Furniture rearrangement, feels like a new home

Furniture rearrangement, feels like a new home

Hello everyone! Today is the day I reveal the new and improved house. I spoke about our giant, furniture version of Tetris here on Monday. We got to re arranging and things went crazy! The house is more or less done. For now. Is a home ever done? I know mine won’t be, and truth be told. I don’t know what I will do with myself if I ever do get “done” with it. The furniture re arranging portion is done. A few pictures are needed, maybe a chair or two here and there. So walk around, peruse, put your feet up, stick around, and see how we made a new set up work.
Here is how it was….

…..The new and improved living room.

This new living room set up was a long time coming. I had not moved much the living room furniture since we purchased out home. Of course the accessories, knick knacks, and pictures were on a constant rotation. But, the staples of the room had stayed the same. Not for lack of wanting, or even trying. Lack of options. There is not one wall in this room that does not have a window, fireplace, walks ways, or entry in it. Not one!

So on Saturday I got the urge to just try things out. After me walking around in circles, tilting my head from one side to the other (which always helps, of course) I had nothing. I was stuck and it had not even begun. Then my sweet husband Dale said we should just start moving things around and see what happens. What happened was a whole lot of huffing, puffing, work, tilting of heads, and finally, success! Just because it was midnight does not mean anything. It  made me feel a little more rock star that we were up so late. Guys it was literally morning when we went to bed. Liven it up!
I had always been concerned with having the entry way somewhat separate from the living room. I like it defined. With the front door smack dab in the living room there is zero foyer, psh that is too fancy for us. We don’t even get one of those half wall things that some have. I did not want to close off the entry, making it feel like you have to navigate furniture the instant you walk in the door. However this set up works nicely and I have not noticed any problems with feeling cramped when walking in.


Am I the only one that gets really into the small details? Yes? No? Bueller?


Oh look, zoom out of the fireplace mantel shot and I have a Gavin setting his car up to do it’s own zooming. He makes a few appearances in this journey of ours.

I will admit that our TV on top of the book shelf makes me cringe. It is not the best look, but very functional. We are not big TV watchers, but we are not ready to go TV less in our living room. The plan is to make some built ins on either side of the fireplace and hide the TV in there. Once we figure out how to add more hours in the day, we are so ready to do those built ins.



I was really impressed with my skills this time around. I picked up everything in the living area, put it away and had legit shots of my home, picture to be proud of. Then, as I am writing this I see that there is a bright green slinky on the ground by the blue table. So close, almost had it. It is sad what just blends in with three kids in the house. How did I not see this?


Another great way this living room works this way, is we get additional seating in the living room. This bench was in our former study. The office/study has been dismantled, portions of it are grouped together in other rooms. Having two separate seating spots is wonderful. I mean, the kids still all pile onto me the second I sit on the couch. But it is nice to know there is a perfectly good and empty couch too. Just in case.
Pause in the tour for Teddy cuteness! I can only assume at this point he thinks that this blog is about him. Anytime I get the camera out and walk around he poses and waits. Not so subtly, he is working it for the camera.
This room is the huge change! We went from a desk, art table, bench, and a bright rug to a dining table and a buffet table. I still need to stain the seat portion of these chairs, and am working on something to go in one corner. This room feels wonderfully sparse. I am liking the less is more portion of the house. The wall X detailing is something I worked on and shared at Homedit. We now officially ave a dining room, it feels very fancy for us. Now we can “entertain”. We are a House Hunters dream, since on that show all they talk about is formal dining room and entertaining.
This farmhouse table is my newest pride and joy, I get the warm and fuzzies looking at this. So happy we went with this angled top to it. Worth all of the work!
This buffet table is actually a dresser that we purchased for $40 from a local buy and sell page. I saw it, wanted it, and ran and got it at 8pm. Before anyone else could swipe it from me. You have to move fast with those pages, people are crazy on there! Not me, never me….


