Christmas pasts

Christmas pasts

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas. I am enjoying the day with my kids, my family, and my thoughts. I always get a little nostalgic this time of year. I have a huge landmark every year to think of where we were this time last year. Dale and I started dating in September of 2004. So this marks ten years of Christmas’s for us. Kind of special. In that time (in no particular order) we have had three kids, made mistakes, learned, bought a home, graduated college, gotten married, seen opportunity’s present themselves with his career and mine. I can honestly say that this time of year is so fun with our crew of Littles. Dale and I had fun during the holidays before, but it is kicked up a bunch of notches with kids. We also spent A LOT less money without the kids though. ¬†With my blog being newly one year old I am still getting to know you all, and you are getting to know me. Come walk down Christmas’s past with me.

Christmas 2004
we are a new couple here, just started dating. And yes we were babies when we got together.
I was still “technically” a teen. He was barely out of the teen years. These crazy kids got engaged 5 months after meeting. What?!!!!!!
Christmas 2005
I am holding on tight to my man, we are engaged. Fun fact, where we are standing was Dale’s parents house. It is now ours. They were needing to sell for various reasons and we bought it. We are currently standing where my computer now is in the study.
Christmas 2006
Two years in, almost married. We had a long engagement while Dale finished college.
Christmas 2007
Newlyweds, and almost ready to have Nora. We took a while with the engagement and wedding planning. Then we jumped right in with the whole kid thing.
had to share a belly shot, again at my in laws (which is actually our home now, crazy)


Christmas 2008
Here is our girl 11 months old, Christmas’s will never be the same
Christmas 2009
Nora almost 2


Caleb 2 months old, I guess I did not get it together to do picture by the tree this year. He was born 7 weeks premature, but he was a strong one. He threw us for a loop and we did not have it together that year apparently.


Christmas 2010
Nora 2 1/2, Caleb 14 months old, yes that is a black eye on him.
He was learning to walk and was Maggie from the Simpsons, he fell a lot. I am preggo with Gavin during this year.
Christmas 2011
Gavin Gavin 6 months old, Nora 3 1/2, Caleb 2. We packed in life events for a few years, we had one and kept going for a little bit. My crew of Littles was really Little.
Christmas 2012
Caleb 3, Gavin 18 months old, Nora 4 1/2. Learning the ropes of this posing thing. Caleb insisted on the hat, pick your battles….
Christmas 2013
Caleb 4, Gavin 2 1/2, Nora 5 1/2. Gavin is wearing a cape in this picture, like I said… pick your battles.


Christmas 2014
Gavin 3 1/2, Caleb 5, Nora 6 1/2. Can you tell they have the posing thing down? My how much they have grown.

Wow, I know time moves forward, but seeing it like this blows me away. Dale and I started this journey together, our first Christmas back when I was 19 and he was 22. We are now… not those ages :). I think back to all of these years, the new baby (3 times), the new house (to us), struggling so much to give our kids some toys (being a young family is rough financially) to where we are now. I am so proud. We have gone through a lot, tried some things, failed, won, figured it out, and are coasting along. Well as much as life lets you coast. Looking at these pictures it makes me think what the next 10 will look like. Nora will be almost 17, Caleb will be 15 and Gavin will be 13 1/2. It makes me hyperventilate to think of how fast these past ten years have flown by. Meaning the next ten will be just as fast.

From Our home to yours, Merry Christmas! Thank you for coming into my home, seeing and sharing with me. 



  1. What a nice way to look through your past Christmases! Merry Christmas to you and your fam!!

  2. Love these photos. So much fun having a family and watching them grow. Thanks so much for sharing! I would love to know where in WI you are. I living in Genoa City, near Lake Geneva and am always looking for kindred blogger spirits!

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