terrible with it (I think most people over here are) and there is this 5 hour course for almost $200 teaching you how to make a spoon!

    • Thank you, I find tables (especially like this) are really simple to do. A great start for a newbie because it is all simple cuts. I have to say, I have done a lot of projects with wood, but never made a spoon.

  15. It looks great! Very impressed that you did it all yourself, in the middle of the night no less! 😉

    • Thank you! Working at night is the best time to get things done. My kids are in bed and I have no interruptions or Mom guilt for not being with my kids. I also put in headphones and listen to old 90's music really loud. It is my alone time while I create something.

  16. Love this! So impressive, I'd never be able to do anything like this.

  17. This is fantastic! So cute, wish I had the room for this on my front porch!

  18. Your very talented and creative , I can see the reason your blog is growing! Congratulations , and your project is awesome!!

  19. The pop of color is awesome! I love the texture on the top of the table. Nice job!!

  20. Love this simple project and gorgeous color!

  21. I have to tell you, every time I visit your blog and see your latest project, I am so impressed. You have such a knack for adding just the right touches!

  22. Cute! I want to stencil a word on the front…don't know what though! I love simple builds 🙂

    • Ohhh, that is a great idea! I may have to add that. I have actually never stenciled any furniture before. I may have to do it for this table because it will be a great addition. And so I can say I have done it before. I am not sure what I would put on it. Now I am going to be busy brainstorming.

  23. I am totally amazed! Saws! Wow! That's some hardcore decorating when you start building your own furniture!

    • Thank you so much, I am pretty hardcore…. not really. Just trying to decorate my home with as little cost as possible. It was out of necessity, and now just a personal challenge. Being called hardcore makes me feel all tough, thank you!

  24. You're amazingly handy! I wish I had that quality. Very cute! I wonder if you can help me with my house. Ha!

  25. Awesome idea! You post so many useful projects.

  26. I've been looking for a narrow table for my front porch. This could work. Thanks for the idea.

  27. I wish I had a little overhang outside my front door so I can place furniture outside. Love the idea of having a console table outside. Both functional and cute looking!

    • I adore our front porch, but the first few years I never knew what to do with the space. It is large, but not large enough to put a lot of stuff. I have finally figured out how to handle the size space now.

  28. So impressed with how this turned out! Would love to give it a go 🙂

  29. This would go perfectly on my porch…as long as I can convince my husband to make it for me. (Unfortunately I am not quite as handy as you)!

  30. This is so neat! Adding it to my husband's list, LOL!

  31. It looks really nice – I love the little animal plant pots too!

  32. Very cute! Looks great and I love the decor on top!

  33. I really love this blog. You have so many great ideas!

  34. That is a cute, simple table. I believe I could even accomplish this project. Thanks for sharing.

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