Birthday party activities

Birthday party activities

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Have you gotten enough of this party yet? I have spoken about Nora donating her gifts, the table decorations, and the birthday banner. Today I am going to share a few activities we did with Nora’s friends. I had two hours to entertain 12 girls, inside, in winter, in Wisconsin. No running around outside to get the energy out. It was time to break out my awesome Mommy skills and plan some fun for all.

The first thing we did to start the party off was have a scavenger hunt. We had to help Anna find Elsa. Sound familiar? There was more clues, less singing, no one Let it go, there was no talking snowman (boo), but we did find Elsa.

Thanks to these handy clues I made. I wrote out ten clues on paper. Giving them a clue on where to go. One was “where can you melt”, the fireplace. Another was “we finish each others _________, where can you find the things to make to finish this sentence?” Only you die hard Frozen movie buffs will get this one. It is sandwiches, in the song it is adorable and cute, also makes sense.


I put it on the same sparkly blue paper as the birthday banner. The clues were taped around where they were supposed to be. One was they were to look for a picture of a river. You know “I’ve started talking to the pictures on the wall”. The next clue was taped under the canvas picture.

We had a bunch of 6 and 7 year olds along for the party. It was about 50/50 with the girls knowing how to read. I followed along to assist any readers, make sure everyone got a turn, and helped out any confusing clues.

In the basement playroom they had to search for 3 hidden stuffed animal Olaf’s before getting the next clue. Also this is the first time this playroom is making a appearance on Our house now a home. It is not finished, decor or walls. But, maybe I will just share it like it is. What it is, is a place where my kids can play their really loud musical instruments without giving us headaches. Also the mess can stay existing a lot longer when it is out of sight.


Onto to the next clue. Side note, this staircase is our next big makeover spot. I have some fun, big plans for it.
The next activity I had planned was pin the nose/carrot on Olaf. I drew free hand the creepiest Olaf ever. But, not one child cared or commented on the oddly drawn Olaf. I can only do so much, and drawing cartoon Snowmen if not in my repertoire of things I can do.


The plan was to cut enough carrots for each child. Write their name on them, put some tape on the back and have them pin it on.



It was all hands on deck to cut out the carrots. I drew all of the carrots and had some eager helpers to cut them out.



This was a big hit. The kids loved it. Nora told me to add the speech bubbles and what to write in them. I thought it was a cute idea.


Nora and I also colored these cute Elsa and Anna coloring pictures. Her and I had a good time talking and coloring. Some girl talk was had.


The next part for this party was to decorate and then eat some cupcakes. I figured this was as low maintenance for us as possible. We did not have to perfectly decorate or cut a bunch of pieces of cake. The kids loved this part of the party. We had frosting mustaches, frosted tips of noses. So much sprinkles it was a side of cupcake with their sprinkles. It is ok though, it was a party. Messes and yummy dessert is a must.
Here is me being bossy. Or dancing in the corner, not sure what I am doing.

The last planned activity was to build a Olaf. If it was up to me it would have been a strictly Olaf party. That guy is so lovable! He makes that movie to me, and I laugh at his lines ALL THE TIME. So we built one.

Here is the supplies. Confession time, I just took these pictures and built this while I was writing this post. I realized I did not have one picture of the built Olaf’s during the party. That cannot happen. We still have all of the supplies so I got busy building this just for you all.

Using frosting as the glue to connect all of the little pieces that make him who he is. Of course starting with marshmallows.


Adding regular sized chocolate chips as the buttons.


Pretzels as the arms. Side note, chocolate with pretzels is amazing. I am sure most know that, if not. You welcome! I used smaller marshmallows as the feet. And tiny chocolate chips for the eyes.
Here is my little Olaf. He kind of looks like a mix of Olaf and that big snow guy Elsa creates and makes him chase people off. I made a even creepier Olaf then my drawn one.


Because this was my prop marshmallow Olaf, Gavin decided to put this to use. By going all Monster on my Olaf and devouring it. Look at that, he is disconnecting his jaw, that concentration. He has his eye on the prize. This is some serious eating people.


As he was eating Nora and Caleb decided they did want to come and help me. So it was marshmallow Olaf’s all around. Dale and I even made one. I mean, why not? It is all about moments with your kids, and this was a moment.


My cute little guy…..
….now headless. Awww……
Now that you know how to make a marshmallow Olaf it is back to the party. The kids had fun trying to make a Olaf for a few minutes. And then they made Zombie Olaf, monster Olaf, a one eyed, 5 armed Olaf. It got weird, but they enjoyed it.


After all of the eating the girls were set loose, we had 30 more minutes of the party and they were losing it. There was one girl getting pulled along the floor on her back, one trying to open up Nora’s hamster’s cage, one under Nora’s bed, two fighting over the drum set, and one chasing Teddy around trying to play with him. I figured it was not appropriate to make all of them sit on time out until their parents came. Luckily for me I planned for something like this. I found a bunch of free printable coloring pages of the Frozen characters. Each child had a packet of about 5 papers to color. I broke out our coloring stuff and they all became engrossed. It was coloring magic. Mom wins again! Each child was still coloring when their parents came, I sent them on their way with full bellies, a goody bag, some packets of coloring pages,  great memories, all having a good time. All to the correct parents, with no tears or mean girl issues. Success!

This was my first foray into a friend party. I learned a few things which I am more then happy to share. Plan activities, no down time. Unless you can have them be outside, then I guess down time would be ok. Don’t expect a clean house, they will make messes. Over plan for things to do, worst case scenario would be you don’t do them all. Lastly, no longer then two hours for the party. Maybe as the kid’s get older and can be more self controlled longer parties will be ok. But for now, 2 hours was just enough. I think the best thing so far for parties is the scavenger hunt. It is so fun to see them run around, try to find all the clues. Who does not like hunting for treasures or other fun?
I know tomorrow is Saturday and usually I keep things quiet here on the weekend. I am almost always planning, doing projects to share, or spending time with my family. But, tomorrow I will be sharing the cake my mother in law made. I know it is Valentine’s day, but maybe there will be some peeps relaxing and surfing the inter webs anyways. Whew, this party extravaganza is finally coming to a close. There was a lot of planning on my part, but I think I pulled it off. I am relieved we have made a rule of no friend parties until first grade, so I have at least one year before I have to think of this again.
What are some birthday party activities that always work for you and your kids? Is there one epic fail with games? One that was a huge hit? Give me all the details, I will be taking notes for future parties.




  1. Just found this while looking for activities for my own 9 year old daughter's Elsa party. The scavenger hunt is a great one.That little one eating it is so funny. He is going to town on that thing. It must have been very good. You seem lovely, I read a few blogs and yours has been added to my list 🙂

    • I am so happy to have you in my little corner of the internet. These activities were all a hit. With the scavenger hunt you could do it a little more complicated and difficult with your daughter being older. Make them work for it! I am so happy to have your support, thank you!

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