Spring home decor

Spring home decor

Yes, that fluffy furball in the bottom of the picture is Teddy. I was going to crop it out, but figured… this is my home and he is always hanging around.
How is everyone doing today? I am working on slow motion today, hence the late in the day post. It is ok, this can entertain you through the weekend. I am showing off my spring home decor, out with the old. Out with the snowflakes, trees, pine cones, snow, let it go, let it go! I am bringing in the spring into my home. Hopefully mother nature will follow suit and bring in some cold temperatures. Can I have a 40 degree day, please?


I love this console table I made. It is versatile and holds so much. I am always changing this around to fit the season.
This bench in the study is a cozy spot to read, nap or work. Which ever floats your boat. This mainly is Teddy’s spot. He rests, snores here while I work away on my desk.
Oh spring, this pillow shouts spring to me. I got this pillow from Etsy, years ago and it still makes my heart flutter when looking at it. Yes, I am that into home decor. This pillow is flutter worthy.



Updating these shelves with new pieces for the season is always fun. I painted the branch white to help it pop on the black shelf. I created that colorful box thing, using left over wood and painting it. I think it packs a colorful punch for this space.



My moss squares, perfect for a spring themed mantel. Dale and I got that wonderful Burmeister sign for our wedding from some wonderful family. I love it and try to showcase it.

This is one of those instances where the easiest things can be fun and add just what you need. I used some branches from outside and places these paper flowers in the branches. It works out wonderfull, adding a little fun.

This is the wreath I had hanging above the mantel for my winter home decor. I thought this was a different way of using it for my coffee table. We also made this coffee table, from a dining room table we were not going to use. I know I have a lot of new readers who might have missed all of these tutorials. Trying to help them find some new reading, and you know… shameless plug and all.

This fireplace mantel works, even though it should not. I am breaking a lot of home decorating rules. Not even, symmetrical. I made it work by using similar colored vases on either side, with the same flowers. Both sides have a black, rectangle shaped piece with word. Both have paper flowers and a pop of blue and green. I worked with system, re works it, and got away with it. If you want to do something similar, just play around with pieces. I should have taken a picture of all of the other arrangements I had before settling on this one.
There was a lot of walking back and forth, backing up, tilting my head. Because tilting you head to one side always makes you see things better. Stroking my non existent beard, the usual home decorating thinking process.
While I was taking these pictures I had one 3 year old named Gavin watching TV. The only time he paid me notice was when I was in his way. He was home alone while the others are at school. He is my shadow, and I am his substitute playmate. I had to take some pictures while I had good light coming in. Turn on the TV and let him zone out. I love this boy so much. Ok, this makes my heart flutter.


My dining room, and a appearance of Teddy’s tail. Seriously he is my stalker. I have tried a restraining order, he just laughs at it and tries to lick my face. I have never got a shot this wide in my dining room. It is more then enough room, but a counter is in the way of letting me get “the shot” I need to show it all off. This farmhouse dining room table is one of my favorite recent projects. I love this so much.


I got creative and stood outside. In the snow, with just socks on, in the winter. All for the sake of a good shot. I bleed, get frost bite for this blog and getting the best picture. I am hard core guys. And Dale wanted to commemorate my efforts.



Another appearance of me, well a half appearance. Those cute little paper birds will be featured at Fancy Shanty soon. They were really simple and fun to make. This mirror was a fun project I did for Homedit.  Lots of little things I created and made here. I think this buffet table works nicely here. It all works for a spring theme so well.





I like to keep things simple on my dining room table. With kids, food, messes, spills, homework, playdoh, whatever it is kids do at the table. It can be chaotic here. Using some mason jars, some candles, and fake apples. It gives just enough sparkle and shine to this. I also can decorate a little more rustic and light colors now that I have a darker farm house table. It all pops and blends it just the right places.

That is it. Well, not exactly. I have a few more projects that are spring specific to share. Some that made a appearance in this tour. Others that are not done yet. I will add them and share when the time is right. Maybe sharing a few differing shots of spring home tour if need be. I like to keep things somewhat simple, layered, pops of color, and bring in a slight rustic and nature blend into it. Makes sense right?  If anyone has any questions on specific items, furniture, or other pieces I did not cover hit me up and ask away. I am happy to give any sources I can. Although Gavin is not available at any stores. He is one of a kind!

Have you started to decorate for Spring yet? What are your plans this weekend? As you can guess we are going to be knocking out more of the laundry room. It is laundry room groundhog day here right now at Our home.
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  1. oh myyyy I love what you did, I haven't even started to think SPRING yet…great inspiration !!!! xoxoxo

    • Thank you Christine! I jumped the gun a little with this. I just got antsy to rid myself of anything having to do with winter. Notice the snow outside of my home and see the outside does not agree with me.

  2. You have made a big jump into spring, very nice.

  3. This is so beautiful! Thanks for linking up at the Home Matters Linky Party. #homematterparty

  4. You are one talented lady, your home is beautiful. To know that you created a lot of the things in your home is very inspiring.

  5. Your home is beautiful! Makes me wanna get off my butt and get crackin! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  6. I am in love with all of your décor! That fireplace is dreamy!!! And I adore that white table. And Gavin is just precious!!! And the wood floors in your home? AWESOME! I would like to replaces ours with something just like that. Everything is so pretty and makes me even more excited for Spring!

  7. Great decorating style! I love how everything looks handmade! The fireplace looks amazing and I love the accent pieces and the wood slice it awesome! It looks very home-y!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Oh I love all your decor. I really need to get better at bringing the seasons more into my house.

  9. Beutiful decor and lovely photos! I want to start changing up my decor for the seasons as well..it brings such a great feeling to a home.

  10. So great. I love it. I have been wanting to make some of those paper flowers. It's on my list. You really have a knack for decorating. Bravo!

  11. I just need you to come redecorate my world! Everything is stunning and Gavin is adorable.

  12. So cute! I am so bad at changing my decor for the different seasons. I do Christmas and that is about it! haha!!

  13. So many beautiful details. I especially love that tree branch with the paper flowers. Might have to replicate that 😉

  14. Lol love the humour! My pets follow me everywhere!!! Can't get away for a second! The spring decor looks great. There's somthing so nice about spring cleaning and giving the house a refresh! I love it 🙂

  15. Decorating home is the best way to make someones home hell to heaven. In this case you should use homemade home decor for transforming your home to whatever you want.

  16. That pillow does have a spring feel to it. Maybe we should get pillows and little decorations that go with the seasons. Our place looks pretty much the same year round. It would be nice to spice things up once and a while with a spring themed wreath or something.

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