Top posts of 2014, part 2

Top posts of 2014, part 2

On Wednesday I shared part 1 of this most popular posts list. We are now officially in a new year, how many times I will begin to write 2014 and realize I got it wrong, I can only guess. Either way, ready or not, it is 2015! I am wrapping up 2014 today with the part 2 of my most popular posts, this past year was my blogs first full year, ever. I saw some great gains, had some hard times, and got through it all. You can read about my first year here. However, today is about the year as a whole and more importantly what people liked about my blog. What brought people here, what circulated. I figured this out in combining page views itself as well as comments on posts. If it got people talking it must have been a hit. So here is part 2 of this list.
I love this table so much. This was a situation of having something that did not fit with my vision. I had a table, hated it. So I up cycled it and turned it into my dream table I had been frantically searching for. I could not find it so I made it. Another example of my DIY warrior side coming out and saving the day.
Oh how I adore this one, I still walk by it and stare at the wonderfulness that is shells, and beaches I grew up going to. I used Melissa and Doug toy containers to display my shells in. I wanted to bring a little bit of my home town to Wisconsin. I stumble across this one on Pinterest or Google images when looking for coastal projects or ideas. It surprises me when I see “my” shell wall somewhere else. I am glad people are seeing and sharing it, this is a wonderful way to have a display wall.
Kids and their constant questions. Nora hit me with the big one, how are babies made. I handled it with as mush informative information as her 6 year old self could handle. And my apparently middle school brain could admit to. Either way we got through it, and I got to stretch my writing skills into places other than home decor and tutorials. I was able to show myself and other publications I can write about more then just DIY goodness. DIY is still my go to topic, but knowing I can do more is nice. And having opportunity’s come up because of this posts is fun too. I hope when she gets older she finds this story amusing and not embarrassing.
cane chair
These two chairs were one of my first furniture redo projects. I attempted to stain them and failed miserably. However I adore the black with light gray combo of these, so it was a happy failure in the long run. I got these from Craigslist, one of my first purchase from there as well. I have people who visit my home always ask where I got these chairs. I always smile with pride and tell them the tale and price I spent on them. I think this post gets a lot of views because it is such a easy update and people are looking for ideas. This is one of many, MANY cane chair redo’s online.
I made saw one of these in Target, for more then I was willing to pay. Came home, thought of one I could make myself, and created it. All in one afternoon. I wrote up the post to go live the following day, not really thinking it would be that interesting. I was wrong. I guess people like the idea of paper trays, or saving money, or creating a Target knock off. Either way people like it and are searching for these on the inter webs. This has not been moved to my dining room table as a centerpiece with candles and a vase on it. I like to change things up. But for almost a year it had resided on my desk with mail and papers on it.
I know I have Googled this exact phrase many times before. Either it being for fathers day or another holiday. I think a lot of people do this as well. This is one post that I get hits on a lot from Google searches. People are needing low cost gift options. And two jars with sweet notes on why we love Dale and a great black and white picture of my kids little feet was the perfect simple idea to tell a great guy just how great he is.
This is not the typical first day of school post. This is talking about the rest of the year. Once the reality of school sets in. After the new outfits have been worn, the new back pack has been on, folders have been organized. When stuff goes down, kids are whiny and tired. Mommy wakes up late, when the “real” school year starts. I think this struck a cord with a lot of other parents out there. How can it not, we have all been there. I just put it to words. I like to look at the humor, fun, trivial, mundane and big events with raising kids. They all happen and we can all relate to them.
Organizing, gotta love it. Making things easier, even better. Helping kids gain a little independence in getting ready for school, bring it on. I took part in a blog hop of other bloggers who shared some great back to school ideas. This was mine. I enjoyed making it, using it, and working along other blogger friends. I gained some great friends, new blogs to read, and some new faces who follow mine. It was a win/win for all involved.
These lovely curtains are a big hit in Our home, specifically for a little girl names Nora. And on Pinterest. I guess there is a certain way of sharing projects, taking pictures and this ticks all of the Pinterest pretty boxes. If I was a little girl this would have been my dream bed. I wish I could take the credit for this. I did execute the dream, but Nora dreamed it all up. Who am I kidding, I would be happy with this bed now. But, Dale says no to curtains. Marriage is about compromise. I have lots of ideas for our house, some he is not too happy about. I pick the ones I really like and help him see the light. I just lay in Nora’s bed, have some girl talk and enjoy her space. I will be adding to this in the near future. Bringing a little more whimsical to her bed. Cannot wait to share it!
Tiny houses, who knew they were such a search engine hit. I think this may have to do with them being very on trend right now. And also because the title of the post could leave it open to a lot of interpretations. I have gotten some interesting hits from searches with them landing here. I apologize for anyone looking actual information regarding… certain topics. And all you land on is a home decor blog talking about tiny houses. But, there was also a lot of people on Facebook, Twitter and in the comments who liked talking tiny house ideas. There was some cute ones I shared, and I am always tempted to just sell everything, build a mobile tiny house and see the world. Bringing my family, and home along for the ride. Maybe I can turn my blog into that, Our house, now a tiny, movable home. It could work.
That is it! The most popular posts from 2014. I had a lot of projects I shared. So far I have been somewhat project light in the first few days of 2015. I am getting things together and have plans to hit hard this weekend. Knowing out some projects to share next week. One in particular I am pretty excited to share. I don’t know if it will be one of my top ones from 2015. I never know what will become a hit with other people. If I had made my own personal lists of favorites some of these would have been on there, and some would have not. But, I don’t make this blog just for me. Otherwise I would save myself some time and just keep a journal. I make it for all of you, and anyone searching for something to do to their home, ideas, funny stories, or even tiny houses. Some land here by mistake and some even stick around. I enjoy creating and sharing it, I like to see people enjoy reading it too. I hope you all had a great start to the new year. I cannot wait to see what comes of my blog, more projects, and interacting with you all throughout the coming year!



  1. I liked to see this. I just found you because of the shell gallery wall. I have those same toy containers and felt bag getting rid of thrm. I don't have shells, but rocks that I collect. I am so excited I found you, and this was a great first post for me to discover, I see you have a lot of things I like!

    • I am so happy you stumbled along and found me. A rock display wall would be wonderful also for this. I am so happy you found me, and now you get to see the popular posts to make it easy for you to navigate. I hope you stick around and enjoy!

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