Frozen party table decor

Frozen party table decor

Are you guys ready for more? More Elsa, Anna, Olaf and other Frozen inspired loveliness? Remember this is Nora’s birthday party extravaganza week, I have shared the birthday banner already earlier in the week. Today we continue with the trend of all things 7 year old party eccentric.

This is not so much a tutorial as it is a sharing of the pretty. I got more creative for this table, trying to give it a Frozen feel without it having a bunch of Elsa and Anna faces everywhere, this was a subtle theme. I think.


I do find it very ironic that we made snow, but had just over a foot of snow that fell the few days before her party. We had plenty of snow. But, like Olaf learns in the movie… snow melts. So fake snow was needed. I found these really cute little blue and white sequin balls at Michael’s craft store. They came in a package all together. Actually Nora was the one to find them and determined they were the perfect Elsa dress color. They kind of go with my decor year round. The color at least, I am not so sure about decorating with sequins year round. We will see. The full tutorial on the fake snow can be found here. I did not think I needed to re type it all for the same process and results.

Time to make some snowflakes. It is a somewhat complicated thing to do. So I think letting the pictures speak for themselves will be best. I started by cutting paper into a even square shape.


Then fold diagonally into a triangle.



Fold that triangle in half.
Opening up the triangle, smoothing it out.


Folding the flaps back towards the triangle. Have I confused you yet??? I have done a lot of DIY and this was complicated. Just be sure to have a lot of paper available for mistakes and mishaps.


Cut off the edges that do not fit into the triangle itself. The pieces poking out of the top. Be sure to keep all of your folds as tight and even as possible.


Draw your design.


Cut, keep cutting. Move the snowflake around your scissors in the tight places. Otherwise the scissor will snip off the small curves. Not speaking from experience or anything… nope…. I nailed it in one go, obviously!


Here it is, this little wonder of difficulty. I am pretty sure you need a Engineering degree, spent time with NASA and interned with Picasso or something to make these. I somehow bluffed my way through it. Reading tutorials online, making mine look very different from others. It was a blur of snowflakes and paper cuts. But, I got it done!


Oh these little snowflakes. I had this glorious idea of a winter wonderland with snowflakes flowing around the ceiling.



These beat me up, my fingers cramped, my arms ached, my head hurt. The little tiny folds, and layers of paper made it really hard to cut certain spots. It was not without effort to make these. Nora and her friends loved them and enjoyed decorating cup cakes and creating little Olaf’s under these falling snowflakes. I got real fancy here and attached ribbon to them. Then secured them to the ceiling with tacks. I tell you the classiness in this house is bursting, right? Just like pro decorators, tacks!


I think we achieved what we were trying to. When I say “We” I mean Nora told me what she wanted and I had to make it happen. She gave me very specific instructions of “Frozen, not too Elsa or Anna-ish, also not too baby-ish, with blue, but not too much, and sparkles.” Yeah sure, I realized she will be a decorating force to be reckoned with as she grows up, and she says -ish a lot. No clue where she gets it from. I never make up words, or describe something like that, only sometimes-ish ;).


This is how the table looked for her friend birthday party on Saturday. The one on Sunday is the one featuring the amazing cake from my mother in law. For her friend party we just had them all decorate cup cakes. Easy for us, and a activity for them. I call that pro parenting. Tomorrow I will be sharing a great thing Nora decided to do with her gifts. It made us very proud. I still will be sharing the activities we did for the party. A few more areas of party decorations, and the cake. I warned you that it was a extravaganza. You don’t throw those words around carelessly, this is huge, BIG, tons of stuff. Too much to squeeze into one post. So I am squeezing it into one week.

Have any of you ever made some snowflakes? Do you feel my finger cramping pain?

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  1. So pretty and snowy! I love your table and decor! Those snowflakes are really amazing!

  2. Worked at NASA and interned with Picasso, you are so silly. This looks magical indeed, a dream party for a little girl.

  3. You did such a great job with those snowflakes and I feel you about the hand cramping. I'm working on oh, about 1,000, 312 paper flowers for my daughter's room and I've had to give myself a long break to straighten out my fingers. 🙂

    I can't wait to see the rest of the party!

  4. Oh my, this is fabulous!
    Who doesn't love frozen? 🙂

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