Valentine’s day table decor options

Valentine’s day table decor options

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. I know, where does the time go? This weekend we are going to be prepping my kids for their Valentine’s day school parties. They do it big for this holiday. That is what the holiday has turned into in Our home, all about the kids. With Nora in first grade while Caleb and Gavin are in preschool I have 23 cards, and two sets of 16 cards to organize, encourage my kids to be involved in and get done. We also have to help the boy’s decorate a box for their Valentine’s day treats to go in. Oh, and attend two Valentine’s day parties where supplies and snacks are provided by parents (that means me, my kids don’t cook yet). I do have a wonderful gift for Dale that I am really excited about. It is one from the heart, something to do with engraving, that is all I will say for now. We never do much for gifts for each other. Just time and love.

 I decided to try something new on this here little corner of the internet, and am using Valentine’s day as a jumping off point. I am going to use the same few objects, arrange them, re arrange them and show the possibilities. I am always surprised by how people come up with accessories for tables and thought explaining and showing different options would be fun. I also get asked a lot how I thought to use or arrange certain things. I will try and keep my words to a minimum and let the pictures speak for themselves. I had some fun with accessories.
Option 1-


These very cute and simple love arrows I shared over at Fancy Shanty. I also shared the fun tutorial on all things glitter. I glitter-fied these mason jars.


Option 2-
This cute little sign I got from Target, I loved it because of the sweet phrase. It felt like it incorporated this blog also with the house a home phrase. This usually sits on my desk. But, it works wonderfully for Valentine’s day.

Option 3-
This one bring in a little rustic feel with the wood paper tray. It now moonlights as a table center piece. I am sure at some point the tray will go back to it’s day job as a paper tray. For now this is fun.
Option 4-
Changing things up a little more. With the whimsical arrows gone it really makes this feel more rustic and country.
Option 5-
This one at first appears the same as option 1, however the placement of the arrows and mason jars is different. They are now sitting on the chalk board. BTW the chalk board is a quick project I did of cutting a piece of masonite (thin board) and painting chalk board paint on it. I have used this all over my house.
Option 6-
This one feels the most traditional with both mason jars on either side with a singular focal point in the center. Those arrows look like they were made to sit in the paper tray. I did not even plan for them to fit in there, it just worked out. Another random DIY warrior win!
That is it, with the same few object moved around, some taken away, some added, the whole feel of a table centerpiece changes. Kind of fun to see the options. I like this idea and think I will incorporate it into the blog more. Maybe doing different styles, one rustic, traditional, minimal, or coastal. It could be fun to decorate and redecorate. Did my heart rate just pick up with the possibilities and ideas? Yes, yes it did.
Just wanted to share this fun idea I did last year for the kids. So cute, they loved it
What option was your favorite? Any great ideas for a family to celebrate Valentine’s day? Asking for a friend……
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  1. I miss doing all this stuff! You sure sound busy with all the valentines and parties!! Love the minion one!

    • I am trying to enjoy it all, but as of right now I just have a long to do list. The minion twinkie was a big hit. I may do it again this year, to be honest this was the first and only time my kids had a twinkie. Maybe I will make it tradition.

  2. Oh wow that first picture is beautiful!!!!!! I think I like option 5 because it is so fun.

    • Thank you Jamie, I thought the first picture was great too. Sometimes the lighting and placement all works in a picture and I have no clue how it happens. Option 5 does feel fun and whimsical, great choice!

  3. Option 3 is my favorite. I love the combination of the flowers in your pretty sparkling jars with the rustic tray. The arrows add more fun to it. Option 6 does the same of course. I think the placement of the vases inside or outside of the tray would be best determined by how large the table is. All of your arrangements look great though. Can't go wrong with any of them!

    • Thank you for telling me which you like Beverly. Option 3 is a good mix of rustic and fun. That is a really good point about the size of the table having a impact on the table decor. I will have to keep that in mind and point it out with my next table decor options.

  4. They are all great arrangements. I think I like option 6, I guess I am traditional. This seems like a good ideas to do. Maybe even show a bad arrangement and explain why it won't work. I need all the help and assistance I can get in decorating. Little arrangements like this are even a struggle for me. Explain your magic and give us normal ones a little <3

    • Thank you Clara for your vote. That is a great idea to explain how things work or don't work in a table center piece. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing it right, there are not too many wrong ways of doing things, with this as an example, everyone likes different things. Thank you for saying I have magic, I appreciate you kind words!

  5. Ooh, I love that chalkboard! but, really every option is cute, so I can't pick! I'm so excited for when my baby is old enough to do fun valentines crafts.

  6. Beautiful options – I love that decor!! Perfect to celebrate the holiday!

  7. They're all great! Especially #5 🙂

  8. so fun! I love the glitter filled jars with roses. Such a pretty centerpiece. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle! Can't wait to see what you have next week!

  9. Love the tray, but I'm cracking up over the Minion — too cute! 🙂

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