Contributing articles, a coat rack and how to baby proof your home

Contributing articles, a coat rack and how to baby proof your home


Hey guys! It is Friday, I am amped up! We have two birthday parties to attend. Before you assume Dale and I are living it up in da club, it is kids birthday parties. But, if it gets crazy there could maybe be a pinata, Woot! Anyways, I am here today sharing a article I wrote for Adventures of the Mommy homemaker. I wrote about finding the balance in child proofing your home. Don’t go all cray, cray and add gates everywhere. Let it go, keep on, and relax. Cover the wall sockets, remove any tiny chokable pieces, but chill on the pretty stuff.  Head on over and read my thoughts on making a home work for ALL involved. It is my domain, my home. The kids just live here too :)Coat rack, shared at Homedit

Another day, another contributing project. I am at Homedit today sharing this great DIY wood coat rack.  This was a fun project, that is going to help organize the front entry to my home. Who needs more organization ideas? You, there in the back. You too! Don’t deny it, we all need any help we can get it that department. This coat rack helps with the clutter of coats. Also it is cheaper and custom. DIY warrior win! I love that. Head on over and see the tutorial with a lot of pictures.



  1. I like this idea, and that picture of your feet relaxing. I swoon at it, that is a place I can get comfy in. I realized a few months ago I went baby proofing overboard. I am taking it back a little. I don't need the couch roped off with barbed wire!

  2. I totally agree. We covered the sockets and added a gate to our basement stairs because they're steep. Other than that…nothing! You look nice and relaxed, Mama. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. That coat rack is amazing. I have no clue how you find time to contribute to so many other outlets? I have wanted to start a blog for a while but question if I have the time to commit to even that. You contribute at so many places I lost count! Go you! Also, get some rest, I think that is where you must be getting the extra time. Sleep is needed too. The only place I can see you finding the extra, you seem like a hands on Mama so you are not ignoring them. Have a wonderful day girly!

    • Thank you Stacy, I feel like there is still never enough hours in the day. And I never get everything I wanted accomplished. Writing without DIY and projects is a lot easier and fun for me. Less work but I still get to be creative. You have a great day too!

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