Rustic and whimsical Christmas fireplace mantel

Rustic and whimsical Christmas fireplace mantel

How has your week gone? Today is Friday, I feel both overwhelmed and relieved that the weekend is so close. Relieved because, duh it is the weekend. And overwhelmed because we are packing it in this weekend. Between holiday hoopla and celebrations. Projects that are for the coming weeks, gift wrapping, along with the normal stuff that is having three kids and a home. Like I said, I am a mix of emotions.

I am showing off my fireplace area decor. I say area decor because it is the mantel and the two shelves on either side of it. I feel like I skimmed over some of the main details when I shared my Christmas home tour. So I am breaking down a few of my favorite areas. There is some smaller and larger DIY projects hidden in the mix. So hopefully there is some nuggets of inspiration.




Ahhh, woodland creatures. The rustic and nature feel is strong in my home right now. I am really not sure how it will translate into my home once the holidays are over. I have had some amazing rustic pieces in my house since fall. I have not had that much in the past. I may be transitioning some into my home for spring and summer.





I taped off and spray painted this branch. I grabbed it from a dead ivy vine in my backyard. I had intended to use it for my fall theme. But, when it was painted white it screamed snowy, winter wonderland.



These great, simple wire Christmas trees will be on Homedit shortly. I will be updating this with the link when it goes live. Really easy project with such a low cost it is ridiculous.


Cutest stocking hangers ever, just sayin’.


The light and natural wood is completely new to me. I usually gravitate towards dark wood, or painted wood. But, this all felt so right. It has a fresh and bright feel to it. Sometimes Christmas can weigh down a space because of the dark colors. Not the case with my bright and whimsical mantel.

I created these snowflakes with spare wood I have laying around. They are so fun, rustic, and perfectly extra large. My living room and fireplace is big. If I use a lot of small things on the mantel it can feel very cluttered. However, not putting enough on there makes it feel undone. I do a lot of trial and error. Backing up, looking, thinking, stroking my non existent long beard, tilting my head. Then scrapping the plans and going in a whole different direction. The full tutorial of the snowflakes is here. By the way, don’ t you all have a imaginary beards? Just checking.

This sign along with the reindeer picture will be shared on Monday.
It is not perfect, but it sure is pretty.


Whew, we made it. Lots of little details. I wanted them all to have their moment to shine. I am deep in home decor and DIY. I am never sure what is new and creative. People have made comments and asked lots of questions on things in my home that were quick and painless for me to do. So, I like to share anything and everything. My goal has always been to help anyone create their dream space. Decorating for the holidays is no different. I never know what will get the creative juices flowing for someone. So I share it all. I know my kids have been inspired by this space. After all this is the entrance that Santa will enter into our home. This is serious business. In my kids mind there is nothing more important than keeping Santa happy. And that means welcoming him with THE best decor. Ok, admittedly my kids are a little weird. They think in home decor as well. What can I say, I have passed the decor bug onto them. Where they assume Santa has it as well. In conclusion We all think in home decor and have imaginary beards, and I am feeling the rustic.




  1. I love the details on top of the bookshelves. That deer is too cute. Hope you try to sneak some relaxation in this weekend. I know it's extremely difficult this busy time of year.

  2. I really love that reindeer on the wall – such a great use of contrast!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. Well done. Merry Christmas

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