Opinions needed on dining room chairs

Opinions needed on dining room chairs

So this is a first for me, I am needing some opinions on what to do with these new dining room chairs.  We made a new farm house dining room table. I would love to share it with you, and will. But, it is going to be over at Homedit, it has not gone live yet. This table has a gray stain. I have these chairs that have been in my basement. I realize how many times I say the phrase “been in my basement” it makes me sound like a hoarder or that I have a store of furniture down there. It is not “that” bad downstairs. We purchased a dining room table that ended up being too small for the space years ago. We cut down the legs and made it into our coffee table. The chairs have been kept in the basement for parties and things. Now, with our new dining room table these ones go better then the former ones.

Here is how our kitchen and china hutch looks. Lots of light greens, blue and grays. I adore the clam, light and bright space.
My problem and need for opinion comes with the new chairs. I don’t know what to do about the seat. I want to keep the chair back and legs the off white color. But the seat need to be updated.
I dont know if I want to paint the seat the light sage green of the dining room bench, or stain the seat the gray color of the table. I am calling on you (imagine the Uncle Sam sign for army recruits). I need some opinions and thoughts from people who are into home decorating. Which is why I assume all of you are here. I am split 50/50 on this and come off a little spastic with my back and forth.

I think either way could work. But, I need to do something. That weird, light wood thing is not working for me and matches nothing. I feel like my dining room is a cute outfit with horrible shoes right now. It works but is not done yet. These chair seats are not done yet. I also should mention I dont want to put any kind of fabric on the seats. The last dining room set had cushioned seats, and lets just say it looks gross. The fabric did not hold up well to my crew of littles.

So give me your opinion in the comments. Let me know if I should stain the seat gray like the table, or paint it green like the bench. I will be sharing this amazing farmhouse table once I get the news it is live at Homedit (because exclusivity and all). I could create one of those nifty voting things you can do on web sites but my IT guy is at his day job and I am not savvy enough to figure it out. Do it the old fashioned way,  comment below and I will tally up votes on pen and paper. I know I am old school like that, retro!
How do you handle not being able to make a decision with decorating? Consult another person, coin toss, close eyes, spin, stop and then point until you land on one choice? Maybe I can do some of those too for fun. Speak your mind and help me out.




  1. 1 vote for grey stain like the table
    Indecision is a part of creativity, isn't it?! But it's unbearable I know!! 😉

  2. I hate to say it because I know it means more work for me but gray like the table.

    It is more work because I have to PLAY with a paint stripping chemical. If we just pain them I only have to sand a bit on them to make the paint stick.

    • Hey, you are not going to be the only one playing around with stripping it. I can do that with my right hand, leaving my hurt shoulder nice and safe. You don't get to have all the fun. Another vote for gray stain.

  3. I like the idea of the green, then it will bring together the bench and the chairs. I can't wait to see what that table looks like. The little peek of it is not enough, I want to see the whole thing!!!!!!

    • That is a good point with the green of the bench meshing with the chair seats. The table turned out great. I am so excited to share it and will show it off right away. Thanks for your vote.

  4. I think either way would look nice but I'm slightly more swayed towards the seats being green, not much of a help I know, lol.

  5. I vote for green because I think it would be a lot of gray. The green would tie in the benches, hutch, and window valance. Can't wait to see the full table!

    • The green all tying together is one of the reasons I have considered the green. This is too hard! I am thinking towards the end of the week I will be sharing the table. Thanks for voting Sarah!

  6. Love your kitchen! I'm voting for gray but I don't think you can go wrong with either. Can't wait to see it all finished!

    • Thank you so much Amy, my kitchen is one of the first projects we did. I still love it! The gray will go. You guys are showing me just how hard this is. Both can work really well. Thank you for your vote.

  7. If you are still taking votes I vote for them to be green. I like that color green so much.

    • I am taking votes until we get around to fixing these chairs. We are in laundry room mode right now so no worries in getting in your vote. The sage green color is great, not too green but just green enough. Thanks for your vote!

    • I am taking votes until we get around to fixing these chairs. We are in laundry room mode right now so no worries in getting in your vote. The sage green color is great, not too green but just green enough. Thanks for your vote!

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