Dollar store challenge #5

Dollar store challenge #5


In keeping with my discount and budget friendly Christmas decor, it is time for another Dollar store challenge. I spent $3 on this one. I have always had this big spot on my porch where I try to put a wreath or some kind of “something”. For whatever reason, I have missed a chance to have a holiday wreath there. I don’t know how or why it slipped my mind, but I fixed it!

Here is the supplies I used. A garland, two reindeer ornaments and a glitter star. I also used one of my round metal rings. I used one in my ceiling wreath. After this dollar store project I have one left.
Not only is this project cheap, but it is easy. Wow, that sounded sleazy. Wait, what?! Ok, then. Wrap the garland around the metal ring. I was able to use the garlands branches as the anchor to this, Wrapping a few around the ring itself. Nice and secure.


Then using some of my ever present twine, I looped it around each ornament and then ties it around the ring. The wreath is done. It is almost embarrassing how simple this project is. But, hey anyone can do it, and anyone can afford it. I call that a win/win in home decor. I think I am going to add up what I spent on all of my new projects for Christmas. It has not been a lot, and I have had HUGE results from it. This dollar store challenge is no different.


as I was making my wreath, this is what was going on outside. Beautiful, but so cold and wet.
Here it is in all of it’s wreath glory. There was already a hook on the porch wall, so I just hung this on the hook. It was quick and painless.
I feel like this reindeer has to be Prancer, it is just prancing away. Werk it!


I also added these little bows to a existing garland I had and added it to the top of my front door. So really this is a two for one dollar store challenge. This is a front porch makeover Dollar store challenge!


I purchased these three bows from the dollar store. Tied them around an existing garland.

My front porch is getting more Christmasy, it is not my dream porch. Yet. For some reason the past few years the inside of my home is decorated. The outside has been lacking. I am working on improving my front porch game. Little by little. This year I added some greenery and sparkle. In the form of glitter! Glitter improves a lot of things, holiday decor included.

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  1. So creative! I need to shop at your dollar store because mine has nothing but junk in it.

  2. So cute! Thanks so much for sharing with us at the #homematters linky party! We're back on January 9 🙂 We'd love for you to join us then!

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