Our house, in the beginning…..

Our house, in the beginning…..

Our house now a home spring home tour collage

To set off this weekend I am taking it back, wayyyy back. I cringe just looking at these, because truth be told I thought I was hot stuff with home decorating. This was 4 years ago, when we were just starting to think outside of the box, trying some new things, and going for a different look. This was also pre blogging and knowing how to take pictures. I am now enrolled in the school of hard knocks- AKA the home decor blogging world. My eyes have been opened, lighting, not using my cell phone, are things this girl has figured out. Then… not so much….


Nora was maybe 4, Caleb around 2 and Gavin almost one when these were taken. My babies! I see that I had not learned the art of getting the kids involved in something else while I am taking pictures. A helpful tactic I have perfected since then. Nora is sleeping? Maybe? The boys were staring at a not lit fireplace, your guess is as good as mine on what was going on here.

That carpet, and the sort of white walls. I think they were white at one point, but they were a off white-ish color from dirt, grime and who knows what else. I realize it is time for some pillow changes, a lot has changed in our home. But, those pillows are the same ones that I have on there now. Time to get cracking and do something new!

This kitchen, it was the first thing we improved upon. It really got our brains working on the possibilities of what we could do. This is sort of where it all started. It also taught me that I loathe sanding, hate it with a burning passion.


Another thing that I notice is the faux wood trim. It is everywhere and dated the house to the wonderfully 90’s it was built in. Well it was built in 2000, close enough. That is one of the biggest things to change in your home that will take your home from builders grade to custom. Best thing I could have done, and a really cost effective way to update your home.

Look at my little Caleb, with the piano that we got for free. We found out why it was free when we tried to get it tuned and found out it needed a ton of work to get it usable. We wanted our kids to learn to play on it, which meant the correct keys and sounds needed to come out of it, go figure. So we don’t have this piano anymore. The kids did have fun banging on it for a good year though. We made up for it by buying them a drum set, acoustic guitars, and a ukulele. We are all into encouraging creativity, honing in on their musical talent, letting them express themselves. All for the better good of our children. And Mama is hoping they become rock stars and I have a front row seat to the Grammy’s.

These shelves….. I want to get rid of them and do some amazing built ins, I just need that magical time thing. This also makes me realize that I am in need of some overhaul. A lot has changed but some have stayed embarrassingly the same.



This bedroom is sort of different, but very much the same. We are slowly progressing in here, making it a priority. When we are as busy as we are, with three small-ish children we are never in here. So it is not a priority, the rest of the house has been the priority. I am trying to convince Dale that we need to make a really great headboard for our bed. Bigger, bulkier, and prettier. He says this one works. Well so does a mattress on the floor, and we are not rocking that, just sayin.


This hallway is the biggest transformation to me. It looks completely different. Even with the same pictures and corner table. I just decided (while writing this) that I will do a comparison of images in another post to show the big transformation. Really showing how you can make your house a home, one DIY project at a time. I feel like I have heard that before? Hmmm?



My little one’s bedroom. I know I still have a trio of littles, but they were really little then. This was Nora’s original big girl bedroom.




Oh, my Teddy, still my faithful shadow. I just have gotten better with cropping him out of pictures.


I apologize for whatever was going on with the lighting in this picture, I don’t even know what to tell you other then I was a newbie. I am still learning things about photography, and it is nice to see how I have improved. For your sake as well as mine I am sure. On a side note how many tool sets do our boy’s need? There is 5 in the shelf. We were setting them up for our DIY future.



I had kid’s in cribs and toddler beds! I need a moment to cry for my little ones and the fact that time goes too damn fast.

Ok, here is where I know I need to pick up my blogging and interior design sharing game. The boy’s bedroom has never been showed different on this site then like this. It looks different, much different. But, there is a big project with their beds that is ridiculously long going. I am talking years. Time to light a fire under my @$$ and get it moving along. There is so much to show and share with their room that I have improved upon in this room.



