Contributing article projects and weekend DIY warrior recap

Contributing article projects and weekend DIY warrior recap


Hello all! How did your weekend go? We had a busy weekend here of family, fun, food, and got a little DIYing done. Nothing to write about. I did whip up a gallery wall about 20 minutes before family came over. I grabbed things from around the house, rearranged and made a really fun, and colorful gallery wall. I will be sharing the gallery wall and breaking down how I created it on Wednesday. I think that lots of people share their gallery walls but don’t break down the how’s and why’s of making it work. so that will be done on Wednesday here.

My kids on Easter, they found their baskets.

Other then a few things, I have not much else to share with what we did. So today, I will leave you with some projects I have shared at other sites I work for. The first one is a DIY moss Easter bunny. I whipped this up in about 30 minutes. It is perfect for a last minute decoration to make your home or table “just right”. I created this moss bunny using poster board and moss. That was all that was needed, it was the perfect last minute addition to my home for the holiday.

Simple Paper Birds Craft

Another project, I shared it a while ago at Fancy Shanty just not here yet. This one was another afternoon craft experience. I made these paper birds that I have sitting out to bring in even a little more spring and fun to my home. I actually got this idea from my cousin. She made these and shared them on Instagram, and I was inspired to make some of my own. I told her i was stealing her idea so all is good.
DIY Reupholster Stool
The least project for your viewing pleasure this weekend is a stool reupholster I did, also for Fancy Shanty. This little stool was on my to do list, for a while. I finally got around to doing it, and it matches my cane chairs perfectly.
I get to write for some amazing websites, and am honored to have them think I create things worth sharing among all of their other amazing content. I usually stay on top of when things go live over there, but somehow I missed these. so you have a little light reading to enjoy and peruse while starting your week. Take a rest, start out slow after the weekend we all had, I hope you get inspired, go to the websites that I linked to see the tutorials, and get some DIYing or crafting on yourself.




  2. It all looks lovely! I love the stool 🙂

  3. Love love love that moss bunny!! Totally doable that's why I love your projects, the newbie crafter could pull them off! (I think, I'm going to try anyway hehe)
    The kiddies look so cute with their baskets! And lastly do you drink a ton of coffee??? Because girl you are the most motivated decorator I know! A gallery wall on a whim?!! Wonder women! Hahah

    • Thank you! I am so happy you find my projects doable for anyone that is my goal! You are so funny and kind, I drink a little coffee. I just like to keep moving, either with the kids or with home decor stuff. I was actually just trying to find a place for a canvas I had, and it turned into a impromptu gallery wall project. Happens ll the time here, my husband did not even seem surprised when I randomly went into the garage and came out with nails, a hammer, and a few pictures under my arm. He expects it now. 🙂

  4. I love the moss bunny, so cute!! It seems like you were super productive this weekend, impressed!

  5. Great post and I love your baskets and adorable Easter picture of the kids – Stephanie@ Happily Ever Rushed

  6. I think it's so cool how you contribute to so many different sites! And I agree with Holly that you seem pretty busy (an an awesome way!). I love checking out your blog and seeing what you're up to! Thanks for sharing your fun and cute weekend with us and thanks for linking up to Monday Musings!

    • Thank you so much! I love contributing to other sites, I have learned so much because working with others, their way of doing thing, and their readers are all different. It has been so much fun. It also allows me to create slightly different things from my "norm".

  7. Love seeing all the projects you've been working on lately! That moss bunny is my favorite though…so cute!

  8. A gallery wall 20 minutes before guests arrive? You are superwoman. I have only been contemplating a gallery wall for years. Ha. I can’t wait to see the post on how you created your gallery wall. Those always interest me. Cute picture of the kiddos and their baskets. Love the huge smiles!!!

    • The gallery wall was really easy to bring together because I am a compulsive canvas and wall art buyer. If I see something I like I either buy it or make it. SO I have random things sitting around the house. The gallery wall post should be up next week. I am planning on breaking it down so that maybe you can finally tackle your gallery wall! I am always available for any questions when you get to the point of creating yours.

  9. I am new on your blog! I like it, you have a new reader. =) As some of the other girls say, you seem pretty busy, but happy about it. I love the stool reupholster

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