Hometalk idea board, winter wreath

Hometalk idea board, winter wreath

I am a big time fan of Hometalk, I like to browse and be inspired. I also like to share my projects on there. Letting a larger audience see what I am doing. There is a large varying group of people that frequent Hometalk, some experienced DIYers, some newbies, some who just like to admire others work, designers, everything. They all come together with shared interests, give advice, seek advice, or admire the pretty. What I am trying to say is that it is a awesome place to go if you create, enjoy home decor blogs, read, like pretty things, need inspiration. All of it is for you.

It also i a great place to have bloggers like myself share their projects. Allowing more people to discover you and your work. I shared my winter wreath here and on Hometalk last week. The wonderful people who work at Hometalk saw it and asked me to curate a board of winter wreaths. I was so excited to have an excuse to browse even longer. I can peruse hometalk all day. But, now I had a job to do. I collected 19 beautiful winter wreaths others have created and put them on a board. You can visit it here . Hometalk is going to share my board with their readers. Letting even more people see the wonderful creations I chose to feature on my board. I tried to find a mix of styles, color, theme, and setting. It was what I liked of course. However I wanted to have it be versatile enough for there to be a little something for everyone.
Long story short, it was a fun thing to do, I was happy to be asked to do it, and got some major ideas from people. Head on over and see even more great winter wreaths to get you through the cold. And if you have not checked out hometalk yet, you should. It is a site like mine, but on steroids,
with A TON more people and ideas.
What did you think of the wreaths I selected for the board? Were you familiar with Hometalk before? Leave your profile in the comments if you are a member, I would love to follow you!



  1. Beautiful collection of wreaths! Followed you on Hometalk, too 🙂

  2. That's awesome that you were asked to curate this collection! My fave wreath is the green one with the "joy" word written. Will finally submit some projects to Hometalk this year. Thanks for recommending them!

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