Whew, that was both sweet to look through and rough to handle all at the same time. Like I said, I cringe because of how pro I was in home decorating at this point, obviously. If I could say one thing to myself from yesteryear it is “Girl, you know nothing. You have a love for decorating and so much to learn. To start with, use a real camera.” I am still learning, hopefully always finding ways to improve. But, I wanted to share this with the many new followers I have. The ones who were not here from the start. The start being a little over a year ago. Loooong time ago :). This just shows my decorating growing pains.

You can all see where I started, then look at my recent posts and see where I am now. The same foundations are there (cough, same shelf decor, cough) but things have shifted. I started trusting myself, taking more chances, thinking what was best for my family, and just doing it. That is what made the difference and helped me make Our house a home. See what I did there?

I also realized I was going to link back to my current house tour, which is not so current, umm yeah…. I will be getting on that and making it right. Then adding the link here so you can just hop on over and see the difference a few years, more tools, more ideas, lots of inspiration, growing, learning, changing, and getting a real camera will do for you.

Do you have a moment when things shifted and you took decorating your home seriously? How often do you change up your homes look? Do you also have a silent, stalker dog the lurks everywhere you are? Mine is currently under my feet while I work at my desk.



  1. I think your home looks beautiful! And we all have to start somewhere!

    • Thank you! I liked looking back and seeing the progression, and remembering what made me realize I wanted to really do this and revamp my home. It is always fun to reminisce!

  2. Well, it looks just fine to me the way it was! But decorating scares me.

    • Thank you, it did look fine before. I was mainly critiquing my picture taking. That was a little rough. Also as time has changed so has my style, so some of this just does not mesh anymore. Decorating should not scare you, worse case scenario you hate it and try to find a way to fix it. It never is permanent. I love changing things up.

  3. Your home is beautiful! I'm currently trying to figure out how to spruce up for spring as well. lol

  4. Your home looks great! You did a good job at transforming the house into your home! Your children look like they love it as well! It is fun to look at your home afterwards and see all the hard work pay off! Thanks for sharing, love the pics!

  5. I do love how bright it is, so much white with touches of blue everywhere, very inviting. 🙂 And I know what you mean about pictures, I look at some of my older pictures, and even some more recent ones that had to be taken in terrible lighting because of a mommy's crafting schedule with little ones about, and I cringe. 🙂

    • It is always good to be able to look at where you came from and where you are now. See the growth and change. I know what you mean about having to work around a Mommy crafting schedule. I have gotten some LED daylight bulbs for just that purpose in my home. Sometimes the only option is to take pictures at night. Still have lots to learn!

  6. I can't wait to see what changes you have made. I think your home looks beautiful.

  7. I love the cars and airplanes boys' room. That's definitely what I'm going for when I start decorating my sons' room 🙂

  8. I always love seeing transformations! Guess what, I got that same pink and green tent for my girls. Well, this year was the last of it. Btw, I encounter the same issues when it comes to lighting for my photos too (especially in rooms).

    • It was fun seeing how it was a few years ago. Our tent lasted until last year, then it became too warped. It was well loved for a lot of years. I thought it was adorable when I bought it!

  9. Love these photos! Thanks for sharing. What a difference – -you've done a great job!

  10. My large golden retriever is laying across my lap! Hahah
    I love seeing other decor and how hey change grow. I'm constantly doing little tweaks but every few years I find I need a major overhaul to de clutter and make new!
    Look forward to seeing more 🙂

  11. I love seeing before and after pictures. I'll have to take a look at some of your recent posts. We're in the process of remodeling, so… We have our upstairs finished and we're working on an addition. Can't wait until it's done and I can make it my own. Your house definitely looks awesome and you have so much space!

    • Oh wow, you are busy with a remodel! I can only imagine how chaotic it is, I would be so antsy to get it done. I feel like our home can always be bigger, I wonder how it will be when we have three adult sized kids running around.

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