Winter home tour

Winter home tour

Tutorial of the large snowflakes can be found here
I am so excited to share my winter home tour with you guys. Actually I lied, I wish I was sharing my spring or even summer home tour with you all. If I did not live in a place where 20 degrees means a warm winter day I would be all about warm and sunny. But, I don’t and this is my reality. My cold, frozen, Elsa has lost her mind reality.


I just changed a few things. I mainly just took all of my Christmas stuff down. And let me tell you, when I purged all of that my house felt naked. Empty, and massive. I adore the clean and less cluttered look of it so much.




This is the first year I have decorated for winter, I usually bounce back into my year round gear. However this year I just could not do it. I adore the light colors, neutral with pops of color motif I have going on. I always change out my glass hurricanes on the coffee table. It is a way to feel fresh and new in decor without doing a lot of work. The glass hurricane tutorial can be found here.




The winter wreath I created was really what started this winter theme. I liked the natural elements of the branches and greenery and the pops of white. It is my little piece of shabby chic with the frame in my home.


I got the snow brought in especially for this winter home tour. It is all about staging people, I take my job seriously. You cannot have a winter home tour without the fluffy white stuff in the background.


I created this wood paper holder when I was inspired by a piece at Target. Right now it works as my dining room table center piece. I am always changing things up.



Yes, that is Teddy in the bottom left corner. He was wanting some attention while I walked around the house taking pictures. My poor deprives of love dog.
That is it. I did not do a ton to my home. Most of the other things I did not show are the same as my usually home. You can see the full tour here. I know I do need to update it. I have some big projects coming up soon. I am going to be doing something with that hook on the ceiling. Next weekend it will be the place where a pinata is hung for Nora’s 7th birthday party. After that, unless I decide to go with a pinata year round; I will be adding some wonderful….. something there. It is a surprise. We are also going to start working on my laundry room. Adding some storage and cabinets. I am excited!
What are your plans for the weekend?
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  1. I enjoyed this! I think its great to have a transition out of christmas into winter! As for my weekend projects: some long over due trim painting, and a little gutting of an upstairs room!

  2. This is gorgeous! I wish I had a knack for design like this!!

    Thanks for linking up with the Saturday Spotlight!

  3. I love your home Emily – and that turquoise table has me all a flutter – it would work so well in my front room and I get you on the cold I am freezing over here in Ireland too 🙂

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