Christmas mason jars and fake snow

Christmas mason jars and fake snow

A weekend post, and a project one too! This is a big deal guys. Well, really this is me trying to fit in all of the fun Christmas projects I have. There is just not enough time in my normal blogging schedule to break down all of the projects. So I am going into hyper drive. AKA beast mode, my beast DIY blogging mode.  I have lots to share and not enough time. Today I am sharing a way I turned some mason jars into my dinner table centerpiece for Christmas. I turned it into a winter wonderland. With diapers. Yes, with diapers. Are you intrigued? You should be, this is big!

Here is all I needed to use. I had intended to put the small candle inside but changed it up after the fact. I had a few diapers left over from my diaper days. Can I just take a moment and say how awesome it is to be in a household with all fully potty trained little people. I mean, my kids are not completely independent. I still have to wipe some butts, we are working on it. But, the smushed up the back, stinky diapers, wet diaper faze is over. We just use diapers for home decor now.
To make this diaper turn into home decor I need to do some annihilation of said diaper first. Cut it open, pull out all of the absorbent fluffy stuff on the inside. Then break it up and put it in a large bowl.
It looks like this, fluffy and white. Granted it is already pretty snow like. But I am not done yet. Add some water. I would like to say a particular amount, however each diaper has different amounts of absorbency. So an amount of water for one will be too much for another. I added little by little. The goal is to make it a little more than damp. But not dripping, and never enough where it needs to be wrung out.
As you can see, it created a damp, smushy, white fluffy mess.
The water also helped when I added the white and blue glitter. I figured the glitter would make the snow sparkle a little more.  As you can see the “snow” is not dripping or wet. We have all seen a overly wet diaper, I can only assume if the snow gets too wet it will have the same effect. I sprinkled a ton of glitter into the bowl and then mixed it with my hands.
The twine makes yet another appearance! I did not even glue this, just wrapped around and tied with a bow.
The small candle did not have the effect I was hoping for. So I shopped around my newly Christmas decorated house and found something that fit perfect for this.
Some small branches with berries on them. Just enough color and texture.
My winter wonderland mason jar is complete. All with the help of some diapers.
Here is my Christmas dining room table centerpiece. I grabbed a few other mason jars I already re did, with some more berries. I created this tree that I will be sharing in the near future. See, I told you I had lots of projects.


These pictures were taken a little over a week after the snow was made. I was not sure how the snow would hold up, I was imagining a paste, or week old diaper smell. None of that happened. It still looks sparkly and fluffy, with no wet diaper smell. Nora wants to have a frozen birthday party in January and I will probably be making a lot more of this, it is Frozen and Elsa worthy. I can see an Olaf hanging out in this snow so easily.



Pause for a Teddy break. He was under my feet the whole time I was taking these pictures. Who am I kidding, he is always right by me. He is currently snuggled up to my side on the couch while I write this.
Cutest dog ever, I am really biased. But still, he is the cuddliest thing ever!



“Let is snow, let is snow, let it snow!” I now can say I am bringing the outside in. Well the artificial outside that is really from a diaper. It would just not be practical to bring in the real stuff. You know with the melting and all. I have always wondered how the snow is created in a movie, it always looks so fluffy and sparkly. I am assuming it is not done with diapers. That would take a lot of diapers. I love this little project, who knew this beauty could come from mason jars, twine, diapers and glitter.
I hope all of you lovely people are having a wonderful weekend. We have a lot of Christmas hoopla going on this weekend. Having a cookie baking and decorating party with family, then a Christmas parade in our town. We are officially in the holiday spirit and are decking our halls!
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  1. So how has it held up over time?

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