top posts of 2014, part 1

top posts of 2014, part 1

It is New Years Eve guys! We are staying in and having a party with family and friends. Movies, games, ice cream bar, pizza, and fun. I am looking forward to it. My kids are somewhat aware that it is a exciting night. Nora gets it, the boys are just looking forward to a party and playing with the air hockey table in our game room. Whatever helps them set off the new year.

With the 1 year anniversary of my blog having just passed, Christmas, and now the end of the year. It is all about reflections.  This was the first full year of my blog, I would have had two posts under my belt this time last year. Not much to have top posts of. Especially since I think my numbers then were embarrassingly low. I am talking me, myself, and I. So there would not have been any top posts to choose from. This year it started slow with readers, but I hit the gate hard with projects. I am still getting hits on some older posts that are just getting discovered. There were a few when I was tallying up my top posts that I was surprised by. It it interesting to see what strikes people as interesting. I get traffic from a lot of [places, all looking for different things. I am going to list my 20 most popular posts from 2014. In order. There was a grand total of 287 posts in 2014. Here are the most popular ones…

This wonderful console table. It was my dream, my hope, and my first big risk. I had never worked with galvanized pipes, with this rustic of wood, or wood stain. Everyone who saw the piece of wood I chose thought I was crazy. I had a vision, and for once it was better than I expected. This is also the first post that went huge for me. It was circulated, shared, uploaded, pinned, so much. It was featured in Sweet living magazine. My first online publication feature. And this was the project that got the wonderful people at Homedit to notice me and offer a position of staff writer/DIY contributor. It has been an amazing ride, and this console table got a lot of it rolling. Six months ago this was created, crazy how much grew from this in just six months. I agree completely on this being the most popular post. It is the one I am most proud of for many MANY reasons.

I adore this tray, and so does this blog. I have had many nights cuddled on the couch with Teddy at my feet and this tray on my lap with my lap top. Sometimes I just cannot sit at my desk and write. I am seeing a trend, my top two projects have wood and galvanized pipes involved. It is hot right now people! This was shared a whole lot too. I like when things are shared, one; for my benefit. It brings more people to my blog, yay! And two; a lot of the projects I do are the simple side. So if things get circulated more the chance of someone else happening upon it and seeing they can give it a try is even greater.
These summer posts kill me. It is currently 25 degrees outside. I long for the days of summer, bare feet, sun dresses, water balloon fights, and enjoying my water fountain. We had a few mishaps with this one, but I persevered and created a wonderful fountain to enjoy outside. This post was circulated a lot online. How can it not be? I took a lower cost fountain and beefed it up to a bigger and better one. Everyone is looking to do that!
I was surprised when this one came up. I wrote this one night, when I had nothing to share here on the blog. I try to keep a somewhat standard schedule of content, but sometimes life gets in the way and I am content free. I was cleaning up after a usual day in Our home and was inspired by all that was my kids, their toys, my life with the kids, and wrote it down quickly. It has been a slow grower, really in the last few months people have been sharing it online and finding it. I think it resonates with people who have or have had young kids. I am not quite sure. With this still being all somewhat new to me I am not sure what “hits” with people. I guess a little tale of my three kids is that thing.


Ahhhh, my kitchen! This is by far one of the biggest transformations in my home up to this point. It really got the ball rolling for Dale and I to see what an idea, willing to do it, and some work could do. I don’t think anyone in our life liked the planned color for our cabinets. But, we went with our gut. I am so happy with the results. There are some amazing kitchen transformations online. I like to hope one day someone is skimming along for some ideas and see’s mine making them try that color they want to but are scared to do. Or see new cabinets are not needed to update a kitchen. Re use them!
This is another one that pulls at my beach girl heart strings. No, this is not the beach. But it is sunny, warm, and beautiful. I feel that we will never get here again. This post is about how I took a short cut in painting our patio furniture. It was a big time fail. I fixed it and shared the pretty outdoor space that my furniture resides. My, I admire my backyard and dream of speeding up this winter to get there again.
This last minute, not planned bathroom painting job kept getting bigger and bigger. It is a glimpse into my crazy brain and how it all made sense at the time to go forward with the redo with no plan of time or budget. Or even planning it. Sometimes you just have to go with it. I was able to keep the costs down a whole lot for this project, and there is lots of Pinterest friendly images. Which is why it is one of my tops I am sure. People pin and them come on over to see the rest.
This is a newbie, but it sure is a beauty. I created this from one of my busted up metal barrel holders from the fountain redo. I kept them for a one day kind of thing. And came up with a great solution to use it. It is still hanging in my living room, and part of the reason I do not want to take down my Christmas decor yet is because of this. I am planning a little something to hang here during the rest of the year. Cannot wait to get started on it!
This is something I got for free from Criagslist. I was purchasing some chairs and they had this on the side. I asked if I could buy it and they happily gave it to me. I think it was one less thing for them to throw away. Luckily for me they did not see the possibilities. I turned it into my kids book shelf. It is still gloriously packed with books in our study. This was probably one of the easiest projects I have done.
This lovely chandelier I got from Goodwill for a whopping $4. It is heavy, and was very Tuscan. When I shared this there was a lot of people who were liking this. I also got my first internet troll from this. I shared it somewhere and got ripped apart over and over by someone. They attacked my writing, my blog, and my projects. As much as I like this project I will always associate it with that experience unfortunately. At the time it made me question what I was doing and if I was even the right person to b writing and blogging. Part of the reason I kept going was the success and positive way this was circulated. I figured if so many liked it and one person did not. It was probably them. I have had some other not so nice encounters, handled them a lot better. Mostly with humor, and learned from this. I am sure there will be others who will say things. Who knew a little chandelier redo project could bring up so much.
Well that is 1-10. I am going to share 11-20 on Friday. I guess if I was doing this right I would have done a countdown  from 20-1. But I am not, this is my show and I am running it. I would not say the first one is the best, it just happened to be the most popular. I think best is up to each individual who comes across it. It has been a great year for my family, this blog, and life in general. I am eager to see what comes up in 2015. I am ringing in the new year with family and friends. We are going to have a kid eccentric party with board games, twister, pizza, and a ice cream toppings extravaganza! I cannot believe 2015 is here, always a surprise how fast time moves. I hope you liked the first 10 of my top 20 posts. The next 10 have more projects and a few more random ones along with some family stories thrown in. Have a wonderful and safe new years eve!



  1. You've done a lot in the past year and should be very proud! Here's to an amazing 2015 filled with more fun projects. Happy New Year! – Theresa

  2. So many awesome projects. The console table is what got me to find you, I was looking for ideas to maybe make one. I have not made it yet, but will soon! You have been very busy this year.

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