DIY spring art

DIY spring art

It feels like forever since I have shared a new project here. We are still making progress in the laundry room, but have hit a rough patch. That rough patch being our energy level. We are being slackers. We have things functional-ish and have lost our motivation. Things are going to pick up again because we have a lot of big plans coming up with this blog, my writing, and organizing for our crazy summer. We need to get the current projects done and checked off of our to do list.
But in our non heavy DIY state of laziness I got some crafting done. I shared our Spring home tour, and love it. But, most of what I used was from the previous years, nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to make a little addition to our space. So I created a spring art piece.


Here is what you need. I have a huge packet of craft paper. I purchased some small and thin canvas’s to use. I already had these things in my home, I got the canvas’s on sale. Much to Dale’s displeasure, if it is on sale that means I am saving money. No, I had not planned to get the canvas but they are on sale. It makes sense to me.



I drew a bird on the paper. I did a few test birds to see how I did. I wanted them to be simple silhouettes. Played around with sizing until I got it right.



Then I used different patterned paper to make a tree branch. The birds looked weird just floating there. I could not make the bird in flight thing happen with my elementary art skills. So I made the branches to ground the birds, and make my art and cutting skills look a little better. I did ask the kids what I made, and they all said bird. That is a good thing, they would have told me if it looked like something else. Kids are unabashedly honest.

I used different pattern for each of the birds, made them face different directions and sizes. Giving varying visuals. Yeah, it makes me sound like a major pro right now. Anytime you are explaining your decor use “varying visuals” and people will not question a thing. You obviously know your stuff.

I used a hot glue gun and glued the paper onto the canvas. I liked with the hot glue gun that the paper did not sit flush with the canvas. It gave it a pop out look to the art. Since they will not be enclosed in glass it works really well.


I had this piece of wood sitting around. I set the canvas’s on the wood to test where I wanted it cut. Making the border of the wood be even on all sides of the canvas.


These trim pieces are the only thing I purchased specifically for this project. I thought a border and more detail around the canvas would look nice. I measured where the trim would hit, marked and cut them down to size.


I did not even angle the corners with this. They meet up without a clear corner.

I had a robins egg blue spray paint can I in my garage from a previous project. We could be mistaken for graffiti artist’s with how much of this stuff we have laying around. Nope, just your garden variety DIY chick. If I did attempt to be a hoodlum and graffiti something it would probably be in this blue with white and I would make a chevron pattern, because home decor and all.


Once the paint was dry I marked where the canvas’s should go. Tracing around it. Mainly for my sake while I was gluing it all together. In case things shifted mid hot gluing.


I am armed and hot glue gun dangerous!


I used the hot glue to also attach the swirl trim pieces. Setting them on the line.

That is it! My first new project I am sharing in a few weeks is a very simple, no fuss DIY spring art. I feel like this should be bigger, more showy and fancy. Sometimes it is the simple craft projects that are the fun ones. This one was quick and painless. Adding a simple touch of Spring to my fireplace mantel.


I shared my revamped furniture arrangement  and this little pop of blue with this spring art works really well with the new look to the living room.


Spring decorations have my heart all a flutter. I showed you my spring decor, but that was all shared before this art was done. I don’t know if I will ever grow out of love with this turquoise blue. So much of my home style has changed, from country and shabby chic to a rustic, natural, and a little contemporary feel. I am all over the place. But, the one standard has been this blue color. I can’t quit you, you beautiful robins egg blue!

I was never a big time crafty person before. Even a year ago I did not do a lot of crafts. I am getting into them. It is a way to be creative, create something without whipping out all of the power tools, and upheaval our life for a few days while I get the project done. I can get my creativity going without much more commitment then a hour in the afternoon. Yes, me creating things is a must. If I go a whole week without painting, redoing, planning, staining, or gluing I get the shakes. The I-need-to-DIY-something shakes. Is there a rehab for this? Do I even want to go and cure this affliction? No, I am happily in my crafting and creating addiction and ok with it.

Has Spring sprung in your home yet? What is your favorite color to have throughout your home? If not home decor and DIY what is your addiction interest’s? Recipes, being a foodie? Exercise, (go you), reality TV, fashion, organizing? Whatever it is, be proud, encourage your addiction interest and find your peeps who speak the same lingo as you.




    Hello Emily,
    which makes you feel very good.
    Also I have done a few things for spring.
    You might have time to visit my blog.
    Happy Easter to you and your family


  2. When I saw the first picture I didn't believe it was DIY. Guess I was wrong! You're very talented! 🙂

  3. You are so crafty, I love this!

  4. Adorable!!!! You are soooo crafty!!! I need to get off my butt and make this. I have oodles and oodles of scrapbook paper so something like this has so many possibilities! Baby's room, kitchen, living, I love it 🙂

  5. Love it!! I probably would've stopped at gluing the birds onto the canvas, because that's the extent of my craftiness. Yours looks so professional with the blue wood backing. Looks perfect on your mantle 🙂

  6. Wow this is so creative! Love it!


  7. This is so creative! Love that stone fireplace!

  8. Looks great, Emily. It looks like it always belonged there on top of your fireplace 🙂

  9. I love the patterns of the papers and the color you chose for the frame!

  10. My "I Can't Quit You" color is still coral… I love it tons and bunches – maybe you could make one of these cuties in coral for me. 🙂 Great job!

  11. Love this! The birds are cute.

    Boba + Pearls

  12. Graffiti artists…lol. This really came out adorable, Emily! I think I need a giant book of craft paper!

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