Christmas decor from last year

Christmas decor from last year

I am all about looking back right now. With it being the end of the year. and this blogs 1 year anniversary. I have spent a lot of time looking in the past. The not too distant, last year. Let us go back, wayyy back to December 2013…..

My kids were a crew of Littles, just Littler than now. Nora was 5 1/2 Caleb was 4, and
Gavin was 2 1/2.


I was new to blogging, to taking pictures of anything other than my three little ones and the fun we got into with them. So, Christmas decoration picture taking was all new to me.

Obviously, the pictures I took with plans to share on this blog were taken at night. With the wonderful glow of yellow interior lights. I started off on the wrong foot and never got it right. This has been a year of learning for me. I learned to take pictures of my home with as much natural light as I can shove into my home. If that means opening doors in the middle of winter, I do it. Get that shot!


As you can see, this is the first time this is seeing the light of day on the internet. There is some elements from this years Christmas home tour. I did not go all out and create new things. A few new pieces were made this year. But, there is not much that is exactly the same as last year either. A lot of things from previous years was just rearranged or re done.


We did not even set up this train this year. We inherited this from Dale’s Mom. She does not put as much around for the holidays. I like the look of this, but it can feel really cluttered when all set up.
I have mentioned that I was on a clean, fresh, and calm theme this year for the holidays. Last year it was pretty traditional. I think I changed things up because of seeing what other people were coming up with. I would be lying if I said that having this blog did not make me up my decor game. I have a full fledged reason to put my all into this. For my home, my family, traditions, memories, enjoyment, and for the sake of sharing with others. I stretch my skills and try to create something anyone can do.


Also creating a space that is Pinterest friendly is a big plus too. Hey, this is a fully functioning home decor blog. I have to think of getting things circulated. And yes, as you can see I was not bothered by a train all messed up. It was apparently not on my radar. Just take the picture I guess. I have improved my “staging” game.
I feel like staging is a dirty word in home decor sometimes. There are people who claim home decor blogs show only the perfect of a space. I have learned to stage my home for projects. Who wants to see a home with reality in it. Sure it is fun for my daily readers to see my house on a normal,, busy, cluttered day. But, the people who want to be inspired, come to my page because of a image they found. Not what they are looking for. This was another thing I did not think of when I took these last year. Hence, the horrible lighting and so, so clean up.


Here is where the tree has been set up for all Christmas’s since we purchased the home. This year is the first year we have moved it. And it gave my kids a big time mind f**k, the tree needs to go in the same spot! They have recovered and now only care if there will be presents under it, and that the lights come on every night.




I was moving into the woodland creature territory, but was not sure how to use it. And looking at this picture, that snowman head all on its own is pretty creepy. Hindsight exists in Christmas decorating too apparently.


This fireplace mantel is crazy different. Other than my kids stocking hangers not one thing is the same. Here is the post I did detailing my fireplace mantel from this year. It looks like two different houses. I am getting giddy thinking of what I will come up with next year. Is that weird? Too soon? I mean “technically” Christmas is not even over, we are still in this decor. But, I am kind of, sort of thinking of next year. Not in a detailed plan, just in a dreamy, wondering sort of way.


This is our holiday card string. We got a lot last year. Not so much this year, either people are running behind. Or there is people who are not going to send them anymore. I hope not, I love going to the mailbox and getting a new card from someone. The picture ones are awesome, and the kids enjoy going through them with me. Keep them coming people!




This berry garland is exactly the same this year. When something works, it works. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This is not broke.



Ok not to brag of my awesome decorating skills. But, this is well…. not good. At all. It looks like I literally threw some beads down and went “eh”. I probably did. Being in the mind set of decorating I find I am quicker on my feet in making something work. It all comes together quicker, and hopefully better. This is not something I would be rocking this year. I used this reindeer, but in a different way.


This is magical. I did not do this for this year. And looking at this pictures see I missed out. I will be bringing this back for Christmas 2015. I love the lights, pine cones and berry beads. A subtle way to decorate in the kitchen.
Since last year one other thing has improved. My kids ability to pose for nice, smile, not forced, weird or random pictures. They do know how to cross their eyes and enjoy doing it for pictures so there is that. But, they also know that just smiling nicely makes me leave them alone quicker. So, we have all improved and learned since last year. There were some great elements of my home from last year, and some not so great ones too. I think my most favorite thing of home decor is each season has a feel. And doing it with low cost and DIY projects allows me to update and go along with the season. I can update, change, grow, and alter whenever inspiration strikes. I might nail it or fail. However, that is the fun of it. I hope you enjoyed my bad lighting, traditional, decor from last year. Take a look at my Christmas home tour from this year and compare how things have evolved.
Did the Christmas decor change in your home this year from previous years?



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