Weekend DIY warrior recap

Weekend DIY warrior recap

Guys, it is Monday…. blah! I know if will come, even in my “it is Friday” happy dance I can feel Monday looming. I always have big plans for fun, relaxing, work, home projects, sleeping in; I want to do it all. Once Sunday night comes around I accept defeat and make plans for next weekend being the weekend I get it all done. Anyone else with high weekend hopes? With it being Monday that means Weekend DIY warrior recap time here at Our house now a home. Who is ready to see what we did?

I started off this weekend in a big way. Literally BIG, laundry big. Let me introduce you to Mt. Laundry. This was my clean clothes pile. Not to be confused with the dirty clothes pile. When you are in the middle of a laundry room renovation this is what happens. Well really, when you have 3 kids this is what happens. I got through half before I lost patience and interest in doing it. Anyone else just get bored doing things around the house? I could have kept going, but I didn’t want to…. say it in a whiny voice, that is how I felt.

We drove around in Dale’s new car all weekend, because we can. All three kids can fit in the back of it. Which is really exciting for them. So we squished everyone in and did our running around in it. My Van is old news. It is now deemed the boring car. Even with the two DVD players! Kids are great like that. Onto the new and shiny thing.


I got my hair cut and eyebrows handled. I cannot inflect that kind of pain myself, so I pay someone else to cause me pain and wax my eye brows. Weird, yes. A girl has her limits, and me plucking out hair by tiny hair is not in my realm of things I can do. I have my DIY limits, eyebrows is that limit. I am still trying to figure out this short fringe, short layered, side bang look. I am guessing  hair not in my face, that is not the way to go. Anyone out there have some tips on how to make short layers and side bangs work for a low maintenance chick? Before you recommend anything with a curling iron or blow dryer, that is wayyyyyy too much for me. I don’t even own any of those. I am talking wash and wear tips, that I can handle. I did not get the girly, hair doing instructions for being a woman. Anything other than in a messy bun is me doing it big.

After I got my hair ‘did it was a party kind of weekend. We had two birthday parties to go to. Before you assume we were liven it up and gettin down. It was a 7 year old and a 10 year old’s party respectively. The first was a friend of Nora’s. A skating rink party. It was fun to see Nora interacting with her friends. I love seeing her starting to form strong bonds with her friends. Something that I know will encourage her to become a even better person.


She made it through the party with no major falls. It was a relief to me. On Sunday our niece turned 10, so we had even more cake and birthday food junk, ie. sugar. Oh yeah, we also had kids that were so messed up and turned around because of the time change. Can I just say, I don’t get that. I love that we get a extra hour in the evenings of sunlight. When Dale gets home there is still time to be outside with the kids. The whole going back and forth thing is killing me. I know at one point it was needed for farmers, yadda, yadda, yadda. Now, really? Lets just keep it like this. The birthday party had a bunch of cranky kids and adults who felt like they were all turned around. It is crazy what our body gets used to. Ok, rant over!
We did get a little home decor and crafting done. We are doing something with this ladder. This is the project I am not sure will work out. The one I have been avoiding, still trying it out. We also bought a ton of art supplies for some fun and easy wall art ideas. I did not get to start being creative with paints, yet. We had too many partying going on to get to painting. I am wanting to get my creativity on!


I finished up the weekend working on this. I will leave it here, let you wonder what I am doing. Truth is we did hardly anything DIY, craft, or home decor specific until we got home Sunday night. We were home decor slackers. I did not even touch the laundry room. Which was a needed break, but makes us no closer to getting it done. I am hitting it hard this week. My shoulder is finally starting to heal up, and I can get in the thick of projects again. Hallelujah! I am THE worst back seat project person, I am meant to be a participator not a spectator. Someone give me a hammer STAT!
So to recap, I got some new eye brows and hair cut (any tips are welcome), conquered Mt. Laundry, partied it up, cruised in Dale’s new car, and got in some last minute DIYing. As usual another busy weekend here at Our home. Does anyone NOT have a busy weekend? Do those exist? If they do, tell me your secrets, with all we did, there is a to do list a mile long with things we did not accomplish. Are we the only ones?
What did you do this weekend? But, most importantly tell me how to work with this short layered, side bang hair thing? As no maintenance as possible.



  1. That looks like a fun weekend!!

  2. Haha – your hair maintenance routine is similar to my own, but I know that I am way too lazy for bangs, girl!

    It's funny, but Jeff and I just thought about getting the little one some 'grow with me' roller skates. Seeing yours out there on the rink makes me certain we should!

    And congrats to the family on enjoying his new car!

    • I am not sure how I will do with bangs, we will see….. Watching Nora skate was so fun! We want to go back with the boy's too. I am not sure how they will do, but it will be fun!

  3. Ohhhhhh a ladder, that has to mean something big you are doing! Also is that a Lexus emblem on the steering wheel? Go you guys!

    • It is something big-ish, don't get to excited. It is a Lexus that he got. A used Lexus, so we are not ballin too big :). My kids call it Alexis, it has become the new name for the car.

  4. Is that a target wreath on your table? If so, I have the same one on my door! I love it! 🙂

  5. Looks like a fun & packed weekend! We had a full weekend too with Ellie's bday party. Have fun with your "painting" craft. I'm doing a challenge this month with watercolor. I rather paint with acrylics but watercolor will be a "throw back." 😉

    • How fun, having Ellie's Birthday party is a fun way to spend the weekend! The water color challenge sounds like fun. I have not done a lot of water color pictures, but always admire them so much. Have fun with your painting!

  6. You got a ton accomplished! Laundry is my nemesis and I honestly hate that chore more than any other. My husband ends up doing it most of the time. And I totally feel you on the whole time change thing!! I wish they'd stop switching back and forth too. It screws me up just as much as my kids.

    • I am right there with you on the laundry. I would clean ten bathrooms and wash 5 time the dirty dishes to never have to deal wit the laundry. I don't now what it is but I loathe it so, SO much!

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