The laundry room overhaul begins

The laundry room overhaul begins

This weekend we were busy, but don’t have much to show for it. We are going to be improving upon our laundry room in the next few weeks. Going slowly. There will be no decorating whiplash like our bathroom redo. This is going to go, piece by piece. Here is how my laundry room looks. If I am honest this is about 70% of the possible mess it can be. When I am at multiple loads of laundry needing to be folded. Shoulder injury preventing any piles to disappear, in the middle of sorting, and the pile of shoes a lot more then one lonely pair. That is 100% capacity mess. The hard part it, this is a high traffic area. That door goes into our garage. This laundry room is in between the garage and our hallway. So lots of function with not a lot of space. If there is a few things on the ground it becomes a maze. My kids being awesomely standard kids see something on the ground and instead of walking around it or moving it will stand in front of object and scream and/or whine that there is something in their way. Fun times.

Here is how it looks, when I am trying to show off it’s good side. I wish it looked like this all the time. I am one who does not do well with a mess. If I start my day off in a messy house, I feel like my whole day is off kilter. So having my laundry room like this would make me one happy lady. It also would make me a slave to my laundry, and a slave driver to the rest of the people living in the house to pick things up all the time. We will be adding some cabinets and some kind of shelf system in here. Also making a surface for folding, sorting and hanging of clothes. This small space will hopefully pack a big punch with organization and function when all day.
I am pretty sure this little shelf will be ripped out. Dale is excited. We have kept actual demo to a minimum in our home up to this point. Just building up what is already there. However this baby is coming out.
Weirdly enough, we are wanting to add storage but taking this cabinet out of here. There will be a shifting of back packs, homework, coats, and other kids eccentric stuff. This nook will become part of a new “organization station”. I feel like that should be a song on Sesame Street, Elmo and Big Bird could rock it.
Here is what things looked like all weekend. Those big white things are the new cabinets, which are already up. This is one of a few things we actually got done. The rest was just planning and organizing. I will be sharing the how to of hanging these wonderful upper cabinets probably next week. I will give you a little hint, I got creative with wrapping paper involving these cabinets. I know, walk with me, talk with me, bear with me. It works.


Oy vey, this corner looks a little different when not done up. I am hoping that once the laundry room is done it will be cute, functional, organized, and beautiful, even if not done up and camera ready. As of right now I just have a lot of things that will get messier. With anything having to do with home improvement and organization it always gets worse before it gets better. And right now this part of my house looks like a candidate for a episode of Hoarders. It is a landmine for my easily distracted kids walking through it with backpacks, coats and other school paraphernalia and getting distracted by the fun new things right at their level. Queue them dropping their backpack to see what is in a random box. Kids are so fun, I am doing this for them just as much as me. If it is all organized they wont have to schlep their gear very far into the house. One stop and done. There will be no more schlepping in this here house. Until then, enter through the garage at your own risk. We have a ways to go before it is clutter free.
What is your hard to keep clean and organized space in your home?


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  1. That room looks good, but what an odd spot for a shelf! 🙂

    Our laundry room is my craft storage area, the way we get to the basement, and the way to the back deck – it looks like a hot mess MOST of the time. 🙂

    I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    • I am not sure what the shelf was for, maybe to put one basket on? Your craft room wins, it sounds a lot more complex then my laundry room. I am eager to get this laundry room done, so hopefully you wont have to wait for long to see it.

  2. Rosalie Darrin says:

    You make me giggle when reading, which makes me look weird at work when I am supposed to be "working". My 2 year old would love a song by Elmo called organization station, you better stake your rights to it now.

    • Glad I entertain you, now get some work done! 😉 You are right, I should turn it into a song and make royalties off of it. Now I just need to become a song writer and learn to play a instrument. I am on it!

  3. Sounds like you have some wonderful ideas for this little space. I wish our home had a little organization station. I love the wall color, such a cheery blue! I can't wait to see the finished product 🙂

    Thank you for linking up with us over at Motivational Monday! I hope you'll join us again this week, the link up starts tonight:

  4. I love it especially the colour you chose – I wish my laundry room looked as good Emily 🙂

    • The color and the washer/dryer are about the only things staying in this room. The rest will be updated or improved upon. I was worried the color was too much, but I am so in love with the brightness of it.

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