Easy Valentine’s day craft and a few love bugs

Easy Valentine’s day craft and a few love bugs

I am going off of my normal routine, I wanted to share this, but have a lot to share having to do with Nora’s Frozen birthday party. So I am throwing this in as a freebie in the week. Tomorrow it is back to the Frozen birthday party crafting extravaganza!
Sometimes it is the simple things that can help get you ready for a holiday. I think people can get stuck in assuming that spending a lot of money is necessary to decorate your home. Add in the idea of updating it for every holiday and it can become daunting. But, changing tiny things, doing small projects can really get you ready for a holiday. Like Valentine’s day, without breaking the bank. I purchased some red frames from Goodwill for 50 cent each. I intend to paint them another color to work with my house year round, but have not gotten to it yet. So the bright red worked great to bring in some love and fun for Valentine’s day.

This paper came in a group, I used some for these fun and simple heart arrows. I still had some pieces left over. So I decided to play around one afternoon and create something new.


Taking the glass off of the frame and tracing the paper around the glass. Then cutting it out. That is it. Simple, quick, cheap, and cute, decorating win! I like to blend the detailed projects with the simple. It makes sure anyone can have something to do. Anyone can find ways to be inspired and try something.


I set these around my home. Truth be told I never go all out for Valentine’s day decorating. I think after the hoopla that is Christmas, then Nora’s birthday party I am more then happy to let my home relax and just be bare for a while. My home is still in the winter wonderland motif right now. But, I am getting antsy to get my spring stuff out. So, these frames and a few other small projects is about all I can do for this holiday.


My kids on the other hand are crafting crazies, and Valentine’s day has inspired them. Caleb and Gavin have a party to go to at school and have to make a box for their preschool friends to put in Valentine’s cards. They had fun putting way too many stickers on it. I usually let them have at it. They get to control it all, be free. I was really tempted to buy these adorable boxes at Target that had kits to make a pirate ship and alligator. But, it would have been me doing the work. Not fun for my boy’s, they have such pride in their boxes after all of their hard work.
 My boy’s pride and joy, their Valentine’s day card boxes.
All four sides are decorated. Even the bottom of Gavin’s has stickers.
Nora was feeling left out so she created these little poufy love bugs on her own. She found the supplies in our art stuff and did this. I was really surprised at her creativity. She was very proud of her creations and these have become her new best friends, which she plays with and wants to take everywhere. Love bugs, how cute is that? I just decided I think I will have her tell me the steps she took for this and create a little Nora tutorial for her oh-so-cute love bugs. I am thinking next week I can have Nora guest contribute here at Our house now a home. What do you think, would you read my little girl’s tutorial?


With Valentine’s day coming up fast it makes me realize one very important thing. We have not one plan set up. Dale and I never put too much effort into Valentine’s day to be honest. It is a wonderful day to remind you to love and let the people important to you know you love them. But, a whole dinner, movie date thing has never been big on our list. First of all, crowds. Then babysitters are difficult to find on that day. We usually just hang out at home and have a late dinner after the kids are in bed. We are toying with the idea of a family date night, maybe indoor smore making, board game playing, and possibly a family camp out in the living room. We adore our little love bugs and want them to partake in the holiday of love. I guess we like our kids and are happy to devote some time to them. No interruptions, projects, laundry room redo’s, just them and their giggles, hugs and love. Seems like a good plan to me. Although we are still undecided, this seems to be the way we are leaning to.
What are your plans for Valentine’s day? Do you usually decorate for this particular holiday?
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  1. Those frames are so cute, I know you don't have much red in your home but I love the color as is. I would read a tutorial by your sweet Nora. The love bugs are great, she has the crafting bug like you I can see.

    • The color is a great, bright red. I just have no use for that color. And no time to redoy whole house. I have to work with what I have. I think I will totally be having Nora do a small tutorial! Start her young 🙂

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