Remember that time…..

Remember that time…..

I get lots of vegging out couch time this week. It is doctor ordered!
I will start off by saying the title is somewhat misleading. I am not going to break down in song and dance singing “do you remember the time?” By Michael Jackson. But, what I am about to tell you is just as awesome….. Remember that time that I got in a crazy bar fight? Some chick was hitting on Dale and I had to defend his honor by laying the smack down? Injuring my shoulder in the process, but annihilating the other home wrecker?

No? Yeah me either. I will give you a hint on one of those things being true. Can you guess?…….. I injured my shoulder. I tore my rotary cuff. Which is the tendons of my shoulder muscle. See, the story I told is what I am going to tell when talking about my injury. The truth is much less glamorous. I had a ache, that progressed quickly to pain and somehow abused it enough to do some fun damage. This is painful. I have had three kids and this hurts just as much, if not more then the in the middle of labor contractions and c section recovery pain. Yeah, all from doing nothing. That kind of pain blows.

I need a better story than that. We got a new vacuum cleaner so have been doing some vigorous cleaning. Also have had some sick kids, between cleaning and holding kids my shoulder decided enough was enough. I don’t go to bars, defend anyone’s honor, or lay a smack down. It probably is not that believable. Maybe something with sharks? A rogue squirrel attack? I need to get my story straight.

This is not my torn cuff, just one from Google, but here is what I did.

I am telling all of you this because I am out of commission for at least the rest of this week. I will be posting the link parties and that is it. I did offer for Dale to type my words, be my transcriber. But I am a rambler and he is a slow typer. It would take way too long. I am typing one handed (my bum shoulder is my left one, I am left handed. Good times). And typing this way is slow enough.

I have a ton of new projects done and ready to go, along with a few big ones that need to be worked on. I am hoping taking it easy, rest, and some serious pain medicine will get me through the week to come back strong. Now I just have to get my kids, house, husband, dog, life, whatever to let me rest for three days straight, no movement to see how I heal. Yeah, totally doable. Wish me luck my friends, otherwise I get to add physical therapy to the mix. Ain’t no one got time for that! On a positive note I have to be lazy, doing nothing. It is doctors orders!

I hope you lovely people are having a better week than me, keep calm, rotary tear be gone, and have a great week!



  1. Eeek, Emily! I hope you recover quickly and completely.

    By the way, my favorite is the squirrel story: you defended yourself from a rogue squirrel attack. I am still laughing because picturing that is just too great! 😉

    • The squirrel attack seems more legit I think, and would be a funny sight to see. I am resting, being bored, and hoping this heals up quick! Thank you for the kind words and the laughs.

  2. That sounds so painful! Take it easy and rest up!!

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