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We are hoping to knock out a few more small things for our laundry room overhaul this weekend. I think the tiny little shelf will be torn out and the wall repaired. Maybe, fingers crossed we can get the new, bigger counter top installed. It is not up to me at all. I am still dealing with my rotator cuff tear on my shoulder. So any kind of DIYing is Dale doing it and me being the most annoying backseat driver/DIYer ever. I try to not be too pushy when it is just him doing the work, I do like him and would like to stay married. So this laundry room as of right now is on Dale pace.

I decided to day dream and search for some awesome laundry rooms to drool over. I am sharing the drool worthy content with you lovely people. I chose most of these because they all have some kind of element I am probably going to be adding to our laundry room. The one above, it is all about those awesome dirty clothes baskets. On wheels! The plan is for us to do something similar, possibly having two of them.
This one is all about those cabinets. We have two cabinets that are up on the wall. They do not reach to the ceiling. I don’t know if there is enough room to have some added ones on top. I am not sure yet, I also question the function of them way up there. I am no shrimp (5’5 thank you very much) but I would need to fly, swing from a light, or more realistically use a ladder to get up there. If I had a choice it would be to fly. If you have any choice, always choose to fly. So I don’t know how often they would be used.
Oh this one has my bright and cheery heart. I mean, come on! That stencil and flooring is amazing. That ceiling light, what?!!!!! I am not sure on what we will be doing as far as the wall between the counter top and the cabinets, I go back and forth between wall paper. Something fun and bright like this. Or classic, like a tile back splash. That cabinet is almost identical to ours, and we will be adding some open shelving also.
This laundry room is kind of where I leave the world of possible to the world of never going to happen, but a girl can dream. You know the place? First of all two washers and dryers? I did not even know that was legal, it seems like cheating some how, has this person been reported to the one upping homemaker and laundry police? I lost the number to the enforcers….. Those cabinets, so much storage! I do love the cabinet color. It looks similar to my kitchen cabinets, which is a awesome color to add just a little something extra to a space.
If I do enough work and preparation can I magically get a sink and huge window in my laundry room? In my too small for anything, middle of the house laundry room? It can be functional too, the sink for obvious reasons. And the window for fresh air, and my sanity’s sake. I think that is reason enough. Yeah? The wall of subway tile is wonderfully perfect for this room.
Another sink, see this is a trend. One I need to get in on. The clothes rack is something I will be incorporating into this space. Well “allegedly”. I have some plans, not sure if it will work out. I want to make a lot of my additions hidden because it is such a small and dark space. I don’t want to overcrowd the space with stuff. I think my plan can work. Are you intrigued yet?
I picked this picture for lots of reasons. One being the cat, obviously. He is so cute and fluffy! But pay attention to the ceiling, it is lined with board and batten, or wood planks. I am wanting to do something to the ceiling in our space. Not sure what exactly, I have some time. I also really like the chunky crown molding. None of the rooms in my house have crown molding, I want to add them eventually. We will probably start in the laundry room while doing all of this.
 I am going to end this inspiration with a yeah right, and then I woke up laundry room. I am pretty sure this one is the size of our living room.  I feel like if we had this much space for a laundry and mudroom a few things would happen. One, I would have more clothes needing to be folded because there is more place to set them and get to them later (never). Two, my kids would use this as some sort of extended play room. And three, I would have won the lottery. Do people actually have laundry rooms this big? If they do, they are lucky. It is also sad that I am a grown women who just spent way too much time thinking about laundry/mud rooms. It is sad because this tiny room is so important to me because I am there ALL THE TIME. It is the entry to our house from the garage, the biggest headache, and the place needing the most DIY love. But, still I see that I need to get a life. I will get a life, once I have a new organization station and a nifty dirty clothes hamper on wheels.
Hopefully I have some new additions to show you soon. No pressure or anything to Dale. Just me, our kids, this blog, and you people wanting to be entertained by house hold renovation stuff. No pressure! Which laundry room did you like? Any tips or ideas I should add to my list before we really start digging in on this adventure?



  1. Gorgeous! I've been dreaming about redoing my laundry room too!

    • I am ok with that pace as long as you have that awesome music as your "Dale pace" theme. Make it happen, record it, and everyone will forgive you for your sloth-like pace. Also, you are awesome!

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