Our Nora is 7!

Our Nora is 7!

I am going to do things a little differently, today we are celebrating our first born. The little person that made me a Mommy. Nora is 7. I usually mix in birthday decor and a shout out to my birthday child. But, there is a lot of birthday decor this year to share. She is having her first official friend party. We went craft crazy. Pictures and projects will be shared in a later post. This is all about my girl, Nora. She was our first and is the best person for the oldest of our crew of littles. Guiding and helping her brothers in life. She is also known to talk them into things and start some drama from time to time. Hey, she is a smart cookie who could talk circles around anyone.

From day one she has been mine. Sorry Dale, it is true. We all know this, she chose me, staked her claim. She was one week over due, not ready to leave Mommy. By 5 months old she said her first word, Mama. At first I assumed it was baby babbles, but she only said it when I was not holding her. Once I held her she stopped saying it. She was whining for her Mommy. And this child has been in a race to grow up from the start. Her first word was at 5 months old, first sentence at 9 months. She said “I did it” anytime she did something, we were blown away and in disbelief. But she said it all the time. She crawled by 6 months, pulled herself up to stand 1 week after crawling and walked along furniture. She can now at barely 7 reads comfortably at a 4th grade reading level (she is in 1st). She is out little smarty. Her body grows brain, not height. She is the smallest in her class, has smaller feet then Caleb. She is called fun size by family. I think her tiny-ness and big personality adds to her awesome package. She is a small girl with big plans. When she was 2 she wanted to climb a tree. A family member said “the only thing stopping her from getting up there is her size.” That sums up Nora, one determined little girl who never stop trying.


She is her own person, pushing any boundaries in life and usually winning. She has a witty sense of humor, is fiercely protective of those she loves, choosy on who is in her inner circle. But once chosen she is yours completely. Nora is the confident, sure of herself person I only wish I was. She has Dale’s sarcastic sense of humor and take no prisoners attitude. She needs no one, but does want people in her life. Nora will be a force as she grows, she is a tiny tornado of knowledge, personality, energy, and questions. She thinks anything through, but always is willing to jump in. When I grow up I want to be Nora. She has this quiet, and creative side where she likes to reflect. Her dream is for it to be summer so we can go on walks and she can take her sketch book to draw what she see’s. She is on her way to being full fledged hippie with her healthy eating, her dislike of meat, all things recycling, the arts, music, and reading. She asks so many questions, remembers everything we tell her and truly does not know the words “I cant”. She currently wants to be a zoologist, author, or blogger. And a Mommy to 4 girls whose names are picked out. She is the light of our life, my one and only favorite girl ever. We feel so lucky to have her as ours, and cannot wait to see what she decides to do with her life.

Happy Birthday Nora Jean! 7 years has gone way too fast, I feel like no matter how much time slows it will never be enough with any of the kids. Their birthday’s just gives me a kick in the butt to realize to take it all in. I blink and another birthday is here, another year gone. Take it all in, enjoy your children, have fun, take some pictures, but most importantly, enjoy these little people. I am off to eat cake, celebrate one special little lady, and enjoy this year of her being 7!



  1. Rosalie Darrin says:

    She sounds like such a character, and so smart too. You can tell that she is encouraged to be who she is, and you and your husband seem to have done a wonderful job. She is beautiful. I hope she has a great day. And yes, take it all in. Mine grew far too fast.

  2. Rosalie Darrin says:

    Forgot to mention she looks just like you. You take some great pictures of the kids just being them, no posing is always best for little ones.

    • When she was born everyone said she was a mini Emily, I don't see it completely but assume she must look a lot like me because people say it all the time. She is beautiful so that is a big compliment to me, thank you so much. I enjoy taking pictures of my kids, the unposed are always the best ones.

  3. Aw, precious! Happy birthday to your little girl 🙂

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