Frozen birthday banner

Frozen birthday banner

This week is officially Nora’s Birthday party craft week extravaganza! When reading that say it in the “let’s get ready to rumble” voice. It sounds way more cool. On Friday it will be Birthday decor reveal. There were some amazing things, with a even more amazing cake. My mother in law made it and it was magical. But, before the big reveal, I will be sharing some fun crafts I did to turn her party into a Frozen party that Elsa, Anna and Olaf would have been tickled to enjoy. We went all out with decor because there was two parties this year. On Saturday Nora had 12 girls from school and her two girl cousins over for 2 hours of activities, food and lots of giggles. Her cousins slept over and then on Sunday (her actual birthday) we had family over. Lots of celebrating translated to lots of decorations, at least to me. Also Nora was putting the pressure on me to do this big. Today I am sharing a fun name banner I created.

I used some stencils and traced Happy Birthday Nora in letters.


Using a cup to trace a perfect circle. I wanted to make sure there would be enough of the circle to show off the fun glitter blue paper.


I traced the circles on the back of the blue paper.



Then I cut them out. I know, complicated stuff here. Try and stay with me :).
Once I had them cut, I used standard glue sticks and glued the letters to the blue paper. I should add I purchased this wonderfully Elsa inspired blue paper from Michael’s craft store. I purchased 4 sheets from the scrap booking section. I wanted to have enough for this and another project, which I will share soon.


A few of them were not wanting to stick because of the texture of the paper. I had to get aggressive with the gluing. Over gluing and slathering it on anything and everything. It worked and got them all to stick.


Notice the overabundance of purple glue on the A? Once the glue dried it was all clear.



Next step, I hole punched two holes on the top of each letter.


Then, weave standard ribbon that we use to tie onto the ends of balloons. Looping from the back, through one hole…
…. then over the front and through the other hole towards the back.


Looping one after the other in order. I did one row that said Happy Birthday, and then another row for Nora itself. Then it was done! I hung it with really professional looking tacks. I know we keep it classy here. Centering the letters, and tying them tightly so there is not too much give in the ribbon.


We are done! I had wanted to make a banner for her and this was the perfect, fun one.
It is Frozen-like without it being shoved down your throat.



I was not fully happy with it, because I saw a few mistakes in placement of some holes, or some issue with a few letters. I know, we are our own worst critic. But, when people commented on it and I went into how I created it I got weird looks. They all assumed I purchased it. So I guess it is considered a win. Also, me being a strong DIY warrior and all I would not buy a banner this simple. If I can break it down simply and know how to make it while in the store, I re work it at home and make it myself. Otherwise, usually it is not worth the cost to purchase. Sometimes doing it myself won’t be best. But something this simple was easy enough to do at home.


I think total, including time to wait for the glue to dry was maybe 45 minutes. Maybe. I was doing multiple projects at one time so this just got thrown into the mix. Also I enjoyed it because it was not labor intensive. So me and my still hurt shoulder could handle some paper and letters. Yay for getting to craft!

Nora said she liked how it turned out, and that it was sparkly. In a freshly turned 7 year old mind sparkles win out all the time. I feel like these pictures do not do it justice. This bug window is wonderful for lighting, the dining room is always flooded with sunlight. But, for pictures itself it can be a big pain in my home decorating and blogging neck. Also it is not showing a wider shot with all of the other “stuff” we put around here. It truly turned into a magical, Frozen, winter, wonderland. I will be changing up the usual scheduled programming this week because of all of the crafts I have to share. This week it is Nora Birthday crafts all week long. I hope you are ready to go craft crazy!

The Birthday girl ready to celebrate in her crown she made. My girl has some crafty in her too!

Next week I will be sharing the progress on the laundry room. We did something big over the weekend. Well, two things really. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (which I just set up) you would know what we did. If not follow along and get some fun behind the scenes stuff. I would love to get to know you all too and through social media makes it easier. There is going to be a lot of tutorials, how to’s, and changes being shared in the coming weeks. We have just started the laundry room and it is going to be a big change, with lots of DIY stuff happening. I am beyond excited about it all. Also excited to share this week about a little girls birthday crafts. I hope you guys enjoy the crafting ride this week. Have a wonderful Monday, and let’s do this!

Do you get crafty for your kid’s birthday parties? What is something fun you have done for a party?

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  1. The banner with all that glitter came out nicely. I can't wait to see all the details from her party. Bet it was lovely! Oh, I love doing crafts for my kids' bday parties. They make everything so much more special. My favorite thing to date will have to be the tulle pom poms I made for Lauren's ballerina party 🙂

    • You can't have a 7 year old party without some glitter! Those tulle pom poms came out awesome I am sure. I enjoy decorating and going all out while they are little. In a few years they won't let me I am sure.

  2. That turned out really cute! I can't believe you cut all those letters by hand!! Impressed !Can't wait to see the rest of the party decor and that cake. Nora is adorable and I love that name!

    • Thank you Heather, the letter's were not that bad to cut out. I did it while watching property brothers so I was entertained. Thank you about her name, I have loved it ever since I read the book "Noisy Nora" when I was little. Luckily Dale loved it too. It is such a sweet, simple, and girly name. Also not popular for her age group, which was my goal because of my name being Emily and me knowing 1 million or so Emily's at least. I still adore her name, so thank you!

  3. You did a great job Emily. I probably would have just purchased the banner. Who am I kidding, I have bought all of my kid's party decorations. I am trying to get more crafty. You and other bloggers make it all look so simple. When do we get to see more from her party?

  4. Hello beautiful! This looks so amazing. Pinned and tweeted. Thank you for being a part of our party and we hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm. We can't wait to party with you! Happy Valentines' Day! Lou Lou Girls

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