Ok, in all truthfulness this boy gives me the warm and fuzzies. He thought I needed some Gavin time. Similar to Hammer time, just better clothes, but still lots of dancing.
We are turning into a open concept house with the dining room and living room in one big area. It is amazing how much moving the sofa made the room feel massive. Also removing the clutter that was in the current dining room. I feel like we gained a few hundred square feet.


Just to prove how simple decorating can be. The glass with sticks in it was a huge jar of candies someone gave us for Christmas, cleaned out and used to beautify our home. The candy is in a bag which I am happy to say still has a ton in it. Yay for no emotional or over eating!



Onto the new and improved study. This is the former dining room. It is off of the kitchen. A huge space that is separated by a tall counter top and now feels like a whole new room. This is officially the kids domain, a older version of a play room.
That ambulance was not there before I started taking pictures, thank you Gavin….



This room is so fun, bright, and vibrant. I am in love with it. We get lost in books, art, creativity, and now have a really great place for homework. It is somewhat removed from the rest of the house and I can control who comes in and out when Nora is working. When I say who I mean Caleb and Gavin, who feel the need to pester, have sword fights, whine, and scream during her homework time.


This old spool was one of our first big time up cycles, and I love the quirkiness and spunk it adds to the home. Same with my colorful chevron rug I got from the clearance bin at Wal-Mart, not usually my go to store for home decor. I hit the jack pot with this rug.


These cane chairs were a Craigslist find, and my first time delving into chair re upholstery. I am currently in the middle of a big time chair redo. These were child’s play compared to what I am working on now.



This ceiling light we just put in. I found it at Goodwill for $8, new in a box, with tags and wrapping still on it. The box was beat up and closed, I guess no one decided to investigate. Rookie second hand store mistake. As I carried this beauty out I got a few dirty looks from people who decided they should have found it.  You snooze you lose, don’t snoop around and you miss out.


Can you tell we are a creative household?


That is it. I will share a fully updated house tour soon. But, aside from a few things not much has changed that I have not shared today. This space feels so different. Flows so much better. The couch gives a even better entryway now. I love the little bench behind the couch. It was at the end of our hallway, but we don’t need it there now. People can sit and put on shoes, talk, set their purse in. There is so much working for this lay out now. I am in awe that this is our home. Not because it looks nice, it just still feels weird to have this be our home. Very different from what has been the norm for us for years. I am liking the difference and improvements though. I think our giant game of tetris worked!


So, be brutally honest, we all know I am. Does this work? Do you think I messed up in chopping up the living room? Give it to me straight! Dale is still “eh” about it. He does not hate it, but is not really loving it either. I like to change things up and start fresh, he is a creature of habit. This will take some getting used to. Our kids, they walked out bleary eyed and grouchy when morning came. Never even batted an eye that the TV was in a different spot. Not until they were called to the table for breakfast did they realize something was up. And here I have always done this home decorating thing for them. Making this house a home was to better their childhood, create a workable home for our family. One they can be proud of, adore, help take care of. Nope, they don’t even notice the couch is in a different spot.
When was the last time you made a major furniture switcheroo? Did it stick, or did you need to change things back to how they were?




  1. Wow! I love the new arrangement!

  2. I am truly in love with that little ceramic owl

  3. I like it! I think a change is always necessary ever so often. I am always rearranging things and getting new window treatments, etc. Love the light & airy feel of all the rooms. Great job!

    • Thank you! I was so happy I was able to make it work with a new look and feel. I think it may stay this way for a while because this and the other way are pretty much my only options as far as the living room is concerned.

  4. I love, love, love this so much! 🙂 You did a great job. We have similar tastes! 🙂 It's so amazing what you've done!

  5. Isn't it amazing how just changing up the arrangement can make it feel like a totally new place?! Your home is GORGEOUS! Love your color scheme–everything looks so bright and airy–it's just lovely! I'm excited to check out the rest of your home!!!

