From the archives, coffee table redo

From the archives, coffee table redo

Today, another episode of “from the archives…”. It is the running soap opera like segment of this site. Say it in a dramatic voice, with weird and foreboding music in the background. It works. Keeps things exciting around here. I am bringing back and sharing my coffee table redo for this edition. 

Here is how it looked before.
This coffee table was originally a dining room table. We purchased it and realized fast that it was too small for us and the space we were putting it in for our actual dining room table. So we cut the legs down and use it as a massive coffee table. My living room is a good size space, so a standard coffee table felt small. We did I loved the size, but hated the style. I was in search of my dream coffee table, until I just decided to make this one work. Upcycle time!
The coffee table can be a skate boarding video viewing spot. 
We added some wood planks and turned it into a rustic and country-ish chic table. Can country and rustic even be chic? I don’t know, but I think this coffee table has it covered. It got the job done, turned into my dream coffee table. For less money and more sanity saved. I did not have to continue scouring stores in the hopes of finding a coffee table. One I did not know what I did want, just knew what I  did not want. Yep, redoing this one saved me from shopping hell. 
It can be a library and LEGO play area
This coffee table is still holding up. The kids still use it as their go to seat, play table, and jungle gym. Just yesterday I had to tell Caleb to not stand on it. He was trying to make himself taller than Nora. Which made her mad, she is somewhat of a shrimp and her almost 2 years younger brother is officially her height. He wanted to shove it in her face even more. Which meant standing on the coffee table. I put a end to the teasing and the dangerous table standing. This is a classy place, feet on the ground. 

Stadium seating?
Are my kids the only ones that sit on the coffee table? I never would have dreamed of doing this when I was growing up, or putting my feet on it. MY kids, it is the best seat, and place cars zoom on the best. We needed our coffee table sturdy. We assumed it was to hold our feet, as Dale and I would be maxin and relaxin all the time with our tired feet resting.  Nope, it is sturdy so my kids can relax on it. Who knew?
I like this project and wanted to re-share it because I think that it shows a great example of a way to update what you already have. You don’t have to go buy new, or even put a ton of work into making it work for your new look and feel in your home. The full tutorial of this coffee table redo is a way to get your creative juices flowing, start thinking outside of the box and turn your house into your dream home. Yes, and make the coffee table work for ALL involved in your home. Who knew this small piece of furniture would be the true hub in our home?
 Do your kids sit on the coffee table? Be real, would you sitting on the coffee table as a kid ever fly? I know my Grandma would not let that happen, and probably cringes when she see’s my kids doing it. How was your weekend? Let me know what was going in with you guys…



  1. This is such a creative up cycle. I would have just purchased something new, although I don't think I would have even thought to cut the dining table down to size. As for the kids on the coffee table, I say if it is sturdy enough it is fine. Pick your battles, this one seems harmless. Your home is beautiful and I love all of the projects you share.

    • Thank you Jessica! That is my favorite part about decorating my space. thinking outside of the box, working with what we have, and trying something new makes my home uniquely ours. This table is crazy sturdy, so I let the climbing be.

  2. Great idea, Emily! I love it and I love all the ways it's being used. If your house is anything like mine, everything has to be multi-functional or it just doesn't have a place. I especially love that your kids use it as a bench the way mine use ours!

    • Thank you Kim, having kids and not mansion sized house makes me have to get creative with things. This table is the game night table, the foot rest, a race track, and many crafts are done here.

  3. So cute!! (The table and the kids!! )

  4. So cute. I love the coffee table! I always get one that the kids can climb on – mine love to the the coffee table for a stage!

    • That is good, plan your home around you and your kids needs. they will make it theirs even if you don't plan for it. My kids tend to use the little stone step on our fireplace for the stage. So our coffee table, which sits right in front of the fireplace becomes where the audience sits.

  5. That's gorgeous! Love it. Your house looks beautiful.

  6. Love how creative you were with this project. Recycling our own products is so efficient. Gorgeous.

  7. Awesome! Your table looks great!

  8. Adorable!!!! Your table looks amazing. I have been watching alot of HGTV lately and want to redo my whole house! lol

  9. Looks great! Cute kiddos too 🙂

  10. I love it! We have an old coffee table that has broken legs, but we LOVED the top! So we have kept it for the last four years on hopes of fixing it. Not we are out on our own again and need a coffee table! So we have figured out a way to do legs on it and till make it our mix of wood and metal that we love.

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