Weekend DIY warrior recap

Weekend DIY warrior recap

Hello friends, how did your weekend go? It was warm here outside! I am talking high 50’s, low 60’s. For one of the days I was rockin flip flops, and it was glorious! Another weekend has come and gone. It was a busy one, I am just going to call it our usual weekend.


I started it off by torturing my whole family by taking them to a fabric store. We are going to be doing a few big projects with fabric, which means a shopping trip to the fabric store is needed. They are hamming it up for the camera and doing a grouchy face. But, right after this picture things really went down hill, sh*t hit the fabric store fan. There was tears, whining, throwing of things, run away children, complaining of something stinky, crossed arms, and legit pout faces.

We left the store empty handed. Oh yeah, it was rough. I try to limit long trips like that. I needed Dale’s input so we all had to go. Dale and I have decided that next time I can go alone and make all of the decisions. He will deal with the pink and floral chair if it means not putting us and the kids through that again. Obviously pink and floral is my way to go, my favorite pattern and color. I obviously also like sarcasm…..

And then, this happened! We ran off some steam by enjoying the great outdoors. We noticed Nora was riding her bike with the training wheels angled in a way that made them not useful. So we took them off and tried it. After a few tries, she did it! She is a legit, big girl bike rider with no training wheels! This was really exciting for us, and I am so proud of Nora. She worked hard, got through her fears, and did it. As we were running up and down our street, taking turns running along with her. Our neighbors car backed out of the driveway with their oldest child behind the wheel. For the first time. She just got her permit and was giving it a go. It was a sign, and a shot to the heart that my kids will be growing fast, bigger milestones, and it will all go by in a blink. I enjoyed the rest of the day with my kids a lot more after getting that reminder of life speeding by.


She got a few scrapes, but said it was worth it!


Let me be real for a minute, this is why I am improving on our laundry room/mudroom. This is what we are working with daily. This is in the hallway, right by both kid’s bedrooms. This spot is hard to stay clean, and needs to stay clean for ease of walking. It gets bad, there is like three seasons of shoes here. Sadly this was all picked up the day before. My kids can do some serious damage, and my youngest Gavin has a major shoe addiction. I would say 80% of this mess is his shoes. He changes them multiple times a day. Don’t get between this boy and his shoes.


We got further in the laundry room redo saga. I am so excited for this part to be done! There is still some small finishes and details, but it is functioning and that is glorious! I shared how we tiled and hung the upper cabinets, you can see the slow progression. We sped it up a little this weekend. This is a tiny reveal and a big teaser. Eek! I am so excited to see how this is coming together, I can see the light at the end of this laundry room and organization station tunnel. You have been there right? You go through the tunnel, hold your breathe and then scream “Wahoo!” when the organization station is complete. Just me?
Lastly I got some spring crafting going. These are some spray painted pieces. They are going to be used to brighten up my home and add just a little more pizzazz. Yep, just used that word to describe something in my home, I mean everything I do screams pizzazz and fancy, right?
That is about it for this weekend. I mixed a lot of preparation, some work, some loosing our minds and patience in the middle of a fabric store, and ended with Nora riding her bike; big girl style. I got hit with a hard hit of life and a reminder to enjoy it.  It was a big and full weekend. Also, Caleb had a asthma attack that came out of no where. Which turned into it being the first symptoms of a full blown cold. He is now officially sick, boo hoo! Oh, I forgot to mention, Nora had a birthday party to attend on Sunday. Which I thought was on Saturday. I realized it was on Sunday when we showed up for it at the swim place on Saturday, yeah; that happened.
How was your weekend? Do any home decor, DIY or crafting? If you did share on social media and tag me in the post. I want to see what you have been up to!




  1. Funny post! I was recovering from my DIY craft from the week! LOL. Via the Creative Blogger Network! Agatha

  2. The photo of those fabrics with all the gorgeous colors makes me swoon! You are a brave woman for tackling the fabric store with husband and kids. I would never take my husband to the fabric store. Fortunately, he usually lets me make the decisions about décor.

  3. I'm loving the warmer weather, and it's really inspiring us to get stuff done too. Haven't done anything too fantastic other than generally tidying and trying to get rid of all the stuff we don't need. I know my house could use a total redo.

  4. That picture of the family at the fabric store was super cute! I need one of those weekends!

  5. My kids hate shopping at the fabric store!! Apparently I get a little carried away there 🙂

  6. Trips to the store alone? Yay!! There is little that I'd refuse to pay for nice, drama-free trips to the store. The weekend stint may have not been initially pleasant, but the remaining trips free – pure gold. LOL! Have a great week!

  7. I hope this isn't a repeat, but loved this post, you are so funny! Can't wait to see what you do with the fabric and the mud room!

  8. Yay for Nora!! Kids akways feel so pride when they go those training wheels of, I love it. We had high 90s for the weekend. It feels like summer over here in So. Cali.

    • She was so excited to master the two wheel bike! I am originally from So Cal, San Diego county, more the North county of it. I miss that gorgeous weather all through winter. I will be going back there this summer for a visit and I am already counting down the days!

  9. I hope you end up getting the fabrics you need. I just finished my trip to the fabric store as well, but I went alone.

  10. I love the picture of everyone at the fabric store, too cute. I threw a babyshower this weekend so I did a lot of crafting projects for that I think I will be taking a break for a while lol

  11. Sounds like a very productive weekend! Your mudroom looks like my entire house right now (and I only have 1 kid!)

  12. Lolol loved every bit of this post!! Can totally relate to all of it!! The floral chairs will look fabulous! Hahaha :):):)

  13. Ohh I dread taking my little ones out anywhere, same thing happens EVERY TIME!! Huge CONGRATULATIONS to your little one on riding her bike for the first time without training wheels, that amazing!!! hahaha I feel your pain when it comes to the mudroom, disaster here too!!
    Thank you so much for linking up to #MomentInAPhoto hope you grabbed my badge!!!

  14. OHMyGoodness all the fabrics!! My Grandmother used to sew all my clothes and going fabric shopping was always such amazing fun!

  15. Your mudroom looks like my whole house! We have 5 kids and 3 animals in here and it's insane! ;D

  16. It looks like you guys got a lot done! and yay for your daughter! Making your place a home takes a lot of time but is so worth it!

  17. Loved this post! I always enjoy everything you publish and do, the house is almost done for you guys,..then what?

    • Thank you! We still have a lot to do, some bigger projects that require more plans, time and money, the basement to overhaul and maybe getting into the attic. Who knows? But, once we are all done we would like to get a small lake house a hour or two away. Start from scratch with a whole bunch of new stuff!!! I am hooked on all of this, and want to keep going.

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