  6. what a super tour Emily, love that spool table and the kiddo craft corner…and DAAA POOOCHHH is adorbs!!!!! HUGS Chrisitne form Little Brags

  7. Beautiful beautiful!!!
    You are right you have to snatch up those items asap when you find a gem like that beauty of a dresser!!
    How do you keep your littles from touching all your pretty things??
    We are currently trying to transition from no kids so stuff everywhere to now I very active 8 month old!
    I'm afraid the house will never look the same! Lol

    • Thank you! I never had a problem with my kids touching things. I do now I never attempted to put glass vases on the coffee table until I had slightly older kids. The things sitting out have always been there and they hold no interest to my kids 7, 5, and 3. My youngest was the only we actually had to kid proof the cabinets for in the kitchen. My other two never cared at all. Good luck with your soon to be moving little one!

  8. Fabulous home tour! I love how bright and airy your rooms look. How great is it to get instant transformations by moving pieces around and some great new accents.

  9. I honestly love the before and after pictures! I think rearranging furniture is so much fun, it's a great way to makeover the place without spending money. And that spool bookshelf is amazing! I want one!

    • Thank you, it was fun to finally figure out a way to rearrange the furniture. I found the spool through craigslist. Well I was purchasing two chairs and this was discarded, ready for the trash. I rescued it!

  10. Thats It, IM Moving In!!! Beautiful Home What a fantastic Feeling !!!

  11. Ughh its heart wrenching how beautiful it is!

  12. Wow, can I come live with you! It's so beautifully decorated!

  13. I think everything looks great! I love all the little details! Beautiful!

  14. Beautiful hone….love the teal accents. Love that yoy payed attention to small details. Now wikl you come decorate my home. 🙂

  15. You did an awesome job!! I need someone like you to come help with my home now haha

    • Thank you! I would love to decorate for others, but most of what I have done can be done with anyone's home. Most is not even with big time power tools and hours of work.

  16. Love this! I love the look of a white couch, but can't imagine keeping it clean (plus, we have a black cat). Also, love the kid's room – the rug and the spool bookshelf are the best.

    • The couch is from Ikea, and every single white thing seen is removable and washable. A good washing and it is good as new even with three kids, one dog, two DIYer's with constant paint or whatever on them. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  17. I just love the colors and feel in your home! Every time I see pictures it makes me feel happy. 🙂 It seems like the rearranging really opened things up in the front room, good job! And I love that big spool, I have been wanting one of those to turn into a bookshelf for years, so I'm a little jealous. 🙂

    • Thank you! The big spool I found while picking something else up on craigslist, it was a happy accident. I am not sure how you go about finding one, good luck in your search!

  18. What a lovely….. lot of space you have, or should I say lots and lots of space.

  19. Lovely! I love all the little details you have through out the rooms.
    xo, Christina

  20. Ooooh, I love your living room! What a lovely color scheme! I like the way the sofa now faces the fireplace. So cozy!

    • Thank you! I was never sure I could face the couch that way because I don't want to mount the TV above the fireplace, but putting it to the side does not make it difficult to watch it. We will be making it a little better by making a custom built in for it soon.

  21. wow! love it! i'm especially in love w/ the "homework area." thanks for sharing! it's so gorgeous!

    • Thank you, that homework and art station gets used ALL THE TIME in my house. I like having a spot where the things can stay out at all times for when inspiration strikes.

  22. Love the new look! This layout looks like it works much better and I like that you have sectioned off a "foyer"!

  23. Everything looks so great! I am in love with the color scheme with all the blues, greys, whites, etc!

    I really like what you did with the picture frames on the walls, too! Remodel/redesign my home! 😛

  24. Love the new look. Lots and lots of space acquired!! Good job.

  25. Hi! You have a lovely home! It looks so clean and bright! I love the owl and the bird elements and the pops of blue!

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