Moss squares

Moss squares

Today I am being a decorating rebel. Yep, here at Our house now a home we tear down walls, break the mold, do things OUR way. We don’t make moss balls, we make moss squares. Boom! Watch out now, pretty soon I will be cutting off the mattress tag. Oh yeah, I went there. I also did the squares because moss balls are a little more complicated, with them being round and all.
This craft is part of the Spring craft blog hop I am co hosting. It will be running today until March 17. Head on over to see this and other Spring specific projects and ideas. If any of you are here because of the blog hop, hello. I hop you enjoy the ride, find some inspiration and maybe stick around. I have a lot of crafts, humor, fun, life, and some serious DIYing going on most of the time. Now that we have that out of the way….


To begin with I am using two different shapes. One a square shape, and one a more rectangle shape. Let’s start with the rectangle. This is a standard gift box. Not the big clothes one, more the ones used to put necklaces or socks in.

I got this moss from Michaels craft store. I used to make a letter B a while ago and have had some left over. I have been keeping it for later use, planning to make some moss balls (saying that makes me giggle like a middle school girl), but the moss balls (hehe) have turned into moss squares. Still using the same moss.


I set the rectangle box on the moss and traced each side on the back of the moss paper.

Cut them and make sure they all fit on the sides, and together. Making sure there was no gaps, too much overage or my cutting was not straight enough.

I then glue it together. Using a hot glue gun and slathering it on. Gluing one side at a time. I don’t have any pictures of this because I was a hot glue gun mess this time around. Not because it is difficult to use, I just was not very coordinated this time. I had glue gun strings all over, burnt fingers. Someone stole my crafting groove.


I persevered and onto the next shape. I numbered the sides of this random wood piece we had left over from some project. I numbered the sides because they are all squares, but with some variance because it is scrap wood.


I traced and numbered all along the moss.


Matched the numbers up on the box. Then repeated the steps to glue them on. I will add I pushed in the corners and sides to try and hide the seam as much as possible.
That my friends is how you make some moss squares. Which sort of look like blocks of cannabis. I am not a user, never even smoked cigarettes. But I watch a lot of A&E specials and see the goods on there. Anyone seen Intervention? Those people go through some stuff in their life. Also drug cartel specials. Those smugglers pack that stuff anywhere. Give me the gruesome reality show, I am all over it. As most middle America, mini van driving Mama’s would be. Ok, really, REALLY off topic. Back to these goods, these home decor loveliness goods. Moss squares!
It was Teddy’s nap time during these pictures. Notice the fuzzy, white furball in the background.


Have I started something new? Found a way to be original and fresh in home decor? If so I officially name these…. moss squares! Yes, amazing name. I know.
I set these up right now as bases for other objects. Like this great tree trunk I have. They can stand alone, lean against things. I am sure you will spot them in my home all over the place.



They scream spring for me. How can you get more spring then beautiful green grass. This is stuff of dreams. Literal dreams right now for me because of winter. But, I know it will get there.
This posting is in a Spring Blog hop I am co hosting with 18 other bloggers. They are coming up with creative Easter, Spring, or St. Patricks day goodies to inspire others. My little moss squares are a part of the flowing of inspiration. Head on over and see what other’s are sharing. Link up your own posts that fit the theme. I would love to see them.



I feel like with my annoying shoulder injury I am getting more crafty. It is something I can do. Painting, sanding, heavy lifting, or anything serious DIY I have to rely on Dale to do. Gluing some moss, I can do. I got this! Which means anyone can do this too. Let’s make a moss square movement. I think these would be great as a centerpiece, to set up under some flowers, some beautiful candles. The possibilities are endless. I may use these in my next table decor options piece. They are so versatile.
Have you began decorating for Spring yet? What about moss, is that part of your home decorating?
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  1. You're too funny being a rebel and all…lol. I love this idea and it just inspired me to do something with some moss 🙂

  2. I laugh a lot when I read your blog posts! I also learn lots of great crafting ideas! Covering the wood with moss is a great idea and one that I'm going to use for my bird bath turned fairy garden soon!

  3. Love these, adorable! I like how you set it up with the other things. Are you going to he sharing the wide shot of that space? I am sure it is all decorated beautifully.

  4. Those are adorable – I always have straw ones for the Fall, but these would be perfect for Springtime – love it!! #SCBH2015

  5. Omg these are amazing! Moss balls are a pain in the butt. This is so much simpler and I love the look of them! I have to make some today! So glad I have some moss sheets in stock!
    Glad to be hosting with you! Followed you and shared these 🙂
    Jess @liverandomlysimple I would also love to invite you over to join totally terrific tuesday and link up too!! I would love to have you around!

  6. Emily these are wonderful! From the posts above I can see lots of people getting inspired by your post! Great job!

  7. This is such a great idea! Your project turned out great! Great to be co-hosting the Spring Craft Blog Hop with you! #SCBH2015

  8. I've never seen sheets like that, but now I want some! Awesome to be cohosting with such an inspiring and funny lady! BTW, great collages on your mantle.

  9. I just finished a moss project, too. I love your idea, it's something different!

  10. Wow, those are so cool. I love the look of moss, and I like how you incorporated it into your home decor. Thanks for sharing at On Display Thursday. I am pinning this!
    -Leia @ Eat It & Say Yum

  11. I'm obsessed with moss lately. Love these!!!

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