Amazing Disney Frozen birthday cake

Amazing Disney Frozen birthday cake

Today is THE day. It is the day I wrap up Nora’s birthday party extravaganza! I have shared her donating of toys, the activities I planned,  table decor, and the custom Frozen birthday banner. Whew, I got crafty for this party. I am ending this week long sharing love fest with something I had nothing to do with. The amazing cake my Mother in Law Cindy created.

She is seriously one talented lady. Since my husband and his three older sisters were little she has made them cakes. Once the 7 grand kids came along she upped her birthday cake decorating game, majorly! She has taken classes, has crazy decorating tools that look like torture devices. She always asks the kids what they want and designs it from there. We purchased these cute Disney Frozen Figurine Play Set  for Nora during Christmas. With the intent of her enjoyment, and the purpose of having these available for the already planned out birthday cake coming up a month later.


We created the snow and ambiance around the cake. The tree trunk under the cake was purchased from Michael’s craft store. The vases were mine already, and the white branch things were purchased from Michaels also.


These branches, stunning. Ok, she is genius. There are real tree branches under there. She then covered them in Fondant and edible sprinkles. She also painstakingly hand crafted all of these tiny snowflakes. She said it took her about 6 hours to make them, just 6 hours for snowflakes. I thought my paper snowflakes were tough. I think I took maybe an hour. I am officially a big complaining, whiny baby compared to her. The snow globe that Elsa and Olaf are in is just a small fish bowl turned upside down.


She makes her own butter cream frosting, that is beyond delicious! I think I will have to get the recipe from her and share it with you all. You will thank me when I do.



The tiny little flecks of snow is edible. I was not aware there is edible snow flakes.
It all just blew my mind.


It was a dream Frozen cake. It looks like Elsa is on the stop of her mountain raining snowflakes all around. Just like the movie.


There is one way that we screwed it up. In the 4 weeks from Nora getting the toy figurines to putting them on the cake Anna had been lost. We looked everywhere. So this cake was Anna-less. Maybe Hanz stole her? Not sure, but this cake distracted anyone from noticing the missing Princess of Arendale. She has since been found, so all is clam in the Kingdom once again!


The plan was for us to cut the cake once all of our extended family got here, before dinner. About 22 people and 10 kids were here. They showed up at 3 pm and I could not bring myself to just cut into the cake right away. It needed to be the centerpiece to our appetizers and meal. Everyone appropriately ohhhhed and awwwwed over it. Nora was ecstatic with her Frozen cake. And Grandma Cindy was the complete “ah shucks” with her talents. Not thinking it was a big deal and wanting the attention off of her. Now I know where Dale gets his allergic reaction to attention and praise. “He got it from his Mama”

Nora had a wonderful time with family. We celebrated her greatness and turning 7. She received some thoughtful gifts all in her interests of reading and anything art. She wore her Frozen Princess Elsa Costume the whole time because, why not? Once we did dig into the cake it was AMAZING! Not only can she decorate cakes, but she can cook them to be just as yummy as any high class bakery. We have encouraged her to start her own business. She would rock it big time. But, she said she wants to do it for fun and not work. I still think after spending 16 hours on this cake and it’s various stuff, she should be compensated. All she would accept was some hugs and praise. She could be making big bucks for her creations.

If anyone has any specific details and questions about this cake, let me know. I will try my best to answer or ask the talented lady herself and get back to you. I tried to do my best and at least break down this cake for you all. I think this is one of her all time masterpieces for sure.

I had to share my surprise from this morning. Peonies and Hydrangeas. The true way to my heart, fresh flowers!

That is a wrap on the Frozen party Extravaganza! Next week I will be sharing some updates on the laundry room. We did a few crazy things in there already. We finally have the washer and dryer back in. I have never been so excited to do laundry after a week of it out of there. Oh yeah. what we did needed the room cleared. So excited to get back to home decor and other DIY wonderfulness. Crafts are awesome, but more heavy duty DIY is my first love. Well my first actual love is Dale, whom I got to celebrate Valentine’s day with last night. We beat the crowds. Today we are having a Valentine’s party with family and friends. All about games, cup cakes, homemade personal pizzas, we are breaking out the game Twister, hopefully no body parts will be broken in the process. Unless us oldies get involved, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. We will probably end the evening with a camp out in the living room with our trio of Littles. We are kid approved this holiday.

Love this guy, bring on the goofiness!

How awesome was my Mother in Law’s cake? Are you lucky enough to be a cake decorator too? What are your plans for Valentine’s day?


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  1. The cake is just beautiful. I know alot of girls that would love something like that. Happy birthday to Nora.

  2. That cake is a little girls dream, also this girls dream. I love the snowflakes. You and your husband are adorable. I hope you had a fun Valentines day with you kids and cute husband.

    • It was a dream cake, the snowflakes were awesome, something like this could have worked for a winter cake, minus the Frozen characters of course. We had a fun Valentine's day, and I think my husband is quite cute too. I will tell him he has some admirers!

  3. Oh wow, that cake is amazing! The snowflakes!
    That's one lucky little girl.

  4. Wow! That cake is gorgeous!! Thanks so much for linking up with us at the Motivational Monday link party – I hope you'll join us again next week!!


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