Weekend DIY warrior recap

Weekend DIY warrior recap

This weekend recap is a little late. I was actually not going to even do a recap because there was no DIYing going on. No one needs to know the ins and outs of a none project weekend. You all lived it, saw it on social media with a ton of others. But, I decided to go through with it for a few reasons. One, you guys seem to dig these little recaps. I like you, you all seem to like me. It is really a
like-fest, and if we get to know each other enough it could turn into love? Maybe? Are we ready for that kind of reader, blog, friend love?
 I also have a few cool things, tidbits, and one tiny project to share. This weekend we drove 5 hours into Minnesota for Dale’s cousin’s wedding. Road trip and hotel living here we come!

I am also doing this recap to share these nifty car trays I made last year for my kids. They are able to eat on them in the car, draw, color, and even line up cars with these trays. They also have names and hand prints, yay for customizing! We all squeezed into Dale’s new car because it is the shiny new toy and we all want a turn in it. The kids liked all being together. In the gold ‘ole mini van all three cannot sit next to each other.


We got in some fun time in between family wedding and get together’s. We went to the Mall of America. It is just outside of St. Paul and Minneapolis, AKA The Twin cities. There are so many stores, too much actually. We have been there a few times and I am certain we have not seen it all. In the middle of the mall is a amusement park, roller coasters and all. Yes, while you are perusing the stores a group of screaming people whoosh by on a roller coaster. It is amazing.
There is also a huge LEGO store. Which my kids were amped about. Truth be told they were a little overwhelmed with it all. We told them they could get one thing and they walked back and forth for a while, not sure where to start or what to get. It was excitement overload. They finally selected their dream toys. Nora found nothing and settled on a walk to the Disney store which was more her style.


After refueling for lunch we headed to the basement of the mall. This is not some creepy turn in my happy go lucky story. There is a full on, huge aquarium in the basement. Yeah, this one is so entertaining, one of our favorite aquariums to visit. I did not plan Caleb’s shirt to match with sharks but he dug that he was like the big sharks. Note to self, dress them up in themes to fun activities.




There is a lot to do at this place. It packs a big punch. There is a lot of hands on things, so many different attractions. We did not get to touch the sting rays. It is a new exhibit and they want the sting rays to get acclimated. But, in the future that will be an option. Not that my kids cared. they are far from sting ray touching rookies. We have been to 5 different city’s with a Zoo or Aquarium where you can touch the sting rays. My kids are immune to the awesomeness of this experience. It is time to dial back the fun and have them be excited for a chance to touch the slimy sting rays.


She may look bored in this pictures but Nora was eating all of this up because she can read all of the signs now. She was our little tour guide and read anything with words.


Love Gavin’s shirt, just had to share the cuteness of it. It says “Big brother’s wingman”


The big finish for this aquarium is this under water experience. You get to walk through countless glass tunnels with different climates of aquatic life. There is sharks, sea turtles, Nemo’s (no not clown fish, Nemo’s), they swim around, over, across, and behind you. The tanks are massive, and it appears to go on forever. All with natural plants, coral, rocks, and greenery for their fishes climate.  . It is all magical to see and be under.

Love this picture of Dale and Gavin
We spent so much time in this place, looking at everything and taking turns pointing out all of the things we saw. Dale liked putting the kids right up to the glass when a shark was swimming by to freak them out. Because he is a Dad and had to liven up the day a little. The kids got over it, and we had a game of freak each other out with the things lurking behind someone. Good, clean, family fun.


Nora is my only child that will actually pose. She holds still, smiles, and gets it over with.



I was there too. Whenever we go anywhere it looks like Dale is the hands on parent and I am never present. I am, I snap some pictures and then enjoy the time with my kids. Dale never thinks to pick up the slack and take a few of me. I had to shove the camera in his hand and direct him to take some of me. Proof that I am a Mom, am there, and have fun too.


