53 lessons learned from home renovation TV, Buzzfeed article

53 lessons learned from home renovation TV, Buzzfeed article

This is the reality of home renovation, and this was just when we were doing the laundry room.

Happy Friday everyone! With the time change I feel like this week kicked my booty. It was only an hour, but this week was the slowest week ever. I thought it was Thursday all week long. With it being a rough week, it is a somewhat slow week here for things to share. So I am leaving you here, getting you ready for the weekend by making you giggle. At least I did when I read this article. It is originally from Buzzfeed written by Adam Davis. It is a gem of truths when watching home renovation shows. I have had the same thoughts, sarcastic comments, and truths when watching them. Have fun, have a wonderful weekend!

How have we managed with laminate counters?!!!!

Dale and I throw down here on the daily, I am surprised you cannot see the blood spatter. I mean, one sink!!!!!


Truth is, I do kind of fall more and more in love with our hardwood floors. The carpet was not bad… this is just better


Dale and I have crazy chemistry, obviously! Watch it sizzle….


Look at the shenanigans that happen because of a non open concept house! I mean, craziness, insanity, this boy is up top no good when left un attended!


Does a fort count as a guest bedroom?


Banging into a wall is pretty freakin cool, just sayin.


The shows are crazy, but I love them!


Do you watch home renovation TV shows? What is your favorite? Also, what is going on for you all this weekend?




  1. This cracked me up – and those pictures: what a happy home! I don't watch any of those shows, only because my husband is more of the over-all design guy. I'm the filler go-to-gal: knick-knacks, pillows, accents, etc.

    I'm actually sending this over to my husband – we share a bathroom and the only time he ever wants to primp in front of the mirror is when I am dancing around with the fullest bladder known to man! 🙂

  2. oh my this is so funny. Was cracking up about the men and the women things. Of course, it all boils down to science!!

  3. How fun is it that your kids got to help take down the wall!! My son would love that way too much!!

  4. Haha so funny! Having a sense of humor is the most important thing and it looks like you've got that down :).

  5. OH SO FUNNY! This is great, true and hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  6. So true! I definitely agree about men only being able to mow the lawn. It's science after all. 🙂

  7. I've never personally done a home renovation project but have had front row seats (per se) with my friends and family. This list cracked me up. Those same friends and family love home improvement shows and they (the shows) completely stress me out, haha…Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Too funny!! And #9 is true, separate bathrooms keep the peace 😉

  9. Lololol this list made me crack up!

  10. This looks like so much fun!

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