art supply organization

art supply organization

My beautiful hallway, it is Pinterest pretty if I do so say myself. Also that this image is been Pinned a lot of times. With the addition of our barn door it is a place I adore. It is as bright as it will ever get with absolutely no windows. There is not one direct sunlight in here. The wainscoting and doors made it as cheery as it will ever get. But, with all of the appearance of a home that has it all together. There is something lurking. Something so scary I only go in on a need to basis.

This hallway closet, in the hallway it sits directly across from the barn door. Great location for easy access. Also great location to throw everything in there. It looks like I burglarized a thirty one bag consultant and took all her loot. I hoard art supplies, and single handedly cleared the cleaning product aisle. Which is all true. No thirty one consultant is safe around me, but I do pay (I know, lame me not stealing).


With the overhaul of the laundry room and the eventual organization station in there I want everything to have its place. For ease for Dale and I. Also to start having the kids help keep this house picked up. If everything has a place they can help put it away. Because truth be told, when it was a mess in this closet I told them to set it in the laundry room and I would put it away. I was not sure what would fall and cause a avalanche of stuff. In turn needing a search party for one of my littles that got in the cross fires of the junk avalanche. We are working on the laundry room, not much I can do until it is done. But this, I can do now. The plan was to make it be kid friendly and have it be their art supply hub.
much better! The avalanche level has been lowered to 0% chance, yay!
They have a great art table that is great to get their creativity on, but it does not have much storage. With crayons, colored pencils, and markers there is a lot there already. I try to keep it as clutter free as possible so they have room to create and also because clutter makes me stress out. I like a clean slate as much as possible and their art table is in the main part of the house. Keeping it kid friendly in a adult friendly home is a struggle. So all of the other art stuff is in this closet. I just made it more appropriate for them to get to.
This is phase 1 of the planned organization. Maybe I should start to call it something catchy. The great organization 2015, or the no more clutter, Mama is happy 2015. Whatever, I can work on it. I achieved my goal of having all of the art stuff having a place. The top shelf is red,  a no go, ask and needing assistance. This has paint and other parental control items in it. The kids can use them, but they need permission and assistance.
The next shelf is the yellow shelf. slow down, let us know what is going on. And proceed with caution. There is some white boards that need special markers. Which means they need to stay away from other markers. Workbooks, that may call for adult help. Things that they can do on their own but we need to know what is up.

The last two shelves are green, green means go. Create away. There is the overflow of coloring books that cannot be stored at the art table. Lots of paper, some flash cards, and other coloring things. This they can have at the ready. We go through a lot of paper because of my kids obsession with all things coloring. So any and all scraps of paper or no longer used gets recycled. Try to help out the Earth, and soften the art supply carbon footprint my little Michelangelo’s have created.

The bottom shelf is the other green one. Puzzles, more crayons, colored pencils, erasers, glue sticks, stuff like that. My kids have always been wonderful with all of this, they use the glue stick sparingly and put it away when done. We have always explained they get full art freedom until there is an issue. Something glued to Teddy or the wall means glue is taken away. Markers can be kept down until my couch gets colored on. They have been surprisingly understanding of this and have stayed within the art table area. It is not always picked up and organized but they don’t push their limits with this. We also have a basket of stickers. They are allowed one sheet a day unless they have gotten prior approval.
My crew of Littles at the most used space for them.


I say this is phase 1 because I want to do a little more to this. The function of it is fine. But the look of it is not pleasing to my ever working home decorating mind. I used random boxes, bins, and baskets I had. I want to get uniform, all the same baskets with labels. I also want to try and find a way to color the shelves to reflect the red, yellow, and green, warnings of usage. The kids have used the color descriptions to know where they are ok to go with the shelves and I want to visually help them along. They do really well with keeping this all together and respecting our set limits. I want to help them out with remembering it all. It has been about two weeks and the closet looks pretty much the same. I have congratulated my kids constantly on keeping to the rules and helping keep it organized. I have some awesome little ones in my home.
As you can see the art supplies get used A LOT in Our home…..
Nora is by far the most frequent art table user. Cape and Superhero mask is not needed but always appreciated at the art table
I just took this picture, Gavin is happily cutting and gluing tiny stips of paper, in pajamas… eh…
he is fed, clean and loved, PJ day!

Also, yes that is a bunch of vases on the bottom of the closet. I figured I need to really stretch my kids coping skills, and see how long they can go without touching and/or breaking one. I walk on the wild side, my middle name is danger. And because, I have no where else to put them right now. The plan is to put them somewhere else. Not sure where. However they have been untouched for the past two weeks as well. My kids are freaks of nature that have never been interested in decor things. I guess they have always been there so there is zero interest in them. Not sure.

We get really, REALLY creative with our art stuff.  From the ceiling to the floor of creativity.
So now the inside of the closet matches the serenity and calm of the outside. I just need to pretty it up a little. Maybe I will do some major basket and label shopping this weekend. It is sad how much I get excited with the ideas. This is my life now, excitement about labels. Oy vey…..
Be honest is there a closet you hope no one ever actually opens? Speak the truth and tell us all of your unorganized dirty closet secrets. Or, where have you just organized and decluttered in your home?
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  1. LUV THIS!!! Christine from Little Brags

  2. Hi Emily! Congrats on organizing!! It seems to be a never ending job….organize, re-organize…repeat….lol! Oh well, we should be grateful we have stuff to organize and homes to keep it all in. Have a great day!–Sue

  3. Organizing makes me so happy because then every item has a place or spot it "belongs" too! Plus it's less visual clutter/stress! Great job on re-organizing your art supplies! It looks fantastic.

    • I agree on everything you said. I not a neat freak at all. But, if there is a lot of clutter going on it stresses me out. I feel like the walls are closing in. And with winter I need all the help I can get to breathe easy while stuck inside. Thank you so much for visiting Alexa and commenting!

  4. So pretty! I have a hard time keeping things organized… unless they're pretty! Then it's much easier! Great job on avoiding the potential-little-crushing-avalanche… that would have been devastating!

  5. Your hall is Pinterest worthy for sure! Love it! That closet looks so great!

  6. Oh my, what a gorgeous hallway! 🙂

    There's no greater feeling that organizing a messy space 😉 don't we all have one of those closets? lol

  7. I love a good closet organizing session. It looks great!

  8. Emily
    I love this and I love the hallway! It looks like a magazine! laura

  9. We struggle with the Art Supply Tornado in our house as well! Sometimes, it's just easier to hunker down and let it happen when creativity strikes! Thanks for the post. Found you on Motivation Monday Linky Party!

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