What I was up to, October in review

What I was up to, October in review

October was the month of spooktacular fun here at Our house now a home. I have to say, looking back on the previous month I went a little Halloween decor crazy. There was not one project I shared here that was not Halloween or fall driven. I did share a few on other sites that were not holiday specific. But this is a review of what happened here. And here it was a lot of spooky fun.

This has to be one of my favorite projects I have done so far. I created a two sided piece of wall art. One side was for Halloween and one is for just fall. This leaf string and bat wall art came to me while driving. By the time I got to the home improvement store it was all set up and organized in my head. I have enjoyed the bats, but cannot wait to enjoy the beautiful leaf string art now that November is here.
My dollar store monthly challenge is still going strong. And this past month was no different, and neither was the steam that was Halloween in Our home. I purchased these pumpkins from a dollar store and painted them white. I am going to be leaning towards muted and natural colors for my fall decor and this is right in line with that.
I created these spider vases by scavenging my kids art supplies. I am the one that purchases them, I am allowed to use them. I thought this was a fun and slightly whimsical way of adding to my Halloween fireplace mantel.
These wood pallet pumpkins are a great addition to my front porch. They were so simple to make. I think it only took us an hour combined to create them, and because we got the pallets for free I spent nothing on them! Nailed it! I had seen a lot of these on the internet and decided to have a go at them. I am so enamored with the results.
I hope you enjoyed this last month. Like I said, there was a lot of Halloween goodies. I have been moving more towards cost effective projects this past month. I think anyone can spend a ton of money and create something beautiful. But, if you are not fortunate enough to have a big budget to constantly decorate and redecorate your home it can seem daunting and impossible for you to be able to do it. I am trying to show it is not needed to create your home into what you want it to be. And with holidays people are watching their money as is, however we all want to decorate our homes. So getting creative with ideas is always important.  Next month I have more fall decor projects, lots of leaves and other fall goodness. I cannot believe it is November now, crazy how time flies. The end of the year is close, and this here blogs one year anniversary is just around the corner! So exciting, and I am so happy I have gained some lovely people to follow me on this ride.
What were some of your projects you did in October?




  1. Such an amazing amount of work. You should link to your posts that go to your freelance writing work.

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