There was too much to see and the boy’s were not into the whole pose for the camera thing. To be fair they did try, but really cool stuff kept swimming by. I could not blame them.
And then my kids got eaten by a whale! Well if we had paid for the green screen, aquarium official picture it would have looked that way. But, we didn’t. Womp, womp. Their expressions are as follows….. “Caleb is a little freaked out. Gavin is in awe and wondering how much he will have to eat to get a mouth this big. And Nora has spotted the gift shop so she is trying to smile nice enough for us to move on to the shopping portion of this.” We did move to the gift shop, where my kids have all stated was the best part of the trip. They got to fill their own bag of shiny rocks for $3. They are carrying them around like pieces of gold have been found. Glad we enriched their lives, spent a lot of money on them, so they could collect rocks. We paid for rocks……
This is the only fancy picture of the bunch. There is no other proof my family cleans up nice.
We got dressed up all fancy for the wedding, and took no pictures! I even did my hair and put on mascara. That is HUGE. Dale looked mighty fine in his dressy clothes, and we danced the night away. On Sunday we got to stop at another relatives and see her new 1 month old baby. She joked that little Lillian June was up for loan, and did we have room for her? I want all the babies, all the time! I tried to find a polite way to tell her I was serious. Seriously, give me the baby! I left without kidnapping, I mean, ummm….. what? Babies and their sweet baby smell, I am a little distracted. I did not realize I was baby crazy until I closed up my easy bake baby oven and then held a tiny little one. It is a nice thought and enjoyable experience when you can cuddle the baby and then hand them back and get a full night of sleep.


After our fun weekend, we got the kids in the car and they proceeded to pass out for three hours. There was snoring and drool happening. I woke up a little embarrassed when everyone in the car was staring at my drool dripping mouth. Kidding, I am a lady who sleeps ‘ala sleeping beauty with my hair fanned out, and my hands clasping flowers on my chest. Like all ladies do. My kids, it sounded like Chewbacca was singing and a dog had his head out of the window with his lips and tongue flapping in the wind. My little angels, sleeping like a baby. They have officially crossed over into loud, no longer cute sleeping. They are messy, loud, and adorably exhausted.

Teddy was happy to have his Nora home.

That is our weekend recap. Not much DIY, unless you count that I did my own makeup. I have probably stained more wood then put on full face makeup. I won’t entertain you with the story of me thinking I could wear heels to the wedding. I attempted them, and looked like what I assume a penguin in heels would walk like. I am sure the stereotypical guy in heel walk is what I had going on. I am a flats, converse, or flip flops kind of chick. I wore flats with my dress, and rocked it thank you very much. My dress was feminine and had flowers on it, I am plenty of fancy without heels. In fact I think more fancy without heels, it would have been a mess with them.

The boys got to work at the art table right when we got home.

We got home, and I was a tornado of activity. I had everything un packed, load of laundry in the washer, and Nora was finishing up some homework within an hour of getting home. I knew Monday was coming and I needed to get it together. It is real DIY time now. I have a ton of projects we are working on, and lots of stuff going on with this blog behind the scenes. Hopefully soon things will be able to be revealed!

What did you do over the weekend? Anyone else obsessed with babies? And most importantly, are heels actually walk able? I did not see it possible, but some manage, some how. What am I doing wrong?



  1. Wow that looks like it was such a fun weekend! Love the picture of the seahorse.

    Girl, I don't know know how people can wear heels all day and still walk gracefully!! I am a huge fan of flats! Pointed-toe flats can dress up any outfit (almost as much as heels), so they are my go-to if I need to be dressed up 🙂

    • So women wearing heels is not the only acceptable way to dress up? I felt like a immature girl or a old lady with the flats. Maybe because I never had a office job I never got the heel thing down. Being a preschool teacher and then Mom made the heel need never happen.

  2. Lolol you can pay to get your kids eaten by a shark! Too funny!!!

    I love those trays! Super practical and cute.
    Looks like everyone had a great time 🙂
    Blog love to you!!

    • Thank you, we had a great time. The tray was a idea I had because the one's we purchased were soft. How can the kids put anything on them? So I improvised and made them functional.

  3. What a fun weekend!! Love the seahorses and lego store!!

  4. What a great weekend! I've been wanting to take my son to an aquarium! Those trays are genius!

  5. I'm so excited to know that other families play the freak each other out game! And. Of course that you sleep a la Sleeping Beauty. Me too! I definitely don't snore like a chain saw. Nope. That's my husband. I love the recaps!

  6. Aw looks like such a fun weekend! I have been wanting to take my two boys to an aquarium! I finally think my oldest would really enjoy it. Beautiful pictures 🙂


  7. What great memories. I loved the sea horse. Very cool!

  8. This mall looks awesome. We would probably be there every weekend if it was close by. Sometimes they have a train toot tooting through our mall and the kids can ride it. But that is about it aside from the stores and restaurants. I love the car trays. Great idea for long car rides!

  9. Those trays are great! I bought some a few years ago and yours look exactly like them! How cool you made them. Thanks for sharing the pics!

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