Weekend DIY warrior

Weekend DIY warrior

The New Year has happened, so new traditions here at Our house now a home. The newest addition for your viewing pleasure is Weekend DIY warrior. I am going to share some quick pictures of what we are working on. Maybe giving a sneak peek, or a clue to a possible project reveal. The low down of our busy bee weekend.

“Hang tough”


The weekend kicked off with Gavin jumping on the bed and cuddling with me. Nice way to start the day. He then wanted to take silly pictures, because my kids assume cameras are just as natural as eating. We decided we needed to hang tough with the plans for the day. Getting our game face on. And then kissing the camera, of course.


Once Gavin and I stopped mugging for the camera we got on with our day, we found ourselves at a home improvement store, Menards. Getting some wood, trim, and loosing our minds while there. Although Nora did enjoy her ride on the supply cart. She pretty much rode around in it acting like she was just crowned Miss Home improvement. Posing and waving to the subjects.


The boy’s were still on the losing our mind part of the trip. They were all for having this car, which allowed us to have a longer trip, but it only lasted for so long. Crazy, trouble, and fights set in.


Also any home improvement store to Dale is like me in Target. I am all for getting what we need, love to dream and plan. But, it can get old walking around with a normal shopping cart, huge supply cart, and three kids who left their patience in aisle 5. He just needs “one more thing” says Dale while looking at power tools and riding lawn mowers. He is me when I see clearance in Target. No I don’t need another plush sweater, but I don’t have one in THAT color yet. I get it, I support Dale perusing, the kids, well… they were done. Me too, a little….


Caleb did perk up enough to let Nora take a picture. Dale was missing in the wood section, He is going to be charged with desertion, leaving a man or 4 behind. Breaking out my camera and letting the kids take pictures worked long enough. Right until I could catch Dale’s eye and give him “the look” any one in a committed relationship for a while knows this look. Every spouse can give it, and understands it. The get out, end it now look. I threw up the red flag.


With some re arranging of car seats we got our loot in the good old mini van. Caleb was mad because Nora saw a friend from school in the store. As if we planned it, it was so unfair that she saw Riley and he saw no one. How could we guys?!



Dale got me back for “the look” by pushing these long corner trim pieces (clue to what we are working on) into the front of the seat, on my side. This does not seem safe. I get it, point taken, peruse away or “Off with your head!” Next he will be insisting I paint the roses red. Yes that is a Alice in Wonderland reference in a weekend DIY warrior round up. Like I said, we lost our mind in the store. We proceeded to get it all home. Finished up a project for Homedit, then got in the car again. Shopped at Goodwill. Our kids groaned the second we drove up. We take a while when in there. Found some great treasures, fun crafts, things to update, and other goodies. Then went out to dinner, where our kids discussed classy things like ordering boogers, opening up a restaurant named Unicorn Monday foody, also that palm trees are hilarious.
It is moving along. On the agenda Sunday is homework for Nora. Some picture taking for the finished project. Taking pictures of my new spring home decor, which I think I will be sharing next week. Some more stuff will be done in the laundry room. I will also be giving another tutorial from the laundry room.
Oh, Dale and I ended Saturday night cuddling and watching Renovation Realities on the DIY network. Anyone watch it? Yes, we DIY all day and watch it at night. Can we say obsessed? What are you guys working on this weekend? I would love to see it. Post a picture on twitter and tag @Ourhousenowhome in it. Or share it on my facebook timeline. Show me what your Weekend DIY warrior looks like!
“First things first, I’m a realest…” Dale and I were not cuddling on the couch. If by cuddling it means me writing, and him playing a game on his phone while we halfway watch TV. Then yes, we were cuddling on the couch.


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  1. Whew- cuz cuddling on the couch means exactly what you clarified! Cute post and pics! I painted my kitchen while watching 1/2 of Parenthood final season. We are in middle of SNOW and {first} husband is skiing with college friends in Park City! I've got boys, sleepovers, sleeping bags 1 crazy puppy! Good times! Fun post emily! laura

    • Haha Laura, that is exactly what it means. Glad we are on the same page. You have had a busy weekend too! I am not prepared for the sleep over, late nights, and dealing with other peoples kids. Not yet!

  2. I like this idea, you always surprise me with what you get done with all of those kiddies of yours. You must have more hours in the day. Love the look comment, it is true. Any married couples know the look well. Loved this recap!

  3. Three kids and you still DIY. You are an inspiration. I have a hard enough time traveling to Target with one, hahaha! #MommyMeetupMondays

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