paper Christmas tree

paper Christmas tree

This is officially the last project I am sharing this holiday season. There is still time for you to make this, add a little small pizzazz to your Christmas dinner table set up. I think after this weekend the crafting and creating for Christmas will end. So, my Christmas project sharing will be done too. This is a really easy one.

I purchased some sheets of music paper from a craft store.


Two cones, I only ended up using one. I might do the other one, or save it for something for next year.


Cut the paper into small strips. This is going to be up to personal preference on size.


Go row by row. Using a hot glue gun and gluing down.
I laid one row down. Then using either a pencil roll the pencil in the paper and roll up, making the paper strips have a slight wave to them. I also was able to roll the paper myself. Only a little roll gives a nice look to it.


Keeping the strips long and overlapping them on top of each other helps keep the Styrofoam tree form hidden under the paper.


You could wait and roll all of the paper at the end. But, this made it easier to see how the spacing was working. And if the tree form was being hidden.


The very end of it needed a lot more glue, to make sure the strips stayed together and around the form.
And that is it! It took me maybe 20 minutes. I did it while watching horribly addicting reality TV. Crafting and reality TV seem to go together quite frequently in Out home. My kids tell me they feel left out because I do fun art and craft things after they go to bed. This is Mommy’s version of a glass of wine. I need to craft when I get down time. A little better of a habit I guess.


It turned out really pretty and gave it a timeless feel. My dining room table centerpiece has a very fun feel with the table runner. This classes it up a little I think. Elaborate script and beautiful music notes will do that. I created the fake snow and the mason jars for another easy project. That tutorial was shared earlier in the month. You can see it here.


That is it! My Christmas project extravaganza is done! I have shared a whole bunch with you guys. Next week is all about sharing some of my family, my Christmas decor from last year. And the fact that this blog will have it’s one year anniversary on Monday. That is amazing to me. There will be some great new content, for you to either enjoy during down time. Or, when the dust has settled that is Christmas. Either way me, my ideas, my stories, and this blog will be here. I find myself singing “it’s the final countdown”. This is the last weekend to get things done. We have two more gifts to get for extended family. Not bad, still have ALL of the wrapping to do. Stay strong, eat lots of cookies, some eggnog, maybe spiked to make it interesting, sing some awesome Christmas songs, and enjoy the moments. Even the craziness is something to enjoy.
What do you still have to do this weekend?



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  1. Emily, I love this! It's so classic and vintage looking. Pinned for later 🙂

  2. Very crafty. This will be conversation piece.

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